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One Pager Look- fors Final Unit: Narrative/Descriptive.

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1 One Pager Look- fors Final Unit: Narrative/Descriptive

2 Focus Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem situation, or observation AND its significance Establish one POV Introduce a narrator and/or characters

3 Content Use techniques such as dialogue, description, reflection, multiple plot lines, and pacing to develop experiences, events, and or characters. Use precise words and phrases, showing details, sensory language to convey a vivid picture

4 Style Use parallel structure Use various types of phrases/clauses to convey specific meaning and add variety and interest Use precise language, story-specific vocabulary, and techniques such as metaphors, similes, and analogies to manage the complexity of the topic.

5 One Pager # 1 Expressive writing option 1 st person perspective- from your point of view Use of dialogue An experience you’ve actually had/having with a certain person/thing, in a particular place, at a designated moment, a repeat experience Remember, it’s only one page! Be sure to plant the seed- allow it to grow- but be sure to tie it altogether.

6 One Pager # 2 Choose a character who is not the usual focus of a popular fairy tale, and tell their account of a significant event. (e.g. the Prince’s ball from the perspective of one of Cinderella’s step-sisters, the day Grumpy met Snow White from his perspective, Mama Bear’s account of the day Goldilocks came) Expand on a free write in the life of another person. You will have another free write topic Tuesday. Retell the story from your first one-pager from the perspective of someone else who was present or involved. Expand one of your seed stories

7 Reflective writing option 1 st person from an alternate perspective Include a secondary purpose- beyond entertainment- theme, lesson, societal problem, complicated subject… Use dialogue (create tension, develop relationships, move story forward) Remember, it’s only one page!

8 One Pager # 3 Reflective + Expressive, dialogue, figurative language, sensory images, descriptive language 3 rd person point of view : the narrator is someone who stands outside the story and describes the characters and actions. Omniscient- narrator knows everything that goes on- including the thoughts/feelings of EVERY character. Limited- narrator describes the event as only ONE character perceives them. NO USE OF “I” unless in a direct quote. Complete blue brainstorm sheet based upon the character’s initials, setting, and topic you picked in class—YES! You must use center your story upon these three qualifiers. Original story – no real or fictious characters, setting, stories that already exist

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