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TPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#1TeleComm™ Control Panels TPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#1.

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1 TPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#1TeleComm™ Control Panels TPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#1

2 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#2 Applications  Water systems  Wastewater collection/treatment  Environmental monitoring  Industrial processes

3 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#3 Custom TeleComm™ Panel Overview

4 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#4 The Custom TeleComm™ Solution  Standalone real-time monitoring and control of systems  Low cost  Open access  Dedicated phone line  Varies from standard VeriComm ® panels

5 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#5 Operator Equipment Requirements  Computer with modem and VT100 terminal software  Laptop recommended for local access  Null modem cable for local connection  Numeric pager for receiving alarm notifications  Microsoft Excel recommended  Optional wireless Bluetooth ® kit available

6 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#6 Typical Custom TeleComm™ Panel  Most panels include …  ATRTU controller  24VDC power supply or 36VAC transformer  Output relays  Contactors, circuit breakers, HOA switches  Audible and visual alarms

7 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#7 Custom TeleComm™ Panel Sensor Options  In-panel sensor options  Current sensors  Temperature sensor  External sensor options  Flow  Liquid level  Pressure sensors

8 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#8 Custom TeleComm™ Panel Operation  Panel continually monitors activity and controls devices based on programmed panel logic  Pumps are controlled by ATRTU when HOA switches are in the “auto” position  Parameters, such as timer values, are changed via local or remote computer connection  Data is continually stored for retrieval via local or remote computer connection

9 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#9 Custom TeleComm™ Alarm Reporting  Alarms are reported immediately via numeric pager  Prolonged alarm conditions repeatedly page at regular intervals  Local alarms are delayed to give operator time to respond remotely  Operator connects to the panel locally or remotely using terminal software to evaluate and possibly correct the alarm condition

10 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#10 Technical Discussion  ATRTU models  Quoting and ordering

11 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#11 ATRTU Models  ATRTU-100  8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 digital outputs  ATRTU-NET  8 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs, 8 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs  Expandable

12 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#12 Custom TeleComm™ Quoting Procedure  Custom Panel Quote Request Form  Project specifications  Telemetry Quote Form  Telemetry Order Form

13 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#13 HyperTerminal Access  ATRTU-NET demo  ATRTU-100 discussion Dial Up Demo

14 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#14 Solutions for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Orenco Systems ®, Inc.

15 TeleComm™ Control PanelsTPP-TCOMM-17/29/05#15 Custom ATRTU Panels Advanced Technology Remote Telemetry Unit

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