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Office of Sponsored Programs FAP/SiteMinder User Group Meeting Sponsored by: UAB Office of Sponsored Programs Clinical Billing Review

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1 Office of Sponsored Programs FAP/SiteMinder User Group Meeting Sponsored by: UAB Office of Sponsored Programs Clinical Billing Review June 19, 2013 Kaul Human Genetics Building Finley Conference Center

2 Agenda June 19 FAP/ SiteMinder User Group Meeting Overview of Jester OIRB questions-Nancy Stansfield SiteMinder updates – Ashley Specht OSP Submission Reminders – Jereme Logan FAP Updates- René Jooste Research Radiology-Haley Witte SiteMinder Reminders – Ashley Specht Questions for the OIRB – Nancy Stansfield Upcoming meeting dates- no July meeting August 21 st, Finley Conf Center 12-1pm

3 Jereme Logan Grants and Contracts Officer 205-996-2395 3 OSP Submission Reminders

4 OSP Policy for Proposal Submissions Proposal_Submissions.pdf Proposal_Submissions.pdf Submit Draft Proposal, UAB Extramural Checklist and Project Personnel List (PPL) to OSP 7 Days before the Deadline. “Paper” Final Proposal – (3 business days before the Deadline) “Electronic” Final Proposal (3 business days before the Deadline) OSP Dropbox (See OSP website) 4 OSP Submission Reminders

5 Paper Submission: Includes the submission of the UAB Extramural Checklist with all signatures, Responsible Personnel List (RPL) and a paper copy of the proposal. This copy should include all completed forms- scientific sections may be still be in draft form Electronic Submission: Includes delivery of the UAB Extramural Checklist with all signatures, RPL, and uploading the corresponding proposal to the OSP drop box for review 5 What is a Complete Proposal Package?

6 To allow adequate processing time by the OSP Officer, allow for identifying of any potential problems with the electronic submission Overburdened Web Submission Portals - Intense utilization of grant seekers around the world may adversely affect efficient interactions among the websites Ensuring sufficient review time for CIRB. (A proposal may not be submitted to a sponsor without CIRB approval) 6 Considerations for OSP Submission Policy

7 Supplemental review by UAB Office of Counsel, UAB Research Foundation (technology transfer office), Media Relations, etc. may be necessary even at the proposal stage. (Becoming much more pervasive) Need for UAB Authorized Institutional Signature at proposal stage 7 Considerations for OSP Submission Policy

8 Contact your OSP Officer as soon as possible to notify him/her of the tardy submission – there may be important issues/considerations of which you are not aware that need to be addressed immediately to ensure the application is timely submitted by the sponsor’s deadline. (e.g. Required legal review, etc.) 8 Submissions Outside OSP Policy

9 René Jooste Clinical Trials Billing Officer 205-996-9350 9 FAP Reminders

10 Indicate professional services to be covered through effort e.g. physical exams, device placements Locations of service- be specific e.g. cath lab, OR, JT15. Indicate if multiple locations could be involved for the same activity Indicate either/or situations for SOC designation 10 Bill-to-designation- helpful hints

11 local (Al) or national (countrywide) could apply to a service considered “routine” at UAB typically revisited by CMS or private insurance on a regular schedule best practice- should a protocol required activity have a non- coverage decision, sponsor should cover for all study participants 11 Non-coverage decisions

12 RADIOLOGY RESEARCH How to order and schedule Radiology Exams

13 PAPERLESS…  We will no longer accept the paper Research request in order to schedule a Radiology appointment  All orders must be placed in IMPACT by the study team and scheduling contacted to have the patient placed on the imaging modality’s schedule





18 CURRENTLY AVAILABLE POWERPLANS  Rad Rsh Misc (everyone who does not have their own separate powerplan)  Rad Rsh OBGYN RA (Ronald Alvarez)  Rad Rsh OBGYN WH (Walter Huh / Barnes)  Rad Rsh Onc AFT (Andres Forero-Torres)  Rad Rsh Onc CF (Carla Falkson)  Rad Rsh Onc FR (Francisco Robert)  Rad Rsh Onc GB (Graeme Bolger)  Rad Rsh Onc JP (James Posey)  Rad Rsh Onc LN (Lisle Nabell)  Rad Rsh Onc NB (Naresh Bellam)  Rad Rsh Onc RC (Robert Conry)  Rad Rsh Pulm JAdA (Joao deAndrade)  Rad Rsh Radiology PI (PI from Radiology Dept – Lockhart, OMalley, Morgan, Vattoth, Singh, Robbin)







25 DIAGNOSTIC X-RAY  In regards to plain film x-rays, at the present time these exams are not scheduled; the patients simply present for the exam per the instructions of their physician. These orders should be placed with a “future on-hold status” as other radiology orders. The front desk staff activates the order upon patient arrival.

26 CONTACT  Haley Witte 205-996-9973 Pager # 4514 ** “RIS on call” in UAB Paging  Brandi Barger 205-996-5387 Pager # 3009

27 SiteMinder Reminders Ashley Specht Program Manager II 205-996-9754

28 No Manual CTBN’s Please: If a study is managed in SiteMinder, you must update the appointment to create the CTBN from Site minder Manual CTBN's are not acceptable for studies you are managing in SiteMinder Pagers The CBR staff will no longer carry pagers for Siteminder issues. 28 SiteMinder Reminders

29 UAB Hospital Laboratories Urine Collection Container Change “ Effective June 3, 2013, the UAB Hospital Laboratories will no longer accept urine cups. After June 3rd, all urine cups received will be rejected, and recollection will be required. Urine must be transferred to the appropriate urine collection tube(s), either Yellow top or Gray top, prior to delivery to the laboratory.” 29 UAB Hospital Laboratories Reminder

30 30 For more information, please refer to the UAB LabSource website:

31 It is important for study personnel to schedule and keep visits on the Timeworks Professional Calendar in a timely manner Visits should be scheduled by 5pm before the date of service Visits should be kept within 48hours (2 business days) after the research visit has occurred 31 CTBN Reporting Guidelines

32 CTBN Performance Reports 05/11/2013 – 06/14/2013

33 CTBN Overall Performance 05/11/2013 – 06/14/2013 UAB Office of Sponsored Programs Clinical Billing Review Unit Siteminder Performance Report Summary Appointments and CTBNs Period 05/11/2013 – 06/14/2013 Overall Summary Total CTBNs Filed762 Original737 Revised25 % On Time91% % Late09% Total Appointments752 % On-Time83% % Late17%

34 CTBN YTD Performance Units 80% and Above Through June 2013 Unit CTBN On Time %Average 008-Nephrology100 011-AVRC100 012-Microbicide100 015-Card:Nuc100 025-Cardiology - MRI100 031-Neuro-Multiple Sclerosis100 060-OB/GYN-MFM100 078-Hypertension100 026-GI/HEP99 002-Gyn/Onc97 009-SOM-ID96 010-1917 Clinic96 036-Neuro-Epilepsy96 066-OTOL96 017-Cardiology-EP95 014-Clinical Nutrition93 018-Cardiology-IC91 069-Surg - Neuro91 007-Nephrology89 022-Dermatology89 097-Psychiatry89 033-Neuro-Stroke88 098-Emergency Medicine88 034-Neuro-Movement Disorder87 021-Rheumatology/Immunology83 067-Surg:CardioVascular82 083-OB/GYN:WPMRS82

35 SiteMinder 100% Club PI and Study Coordinators 100% Scheduling and Keeping Appointments 05/11/2013 – 06/14/2013 009 – SOM-ID 018 – Cardiology – IC 060 – OB/GYN – MFM 069 – Surg – Neuro 076 – Surg – Urology 097 - Psychiatry

36 SiteMinder Training 2013 July Siteminder Initial Coordinator Training July 5 th Training Cancelled Next Siteminder Initial Coordinator Training Friday, August 2 nd Location: Cudworth Hall (CEC) Room 305 Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm To Register: Complete CBR Siteminder registration form located at and request username at Centernet support at

37 Nancy Stansfield Asst. Dir Institutional Review Bd (205) 975-3922 37 Questions for OIRB

38 Kaul Human Genetics Building Finley Conference Center July- No meeting August- 08-21-2013:12-1pm 38 July & August Meeting Dates

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