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Pekka Lindqvist One Net Collaboration: GroupWise ® 6.

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1 Pekka Lindqvist One Net Collaboration: GroupWise ® 6

2 Challenges that Businesses Face Today Accelerated pace of market changes Competition and opportunity on a global scale Customers are more demanding Labor market continues to be tight Needs:  Retain best workers  Maximize productivity  Continually improve responsiveness to customers and market changes

3 GroupWise 6 Core Value Proposition Accelerate Organizational Productivity and Responsiveness

4 Improved Manageability Agent console access via WAP and HTML Critical event notification to cell phone or pager Message size limitation Mailbox size limitation Single-point administration in ConsoleOne™ 100% faster user moves, with no “gotchas” Multi-threaded GWCheck

5 Improved Reliability Increased database stability “Cluster awareness” of agents GroupWise TSA for Backup Ensures that databases are backed up “cleanly,” even when open or being written to GroupWise Restore Agent Perform user- or item-level restoration to the master system (note that this does require a full restore offline first)

6 Enhanced Security SSL-ized communication  Standards-based connections, like GWIA, HTTP monitors, and POP or IMAP connections support SSL encryption S/MIME v3 support in the GroupWise Client  Messages can be both authenticated and encrypted using digital certificates and public-key/private-key exchanges  With S/MIME v3 you can guarantee end-to-end security of e-mail

7 NNTP Support (usenet newsgroups) Universal inbox (multiple accounts) Notification to pager Remote client archive Message and mailbox size limitation Flexible forwarding (simple or encapsulated) User-level time zone definition GroupWise Smart Caching New Client Features

8 New WebAccess Features WML, WAP, HDML support for wireless Web clipping support for wireless PDAs Create, edit, activate, and deactivate rules User-level time zone definition Share folders with other GroupWise users Create personal address books Mark items “unread”

9 Wireless Access from ANY WAP- enabled device from ANY WAP- enabled device

10 GroupWise 6 Web and Wireless Only integrated collaboration environment to include wireless in the box GroupWise 6 provides the broadest wireless device support and leads in functionality Standard license includes GroupWise client, web, and wireless access Web/wireless-only license: Provides access to deskless workers for over 75% off standard license Novell GroupWise is making deskless collaboration Novell GroupWise is making deskless collaboration a reality for organizations of all sizes

11 robust, dependable collaboratioN anytime, anywhere

12 Upgrade at-a-Glance From GroupWise 5.2 or 5.5 Install the ConsoleOne™ snap-ins Upgrade the primary domain Upgrade secondaries and post offices Upgrade gateways Deploy clients The upgrade is basically simple—just install and load the new code

13 Upgrading Domains Primary domain first Communication  Primary must be able to communicate with all secondaries  4.x and 5.x MTAs can communicate directly with a Groupwise 6 MTA Steps  Install GW 6 MTA – agent install will merge startup files (userid and p/w can be in the directory now)  Previous configuration settings in Novell Directory Services ® (NDS ® ) eDirectory™ are preserved  Unload MTA and reload with GroupWise 6 MTA  View domain with ConsoleOne to verify version  Repeat for each secondary

14 Upgrading Post Offices The “owning” domain must be upgraded first Steps:  Install GroupWise 6 POA  Unload/Reload POA  Wait… Post office upgrade is complete when the POA has rebuilt/recovered WPHOST.DB  ConsoleOne will indicate version 6 for the Post Office  The Admin thread in the POA will show a “recovery count” of 1

15 Agent Installation Information Information to have on hand  Domain name (for MTA startup file naming)  Post office name (for POA startup file naming)  UNC path to domain and post office directories  HTTP port for the monitoring agent Automatically launch agents?  If this is used, and a POA and MTA are running on the same server, the POA will need to be unloaded and reloaded later

16 Upgrading GroupWise WebAccess Upgrade Servlet Upgrade GWINTERs ConsoleOne will have new objects  Provider objects for GroupWise Monitor, WebAccess, WebPublisher  Servlet objects Set default WebAccess  WebAccess is now capable of redirection New features  Rules, Signatures,“Mark Unread,” Personal Address Book creation Required for GroupWise Wireless

17 Upgrade the GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) Run the Agent Install Configuration tips  DSN (Delivery Status Notification) is now available  Relay does not require exceptions for authenticated POP and IMAP  Secure POP, IMAP, and SMTP require a certificate The certificate cannot be password-protected

18 Roll Out The GroupWise 6 Client ZENWorks  Use AOT files provided by Novell  Installation MUST deal with dependencies: Windows Messaging is the critical piece Or… SetupIP with SETUP.CFG  Hide prompts from users  Force standardization of paths  Prevent help-desk calls

19 Using SetupIP and SETUP.CFG Run WRITEIP.EXE  Software/admin/utility/setupip  GUI for creating WRITEIP.INI and SETUPIP.EXE  List paths to up to four web servers for client install Edit SETUP.CFG  Show Dialogs = No, Standard Install = Yes  New option for showing individual dialogs  “Windows Messaging = Yes” will require a reboot mid-install Web server requirements  Web server must use “fancy” indexing (Novonyx) to support file dates  Web server must list 400 files without truncating the list


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