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Search & Rescue Resource Kit User Considerations Part of an Integrated Search Management System.

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1 Search & Rescue Resource Kit User Considerations Part of an Integrated Search Management System

2 Search & Rescue Resource Kit Purpose of Resource Kit Provides a coordinated management response for Multiple SAR Teams

3 Search & Rescue Resource Kit Design Requirements Operates reliably under adverse conditions Easy to use by unskilled operators Modular design for rapid transportation Built-in component redundancy

4 Familiarity Breeds Content Stick with the familiar as much as possible!

5 Simplicity Familiarity Redundancy The guiding principles for the SAR Resource Kit

6 Training The SARINFO website provides on-line training SAR resource information

7 Organization The Incident Command System provides incident organization

8 Operations The SAR Resource Kit provides ICS organization, equipment & communications to SAR operations

9 Resource Kit Components Communications & Electronics 3 Networked PC’s & Printers 3 LAN Hubs 2 VHF & 1 UHF Base Radios 2 Antennas UHF Repeater 2 Cellphones 3 cell-lines 15 Field Radios 10 Control Radios Fax/Printer/Copier/Scanner Photocopier Flatbed Scanner Radio Programming Kit

10 Resource Kit Components Search & Rescue Equipment Rigid Stretcher & Wheel Flexible Stretcher 2 Hypothermia Kits 2 Sleeping Bags Field Medical Kit Trauma Kit 15 GPS’s w/software 40 Avalanche Wands

11 Resource Kit Components Planning & Support Equipment ICS Kit Signage Easels Whiteboards Map Tables SAR Software 14ft x 24ft Base-camp Tent 6 Propane Heaters 6 Lamps 2 x 2500 watt Generators Tool Kit 4 Propane Tanks 3 Floodlights 18ft Trailer w/heat & light

12 Base Radios: Standard VHF & UHF Units Cell Phones: Motorola Handhelds Field Radios: Motorola HT1000’s Repeater: Chroma Comms. Phones: Handsets GPS’s: Garmin 12XL Forms: ICS Fax/Printer/: Canon Photocopier: Canon Laptop PC’s: Toshiba’s Printers: laser & Deskjets Software: Win98 Network Simplicity & Familiarity Common, Brand-name products

13 Redundancy Backup Primary Functions

14 British Columbia SAR Resource Kit 1/4 Components & Deployment Procedure June 2000 Owner: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 'E' Division, Vancouver, B.C. RCMP Contact: Don Bindon Work pager Manager: Provincial Emergency Program, Victoria, B.C. ( ) Operator: Volunteer B.C. SAR Teams B.C. Deployment Procedure: 1. Request deployment with P.E.P Regional Manager. (P.E.P. Emergency Coordination Center: ) 3. If approved contact Overhead Mgt. Team Coordinator & Kit Manager. SAR Resource Kit Storage Location: Ridge Meadows SAR, BC. SAR Resource Kit Packaging: 18ft Towable Trailer w/ 2" towball & flat 4-pin wiring connector containing Air-flyable crates and cases 4 Propane Tanks

15 Computers: 2/4 Operations Laptop, printer & docking station (in pelican case) Communications Laptop, printer & Zip drive (in pelican case) Registration/Planning Laptop & printer (in pelican case) Flatbed Scanner, LAN hub & network cabling (in crate) Laser printer (in crate) Network Hub and cables (in pelican case) Communications: Default Radio Frequencies: KHz & KHz & multichannel Kit Portable Cellphone: (handheld) Kit Base Station Cellphone: (in Pelican case) Kit Fax Machine Cellphone: (in crate) 15 Portable Radios, chargers & harnesses for searchers (in crate) 10 Portable Radios, chargers & harnesses for ICS staff (in crate) VHF & UHF (for repeater) Base Station Radios (in Pelican case) VHF Base Station Radio & 2 Cellphones (in Pelican case) 2 Antenna stands - for VHF & UHF radios & cellphones (in case) Portable Repeater with 2 battery packs (in case)

16 Office Equipment: 3/4 Photocopier (w/ zoom/shrink & wateproof paper) (in crate) Multi-purpose Fax/Phone/Copier/Printer/600 dpi Scanner (in crate) Laserjet Printer, 600 dpi (in crate) Command Case with 'ICS for SAR' forms & supplies (in briefcase) Vinyl signage & ICS supplies (in storage tub) Mylar (in map tube) 2 Easels & 2 folding Map Tables (in crate) GPS Units: 15 Garmin 45 GPS Receivers & PC data i/o cable (in Pelican case) PC software for uploading/downloading routes Camp Equipment: watt Generators, gasoline powered (in crates) Extension cords & 6 110v desklamps (in storage tub) 3 Floodlights, halogen Extension cords, cable ducts & powerbars (in storage tub) 14ft x 24ft 3-room base-camp tent 6 Propane Heaters, tarps, string (in storage tub) Medical Equipment: Field Medical Kit Break-apart Basket Stretcher & bridle SKED Stretcher

17 Resource Kit Staff (Area Code 604) 4/4 Overhead Management Team Coordinators: Phone: Callout# Home# Work# Cell# Indv. Pager# Martin Colwell Ian Cunnings Resource Kit Managers: Rick Lang Colin Wiebe Resource Kit Drivers: Ridge Meadows SAR: Rick Lang North Shore Rescue: Peter Haig Lions Bay SAR: Martin Colwell Ed Langford Busters Towing (24hr): Please give the Task# & destination Payless Towing (24hr):

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