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Mike Pluke1 Universal Communications Identifier (UCI) and the power of profiles Mike Pluke Castle Consulting Ltd. ETSI TC HF & STF265.

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2 Mike Pluke1 Universal Communications Identifier (UCI) and the power of profiles Mike Pluke Castle Consulting Ltd. ETSI TC HF & STF265

3 Mike Pluke2 UCI and the power of profiles  The background to UCI – “real world” and “virtual world” communication  What does the UCI look like?  How does UCI work?  How User Profiles give the UCI its power

4 Mike Pluke3 “Real world” communication  From the dawn of man until the telephone  People have evolved effective communication strategies  These strategies protect our:  time;  privacy;  safety.  We’ve learnt how to protect ourselves from the bad guys

5 Mike Pluke4 “Virtual world” communication  From the telephone, to the internet, to …  Most “real world” strategies don’t work  Most systems don’t help us to develop new strategies  Some systems really help the bad guys!  Inability to reliably identify the other person – is at the core of most of today’s difficulties

6 Mike Pluke5 Is masquerading a threat?  In the “real world” its usually obvious!  In the “virtual world” it can be impossible to detect

7 Mike Pluke6 Can anonymity be a threat?  Would you trust this anonymous character?  Is the person calling from this number to be trusted?  Who knows? Caller: 07824345768

8 Mike Pluke7 Communications complexity  Communications devices (phones, PCs, PDAs) in many places – home, work, mobile  Several different services – email, voice, fax, pager, instant messaging  Many identifiers convey little meaning e.g. phone numbers  Once an identifier is “in the wild”, privacy is compromised – other people control when and by whom you are contacted  Stored identifiers become redundant over time

9 Mike Pluke8 So which of these is Mike?

10 Mike Pluke9 What should we be identifying “People are outsiders in the current communications revolution. Computer hosts, pager terminals and telephones are addressable entities throughout the Internet and telephony systems.” Extract from “The Mobile People Architecture” from Stanford University What is needed is an identifier for a person (or a role) ETSI pursued this concept and developed a Universal Communications Identifier (UCI)

11 Mike Pluke10 What does the UCI look like?

12 Mike Pluke11 The UCI’s fundamental parts 1.A label: a user friendly description of the person/role 2.A unique numeric string: the UCI can be input from basic terminals and used in basic networks 3.An additional information field: not seen directly by the recipient but conveys information about the sender The ETSI Universal Communications Identifier (UCI) has three parts:

13 Mike Pluke12 It needs a system  A system to handle UCIs that does not depend on a particular technology platform  It includes a:  The Personal User Agent (PUA) that contains your preferences, acts on your behalf and negotiates with other PUAs  The Service Agent (SA) that acts as the interface between a PUA and a communications network or service.

14 Mike Pluke13 What the UCI delivers  The UCI owner’s name or business role  An “authentic” identity option  where the user-friendly label is certified as accurately describing the person/role  An “authentic date of birth” option  Stability – it never needs to change even when people add and change services  Allows the sender to communicate special requirements to the recipient

15 Mike Pluke14 It gives enhanced control of privacy  Giving your UCI to someone gives them the opportunity to contact you.  But you (via your PUA) choose whether to accept their proposed communication or …  Offer an alternative.  How you choose to handle communications varies according to who is trying to reach you.

16 Mike Pluke15 Let’s see it work

17 Mike Pluke16 Simplified UCI operation

18 Mike Pluke17 Simplified UCI operation X X

19 Mike Pluke18 Simplified UCI operation Jane selects Dan’s UCI and sends it

20 Mike Pluke19 Simplified UCI operation

21 Mike Pluke20 How User Profiles give power to UCI  The UCI relies on a User Profile to store  preferences for how you want to be reached  definitions of groups like “family”, “friends”, “colleagues”  details of all your communications terminals, applications and services  rules saying how you want your communication managed when you are – “At home”, “In car”, “In a meeting”, “In a plane”, etc.  etc.  Situation dependent profiles can be switched on by your smart home, smart car, smart devices ….  The PUA uses the User Profile to tell it how to manage communications in the way the user wants

22 Mike Pluke21 Where next?  UCI  People looking at how to implement UCI  ETSI TISPAN will be assessing how easily UCI can be included in their Next Generation Network plans  User Profiles  Work on User Profile Management started during the development of UCI  New work is being done in an ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF265)  Producing guidelines about how users can manage User Profiles related to their use of all their products and services

23 Mike Pluke22 Thank you! Web page: Mail List: To subscribe: Email: For UCI contact: Mike Pluke Castle Consulting Ltd. Tel: +44 7092-130 695 For User Profiles:

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