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Tek-CARE ® 500 Wireless Emergency Call System Brought to you by:

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1 Tek-CARE ® 500 Wireless Emergency Call System Brought to you by:

2 Advantages of Your New System Superior Range—for quick and easy installation Reliable—self-testing for increased confidence Flexible—to support use in a variety of facilities Intelligent Repeater—allows use over large areas

3 Advantage of Frequency Agile ® Transmission 300MHz 300MHz systems send information on one narrow band channel. Any “in-band” interference can result in missed signals. 900MHz Frequency Agile Redundant information is sent on a multitude of different channels, creating the most reliable wireless system available.

4 Features of Your System Supervisory Signal—sent by transmitters, repeaters and locators, includes battery status Resident Check-in—reduces staff labor from manual “up & about” checks Resident Information Portable Pendant Call Transmitters, plus wall-mounted call transmitters Radio Pocket Paging—quickly and automatically notify staff of calls, or send custom messages

5 Pre-Bid Site Survey Kit The site survey kit is a must! It’s very important to the quality of coverage and system performance. You can’t calculate the number of repeaters required in a system without it.

6 Components of Your System The Master Station Computer processes and displays information from the system’s receiver. Many programmable options are available to customize your system. TekTone ® supplies the master station computer with Tek-CARE ® 500 software pre-installed.

7 Components of Your System The Receiver collects signals from the transmitters, repeaters and locators in the field and supplies serial data to the master station computer. The receiver is also used to program transmitters via a short cable (supplied), so locate the receiver within easy reach of the master station computer.

8 Components of Your System Repeaters are strategically placed throughout the facility to collect and re-transmit signals from pendants, transmitters, locators and other repeaters to the receiver. The repeater is shown here with battery backup and housing.

9 Components of Your System Locators transmit signals received from pendants and other transmitters, adding general location information. The optional locator processes only virgin transmitter signals—not signals received from repeaters or other locators.

10 Components of Your System Wireless transmitters can be call pendants, smoke detectors, motion detectors, door/window alarms, or fixed units such as emergency switches.

11 Transmitter Options Pendant or Belt Clip—water resistant Wall Mounted Smoke Detector Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Motion Detector Door/Window Alarm Universal with Maintained or Momentary NO Contact Emergency Call Switch—water resistant version is available

12 Other Options Radio Pocket Pager System Battery Backup

13 Master Station Computer Interconnect


15 Features—Events Monitor (F2) This is the Events Monitor screen, which shows current calls. The menus and buttons at the top of the screen are always visible. Click on the buttons or press F2–F8 to show the corresponding system information.

16 Features—Residents Register (F3) Use the Residents Register to add, delete and review resident information.

17 Features—Residents Register (continued) Use Residents Register tabs to add medical & contact information, and to assign transmitters to residents.

18 Features—Residents Register (continued) Select when a call button press is registered as a morning check-in. Schedule when a resident (and his pendant transmitter) is away from the facility. Assign transmitters to paging groups and zones. Transmitters may also be programmed via the Transmitters Register, accessible by pressing F4 or the Transmitters button.

19 Features—Transmitters Menu Using the Transmitters menu, see which transmitters have a low battery, are missing, or have been programmed as lost.

20 Features—Pagers Send a manual page by pressing F5 or the Page button and then selecting the recipient from a drop-down list. Use the Pagers Register to enter pagers into the system and assign them to Paging Groups.

21 Features—Pager Day/Night Mode (F8) In Night Mode, all pages are sent to the default pager group. In Day Mode, pocket paging may be configured with multiple paging groups, so that only relevant pages are sent to each staff member.

22 Features—Events History (F6) Filter and search options are provided to facilitate viewing this list of events that have been cleared from the Events Monitor.

23 Features—System Log (F7) Important information is logged and stored about the system’s operation, port conditions and ancillary device inputs.

24 Features—Proximity Map Editor If Locators are used, the Proximity Map Editor shows the approximate location of the calling transmitter. Tek-CARE ® 500 comes with standard alarm and alert sounds for a variety of events. Additional sound files are included—or customize using any file of the.wav type.

25 Features—Options Assign administrator-level and user-level passwords via the Passwords tab. Add the facility’s name via the Tek-CARE ® 500 tab so that it appears on the top window bar and on all printed reports.

26 Features—Signal & Paging Interfaces The Paging Interface screen is used to set up the system’s paging transmitter. If the paging transmitter is ordered with the system, it will be set up at the factory. The Signal Interface screen is used to set up the receiver connected to the Tek-CARE ® 500 system, and is normally set up at the factory.

27 Features—Database Setup & Maintenance The Maintenance tab has buttons to backup, restore or clean up the database, and to purge old events. The Database tab settings are preset and should only be changed by qualified personnel.

28 Support Literature Installation Manual—IL815 Spec Package—IL009 A & E Specification Literature is available at

29 At Alpha Communications® we are here for your Health Care Signaling needs. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or system requirements you may have. We can be reached TOLL-FREE at 1-800-666-4800. We are also on-line at and We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next system. Copyright©2000-2003 Alpha Communications® All Rights Reserved Copyright©2004 Alpha Communications® All Rights Reserved

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