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Russ H. Read Biosciences Talent Required December 12, 2014.

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1 Russ H. Read Biosciences Talent Required December 12, 2014

2 The NCBW has 10 years experience in: Building best practices for North Carolina in the biosciences training and education circle by being at the state and national table. Increasing training capacity for our college training sites. Help keep our employers supplied with an outstanding workforce Our externally captured funding total exceeds $ 20 M

3 Building the Future Home Grown Industry Needs: Capital Educated manpower Efficient, effective business environment

4 Talent Required* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Scientists, chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, microbiologists, toxicologists, epidemiologists, clinicians, regulatory experts, Biomedical engineers, research associates, technicians, QA/QC experts, manufacturing & production teams, operators packaging, ancillary support etc., The demand for qualified Bioscience personnel is increasing in the Piedmont Triad

5 Advocacy: Represent, enable and provide leadership at the national and state levels for the biotechnology workforce with compatible organizations, educational and training institutions NCBC FT

6 How: Build national partnerships, research outcomes, chase and enact grants Bring home to NC best practices in biotech workforce training Lead the US DOL TAA Consortium for Bioscience(c3bc) & the NSF ATE Biosciences Industrial Fellows Program(BIFP) *Represent BN at NSF- ATE, USDOL, NCBIO, BIO, NAM/MI, CSBA, CSBI, NBC2 and Bio-Link

7 What is in it for Companies? The improved assessment of potential employees from a workforce prospective An increased source of qualified employees An Industry Recognized Harmonized Core of Skill Standards & Credentials US DOL TAACCCT Round 2 Grant Started: October 1, 2012 Ends: September 30, 2016

8 US DOL TAA Grant $ 14, 998, 474 Hubs by color Lab Skills Medical Devices Biomanufacturing Learning Status: in Year 3 & over 1800 in training Recipients : 12 colleges, 8 states

9 Project Overview

10 Activities  Core Skill Standards Development:  Lab Skills Skill Standards revised  Biomanufacturing Standards revalidated by industry experts  Medical Device Skill Standards developed, reviewed by industry experts, and are in final review  Core Skills Harmonization: Bioscience Common Core Skill Standards are drafted and will be reviewed by industry experts in early 2015  Learning Hub: “Granules” of information produced; deconstructed and reconstructed modules for modularized learning are operational  Capacity Building: New curriculum developed and capacity- building expansion underway 10

11 c3bc Learning Hub - Demonstration Updated demo reel: Skills lab video: Workforce video: Michael V. Ayers Dean of Math, Science, and Technologies Forsyth Technical Community College Winston-Salem, North Carolina

12 2014 BIFP Fellows The BIFP - One Month Bioscience Fellowship in NC

13 One-Pager Info-Card More details at

14 2014DRAFT 2015 The BIFP - One Month Biosciences Fellowship in NC

15 Momentum Next Steps: Bioscience Common Core Skill Standards are drafted and are with industry experts for input. National Advisory Council to oversee the “buy in” of the Biosciences Industry Recognized Credentials and Skill Standards. Early Spring 2015 National c3bc Meeting February 25-27 at the IQ with emphasis on industry “buy in”. Recruit our 2015 June BIFP class and finalize the plan.

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