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EProcurement 1 Car Parking Review Progress Update.

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1 eProcurement Scotl@nd 1 Car Parking Review Progress Update

2 eProcurement Scotl@nd 2 Why review? The review group Development of options Not just cars and parking! Work in progress The Review

3 eProcurement Scotl@nd 3 Car Park Charging Civil Penalties (fines) Multi-Storey Car Park Site Development Framework (masterplan) Key Issues

4 Ashgrove Road West Westburn Road Phase 1 & Phase 2 ARI East AMH RACH EYE

5 eProcurement Scotl@nd 5 Patient Parking (690) Staff Permits (726) Pool Cars (89) Medical Emergency (19 + 3) University Health Centre BTS A&E (23) Contractor Zone Contractor Zone (36) Staff Permits (197) STAFF PERMIT CRITERIA Distance between home and site Ease of public transport alternative(s) Business travel need GENERAL PARKING Split between non- permit staff (24 hours) and visitor parking (3 hours) “Moving” car park MEDICAL EMERGENCY Rapid access spaces Permit and registration recognition POOL CARS Guaranteed space availability Booking and management process to be developed SPECIFIC ZONES Access and permits managed locally by management units CONTRACTOR ZONES Limited permits issued to regular contractors Managed by permit and registration recognition OUT PATIENT PARKING Dated tear-off slip with appointment letter 3 hour maximum Special permits for very regular out patients General Parking (510) Medical Emergency (3)

6 eProcurement Scotl@nd 6

7 7

8 8 Car Parking Review Progress Update Questions..? 01224 552185

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