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EE290: Introduction to Microcontrollers Spring 2002 Martin D. Fox M.D., Ph. D.

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1 EE290: Introduction to Microcontrollers Spring 2002 Martin D. Fox M.D., Ph. D.

2 Agenda l Definition of Microcontrollers and Embedded Microprocessors l Components l Microcontroller Market l Key Suppliers

3 Overview l Microcontrollers - a key impact technology for the 21st century “ In the aggregate, PC microprocessors are responsible for less than 1% of all processors sold. Embedded processors outsell PC processors by more than 99%. ” l Today: Brief overview

4 Microcontrollers and Embedded Controllers l Controls some process or aspect of the environment: Microcontrollers Vs. DSPsMicrocontrollers Vs. DSPs l DSPs optimized for math [multiplies] l Embedded controller may not be a microcontroller per se but is used for special purpose control application l Typical applications: temperature control, smart instrument, GPS, digital lock, cell phone, etc.. l Exercise: write down five µController based devices

5 Examples l Personal information products: Cell phone, pager, watch, pocket recorder, calculator l Laptop components: mouse, keyboard, modem, fax card, sound card, battery charger l Home appliances: door lock, alarm clock, thermostat, air conditioner, tv remote, hair dryer, VCR, small refrigerator, exercise equipment, washer/dryer, microwave oven l Toys; video games, cars, dolls, etc.

6 Microcontroller Families l Most manufacturers offer a wide range of devices for low end to higher end applications, “ In January 2000, Microchip shipped its one billionth 8-bit PIC microcontroller. ” l Example : Microcontroller ManufacturersMicrocontroller Manufacturers l Embedded systems and gizmos Embedded systems and gizmos l Characteristics of the PIC 16F87xPIC 16F87x

7 16F87x Family: Features

8 Typical Micro Controller Elements From: PIC 16F87x data sheet

9 Microcontrollers l Processing power: 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit “ The highest rate of new product success is in the 8-bit microcontroller market. The lowest rate of success is in the 64- and 32-bit microcontroller markets. ” l Specific features: communications, keyboard handling, signal processing, video processing

10 Microcontroller Market l Shipments- > 16 Billion in 2000, 8 bit > 1/2 market l Major Players: Microchip 16Fxx, Intel 8051, Motorola MC68HC05, National COP800, SGS/Thomson ST62, Zilog Z86Cxx: 8 bit comparison8 bit comparison

11 Speed comparison From: Mark Palmer, AN520 A Comparison of 8 bit Microcontrollers, Microchip AN, 1995.

12 Shipments

13 16F87x Instruction Set [35]

14 P1

15 P1- 2

16 Summary l Microprocessors and embedded controllers are a ubiquitous part of life today l These devices come in a wide variety of configurations and designs l Headhunters report that EEs familiar with µC, µP design are in the highest possible demand l Feedback

17 More Information l In the next session we will explore in more depth key features of µControllers l All major Manufacturers have web sites

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