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ELECTROMATE INDUSTRIAL SALES LTD. Precision Technology & Quality

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1 ELECTROMATE INDUSTRIAL SALES LTD. Precision Technology & Quality
Electromate/L&S/Zworld Meeting ELECTROMATE INDUSTRIAL SALES LTD. Precision Technology & Quality

2 Electromate Founded in 1986
Stocking Motion Control & Embedded Electronic Distributor 20 employees Head office Toronto, Ontario Regional Office locations in Montreal and Quebec City 10,000 sq ft office/warehouse space

3 MISSION STATEMENT Our goal is to provide Superior
customer satisfaction backed by expert technical support, a comprehensive product selection, generous inventory levels, high performance products and inestimable value added services.

We are Committed to Meeting and Striving to Exceed Customer Expectations through our high Standards of Quality and Delivery of Product and Service. This Mission - shall be achieved through the Effective Control of All Functions that affect Quality and will be complete only when the Product/Service provided has met with Total Customer Satisfaction. This includes a focus of our efforts on the Continual Improvement of the Effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Our Quality Objectives - to Identify, Evaluate, Resolve, Correct and Prevent Nonconformance in Product, Process and Service to strive to achieve Zero Defects as well as to Focus Diligently upon our Customers and their Perception of our Service to them The Management Team - has delegated to the Quality Assurance Manager, the authority to establish, maintain and improve the Quality Management System. This System is based upon provision of Total Customer Satisfaction and meets the Quality Standard known as ISO 9001:2000. Our Quality Policy - is understood and respected by all our Employees through ongoing training and their welcomed input. The Management Team - shall regularly Review the Quality Management System with the Management Team to ensure it continuing suitability, effectiveness and continued improvement. February 2006 Date

5 ISO Registered

6 Applications – Multi-Axis Winch
Sunset Dynamics uses a BL2600 to monitor and control a winch and multi-axis track system for an acrobatic theater performance that allowed performers to fly.

7 Environmental Monitoring
TrendPoint selected the Ethernet-enabled RCM2200 RabbitCore microprocessor core module to power its new ultra-compact, stand-alone monitoring device, the EnviroCube, which protects key network components housed in remote locations The EnviroCube utilizes 10/100 Ethernet connectivity via the RCM2200's RJ-45 jack to communicate alarms and trending data to the customer The s include a graphical attachment link, which shows the last hour up to and including the alarm event. We can also send information via pager, with a full text printout of what's going on

8 CNC Tool Monitoring System
The BL2000 is used to drastically decrease the repair costs associated with tooling and parts failures on their machine tools and computer numerical control (CNC) machines As the system's controller, the BL2000 handles most of the parallel or serial machine interface, as well as Ethernet or RS-232 communications to the system's display side (either a PC-based application or Windows CE box). All cutting limits-for up to 500 tools and 7 sections per tool-are stored on the SBC, which also saves the last 300 alarms with time/date stamps via its real-time clock.

9 Wireless Traffic Monitoring
The Trafmate connects to existing traffic sensors, downloads daily traffic counts, and transmits compiled data to an Internet server via digital two-way paging technology or satellite-based communications. From there, it can be downloaded at any time by transportation agency staff There are four types of I/O features on the Jackrabbit that they use: one is the standard RS-232 serial communications, another is the digital outputs for interfacing with an LCD screen, a third is used to control some digital switches for turning equipment on/off, and finally the A/D converter to monitor battery voltages

10 Windows Based C Programming
Automation Tools Windows Based C Programming Windows GUI IDE ANSI C Programming

11 Sample Programs

12 Sample Programs

13 Typical Program Running

14 TCPIP Sample Programs Modbus Module Standard DC TCPIP programs

15 PID Sample (Page 1/2) /***************************************************************************\ PID Function Author : Greg Young, Z-World. The PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) function is used in mainly control applications. PIDCalc performs one iteration of the PID algorithm. While the PID function works, main is just a dummy program showing a typical usage. \***************************************************************************/ typedef struct PID { double SetPoint; // Desired Value double Proportion; // Proportional Const double Integral; // Integral Const double Derivative; // Derivative Const double LastError; // Error[-1] double PrevError; // Error[-2] double SumError; // Sums of Errors } PID; /*=========================================================================*\ Perform One PID Iteration \*=========================================================================*/ double PIDCalc ( PID *pp, double NextPoint ) { double dError, Error; pp->SumError += (Error = pp->SetPoint - NextPoint); dError = pp->LastError - pp->PrevError; pp->PrevError = pp->LastError; pp->LastError = Error; return ( pp->Proportion * Error + pp->Integral * pp->SumError + pp->Derivative * dError ); } Initialize PID Structure void PIDInit ( PID *pp ) { memset ( pp,0,sizeof(PID) ); }

16 PID Sample (Page 2/2) /***************************************************************************\ Main Program \***************************************************************************/ double sensor ( void // Dummy Sensor Function ) { return 100.0; } void actuator ( double rDelta // Dummy Actuator Function ) {} void main ( void ) { PID sPID; // PID Control Structure double rOut; // PID Response (Output) double rIn; // PID Feedback (Input) PIDInit ( &sPID ); // Initialize Structure sPID.Proportion = 0.5; // Set PID Coefficients sPID.Integral = 0.5; sPID.Derivative = 0.0; sPID.SetPoint = 100.0; // Set PID Setpoint for (;;) { // Mock Up of PID Processing rIn = sensor (); // Read Input rOut = PIDCalc ( &sPID,rIn ); / // Perform PID Interation actuator ( rOut ); // Effect Needed Changes } }

17 Local Training August 16-17, Training by Electromate & Zworld in Toronto only. Sept 12, Training by Electromate in Toronto Sept 14, Training by Electromate in Montreal 

18 Zworld Legacy Products (1/2)
Legacy Product DocumentationZ•World's policy is to support customers through an OEM product life cycle. Therefore, we continue to sell legacy products to existing customers but do not sell them for new product design and development Integrated Development Software Dynamic C Premier/SE for Rabbit microprocessors RabbitCore Modules RCM3300 RabbitCore Module RCM3300, RCM3310 RCM3360 RabbitCore Module RCM3360, RCM3370 Single-Board Computers BL1700 Omega BL1700, BL1710, BL1720, BL1730 BL1600 Little-G BL1600, BL1610 BL1500 Micro-G2 BL1500, BL1510, BL1520 BL1400 Micro-G2 BL1400, BL1410 BL1300 Protocol Switch BL1300 BL1200 Little PLC BL1200 BL1100 Little Giant BL1100, BL1110, BL1120 BL1000 Tiny Giant BL1000 LP3100 Genesis LP3100, LP3110, LP3120, LP3130 Packaged Single-Board Computers PK2600 Gemini PK2600 PK2500 Aurura PK2500, PK2510 PK2400 Omni PK2400, PK2410 PK2300 Alpha PK2300, PK2310 PK2200 Little Star PK2200, PK2210, PK2220, PK2230, PK2240 PK2100 Rugged Giant PK2100, PK2110, PK2120, PK2130

19 Zworld Legacy Products (2/2)
Operator Interfaces with I/O OP6300 X64 OP6300 OP6200 X40 OP6200 OP6100 OP6100 PK2600 Gemini Series PK2600 Microprocessor Core Modules CM7200 Smartcore II CM7200, CM7210, CM7220, CM7230 CM7100 Smartcore I CM7100, CM7110, CM7120, CM7130 SmartBlock SmartBlock Accessories and Peripherals EG2100 RabbitLink Card EG2100 XP8900 D/A Expansion XP8900 XP8800 Stepper Motor Control Expansion (EOL) XP8800, XP8810 XP8700 COM XP8700 XP8600 DAC2 XP8600 XP8500 A/D Expansion XP8500 XP8400 RELAY8 XP8400 XP8300 Relay Expansion XP8300, XP8310 XP8200 UIO XP8200 XP8100 Digital I/O Expansion XP8100, XP8110, XP8120 EM1000 Pulsar EM1000, EM1010 EasyStart Kits BL1470, PK2270

20 End of Presentation

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