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Maintenance Management The Replacement of Legacy MMS Software With Oracle EAM.

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1 Maintenance Management The Replacement of Legacy MMS Software With Oracle EAM

2 Page 2 AGY Background Information AGY was formed as a joint venture between Owens Corning and Porcher Industries in late 1998. –New company with NO enterprise software –Owens Corning systems were NOT Y2K compliant Produces Glass Fiber Yarns, very capital intensive. –Melt earthen materials to create glass –Spin glass onto bobbins for sale Two manufacturing facilities: Aiken, SC and Huntingdon, PA. –Headquartered in Aiken –Sales office in Lyon, France

3 Page 3 AGY Maintenance By The Numbers 90 Craft personnel in Aiken and 69 in Huntingdon 125 Work Orders generated per day 18,000 items in stores inventory 4 Planners / schedulers 5,100 Named Assets

4 Page 4 MMS MES Oracle 11i Controls Machine Specs Run data Breakdowns Repairs Preventative Cleaning Material Usage Inventory Level Financial Production Orders Production Results AGY MMS Integration Strategy Data collectors Paging Text Messaging

5 Page 5 AGY Technology Timeline 1999 - Oracle Applications v11.0 (AP/AR/GL) 1999 - Oracle GEMMS v4 (OF/PM/INV) 1999 - Datastream MP2 v6 (MM, Purchasing) 2001 - Camstar Insite v3 (Manufacturing Execution System) 2003 – Rockwell Controls (PLC) 2004 - Oracle Apps Fresh Install v11.5.8 –Added Oracle Process Manufacturing, Purchasing –Emerged from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 2005 - Oracle EAM v11.5.10.2 –Added iProcurement

6 Page 6 Case for Replacement of Legacy MMS MP2 was no longer strategic product for Datastream Maintenance wanted increasing functionality out of the MMS –Barcoding of spindle breakdowns –Interface with Predictive Maintenance software –Repairable spares MP2 running on de-supported version of Oracle Database Poorly supported integration between MP2 and Oracle Purchasing/Inventory/General Ledger Planned upgrades to Oracle Applications put interfaces at risk

7 Page 7 Legacy MMS Replacement Strategy Assemble team to focus on Maintenance Fitness For Use. –Included both plants, Engineering and IT. Issue Request for Proposal (RFP) based on Fitness For Use of Maintenance and IT. Conduct customer reference meetings. Use product demonstrations to prove capability based on RFP response. Present recommendations to Senior Leadership Team. Decision came down to Datastream 7i or Oracle EAM

8 Page 8 Legacy MMS Replacement Decision Datastream 7i and Oracle EAM roughly equivalent –Both are new implementations (7i is NOT an upgrade) –Roughly the same implementation costs –Functionality the same Strategic fit better with EAM –More functionality to be delivered out of Oracle Applications requires excellent integration (Production Management, Fixed Assets) –Internal support of 7i interface likely to be high, prefer one vendor.

9 Page 9 EAM – AGY Enhancements NO CHANGE TO ORACLE APPLICATIONS Emergency Work Order form –No EAM knowledge required –Can see other Work Orders that may already be entered –Uses Oracle’s Work order interface Oracle Alert to send emergency pages to Craft personnel –Sends email through internet to paging service –Text on pager shows location to be served Interface to AGY Specification Management System –Creates Work Order when a product change is scheduled –Uses Oracle’s Work Order interface Personalization of Self Service –Added Pick Ticket button to run report from materials tab

10 Page 10 EAM – Emergency Work Order Form

11 Page 11 EAM Personalization – Pick Ticket Personalized Button

12 Page 12 EAM Critical Success Factors Support from Senior Leadership –Approved strategic decision, funded project –Provided resources, communicated urgency Proven implementation partner –Experience in Maintenance best practices Dedicated implementation team Thorough testing –Initial pilot to train the team –Additional dry runs as needed –Validation of data migrations Proper training –Craft and Planners –iProcurement for all Salaried personnel

13 Page 13 EAM Lessons Learned Be very aggressive with Oracle Support on priority issues –Several priority one TAR’s put project at risk Test data migration early and often –Tried to change Asset naming several times, extended timeline Define custom reports early and have ready for testing –Delivered key reports after go-live

14 Page 14 EAM - Benefits Individual craft work backlog/schedule available on any PC in the plant –Personalized by log on criteria Both labor and material costs roll up to the asset Activities can be associated to individual assets or asset groups Quality plans can be generated to require specific information related to repairs Self service allows broad operational functionality to the floor Forms allows “behind the scenes” functionality that remains transparent to floor users Aside from native Oracle integration with purchasing, inventory, WIP, AR/AP, GL, and other modules, it can be easily integrated with other systems ( PES, MES, etc ) Third party reporting ( BO ) friendly

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