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NEC DSX. Account Manager Territory Assignments DSX Account Manager Team.

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2 Account Manager Territory Assignments DSX Account Manager Team

3 Building Communications Solutions and Delivering Excellence NEC is a leader in technology solutions with a long history of leadership and innovation in the core high-technology sectors of communications, computers, and electronic components. A Global Fortune 500 company, with more than 150,000 employees worldwide and $44 billion in revenues. NEC leverages its strengths to bring forth innovations from a wide range of fields, and to integrate those innovations into new products. NEC Introduction

4 Source: Gartner Group (total lines shipped) NEC Market Share NEC is #1 Worldwide TDM Market Share Calendar Year 2008

5 DSX Introduction

6 Three Platforms: DSX 40 / DSX 80 / DSX 160 DSX Systems offer you high performance, flexibility, and the ability to custom design a system that will meet your specific telecommunication requirements. DSX Product Family Features Common Digital Station Equipment VoIP Gateway & IP Station Equipment Wireless Headset Adapter Common Feature Set Built-in Two Port Auto Attendant In-Skin IntraMail Voicemail Option Built-in Caller ID (Name & Number) Audio Inputs (BGM - MOH) Message On Hold Mailbox External Paging Port - Output Backup / Restore to Compact Flash Card USB, Ethernet, and Modem Programming Ports System Administrator GUI Programming Software Office Administrator GUI Programming Software DSX Platforms & Common Features

7 DSX 40 DSX 40 Default Configuration (4X8X2) 4 CO / Line Ports 8 Digital Station Ports 2 Analog Station Ports 2 Door Box Ports with Relay Expansion Slots (3) 4-Port CO / Line Card Two Universal Station Expansion Slots 8-Port Digital Station Card 8-Port Analog Station Card Maximum DSX 40 Digital Configurations 8 CO / Line Ports 24 Digital Stations (8X24X2) 18 Analog SLT Ports (8X8X18) Alternate Configuration 8X16X10

8 DSX 80 1 T1 / PRI Card Maximum 4 Card Slots 32 Digital Station Maximum DSX 160 8 Card Slots 2 T1 / PRI Cards Maximum 96 Station Port Maximum 1 Power Supply Required Per 32 DSP Station Ports Shared Components CPU & Power Supplies Common Line & Station Cards 8 or 16 Port CO / Line 16 Port Digital Station 8 or 16 Port Analog Station T1 / PRI Cards DSX 80 -160

9 DSX IP Introduction

10 DSX VoIP / IP Gateway IP 4 Port Daughter Board Single Daughter Board for all DSX Systems Connects to DSX System CPU Includes 4 Resource Licenses Expandable In 4 Channel Increments Licenses are stored on the VoIPDB DSX 40 VoIP 08 IP Resource Ports Maximum (G.729AB) DSX 80 – 160 VoIP (NXCPU) 16 IP Resource Ports Maximum (G.729AB) VoIP / IP Gateway Supports DSX IP Stations SIP Stations SIP Soft Phones SIP ATA Devices DSX VoIP / IP Gateway Utilizes the System’s Built-in Ethernet Port. The Gateway Processor Resides Between the System CPU and the Digital Signal Processor. LAN  CPU  VOIPDB  DSP A Single Ethernet Port Provides All System Connectivity and One IP Address Simplifies System Installation and Maintenance.

11 DSX IP with VPN DSX VoIP with VPN: Edgemarc VPN Routers are available from NEC through your authorized DSX Distributor DSX IP Keysets can connect to the system over a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a private, secure network connection that "tunnels" through the public internet

12 DSX VoIP w/ NAT Traversal DSX VoIP with NAT Traversal: If you have an NEC-recommended SIP-aware compatible router installed at the remote site (currently the Linksys WRT54GL or WRT160NL), you can connect the DSX IP Keysets at the remote site without the need for a VPN.

13 DSX VoIP Station Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adapter Utilizes the 10/100 Ethernet Switch build into the IP Station Dual Function: Ethernet Switch Breakout for PC Connection PoE Injector - 48 VDC for VoIP Station Power Single Ethernet Cable to the Desktop provides a clean uncluttered appearance! DSX IP Station PoE Adapter Phone PC 48VDC Adapter DSX IP Phone Adapter Single Cable 802.3af PoE Power Injector 802.3af PoE Power Injector LAN

14 DSX Peripherals

15 IntraMail / IntraMail Pro The ability to add voice mail only requires an IntraMail compact flash card to activate. IntraMail is a full-featured Voice Mail Auto Attendant system that will transfer incoming callers and record Voice Mail messages. Auto Attendant / Voicemail 128 Subscriber Mailboxes 8 Company Greetings 32 Routing Mailboxes 16 Dial Action Tables 8 Directories (Dial By Name) Message on Hold Mailbox Import / Export.WAV Files Greeting & Message Back Up / Restore 2, 4, 6, or 8 Port Configurations Upgrade Ports in 2 or 4 Port Increments Upgrade IntraMail to IntraMail Pro IntraMail Pro Email Integration IntraMail Pro Caller ID Name & Number Email Integration – Receive notification of a new voice mail message to your inbox or email device. Optionally include the recorded message as a.WAV file attachment. If you have the ability to access your Email, you have the ability to listen to your voice mail messages without having to call your office. DSX IntraMail

16 NEC takes the lead with state of the art innovations that offer superior ergonomic styling and a slim, sleek, compact design with a quality feel. All models feature a thin, floating design, with a built-in speakerphone, two-position angle adjustment for effortless viewing of the large LCD display and built-in wall mounting. Enhanced models also offer a backlit display, illuminated dial pad and full duplex speakerphone. DSX STATIONS DSX Stations

17 Backlit Display with 12 Softkeys Full-Duplex Speakerphone Speed Dial Directories User Programmable Features Voicemail Access / Navigation Caller ID Log Access to One Touch Keys Programmable Feature Keys Line & Station Appearance System Feature Keys IntraMail Feature Keys I lluminated Dial-Pad Fixed Feature Keys TRANSFER INTERCOM FLASH VOICEMAIL REDIAL DND MUTE CONFERENCE SPEAKER HOLD 34 Button Digital / IP Super Display Station DSX 34 Button Super Display

18 3 Line Display Backlit Display and Illuminated Dial-Pad on 34 Button Stations Interactive Softkeys Speed Dial Directories User Programmable Features Voicemail Access / Navigation Caller ID Log One Touch Keys (10) One Touch Speed Dial Feature Code Speed Dial Programmable Feature Keys (12 / 24) Line & DSS / BLF Station Appearance System Feature Keys IntraMail Feature Keys Fixed Feature Keys TRANSFER INTERCOM FLASH VOICEMAIL REDIAL DND MUTE CONFERENCE SPEAKER HOLD 22 Button Digital Display Station 34 Button Digital / IP Display Station DSX 22 & 34 Button Display

19 DSX Cordless DECT Station DECT 6.0 1.9GHz Technology 8 Programmable Feature Keys Backlit Display & Illumined Dial-pad Extended Range with Repeaters Maximum of 8 DECT Handsets Maximum of 6 DECT Repeaters per Handset DSX Digital Cordless Station 900Mhz Digital Station 4 Programmable Feature Keys Area Cordless (Limited Range) Maximum of 4 900 Mhz Handsets Standard Analog Cordless Telephones End User Sourcing Caller ID Passed to SLT Analog Ports Requires Use of Analog SLT Ports DSX Digital Cordless Stations offer many standard features of the wired station including programmable Feature Keys with LEDs, and an easy to read display with the advantage of mobility. DSX Cordless Stations

20 DSX Peripherals 60 Button DSS Console Connects to Digital Port Maximum of 4 Per System Wireless Headset Adapter Allows & integrates connection of a Plantronics Headset without the handset lifter Voyager, Supraplus Wireless, CS55, & CS70 Series PGDAD Adaptor Connects to Digital Port Provides (2) Analog Door Box Ports & (2) Relay Contacts oror or (2) Audio MOH Inputs or (2) Audio Paging Outputs Analog Door Box Station Connects to 2 Door Box Ports on DSX-40 or PGDAD Adapter Station DESI Labels Labels available for White or Black 22 and 34 Button Stations Blanks available for customization including addition of company logo, importing images, and / or custom background color DSX System Peripherals

21 DSX Features

22 FP3 System Features Built-In Recordable Message On Hold Record or Upload MOH without IntraMail Line Scheduling / Night Service Enhanced flexibility in how calls are handled by the system or the Auto Att. Skip Ahead to change the AA Greeting Intercom Queue Key A busy extension can have a CO call / intercom call queue key for new calls PRI Calling Party Number Allows the system / station to send a unique ten digit number on outgoing calls Incoming DID Translation Name A DID call displays a programmed name Department Groups Thirty departmental ring / UCD groups Hold and Park Recall Cycles Set how many times a call will re-try an ext New System Station Numbering Plan Extension numbers and ports correlate System Password Reset Purchase a system password reset key FP3 Voicemail Features IntraMail Pro Cascading Message Notification Cascade message to five destinations Find Me / Follow Me Let the Auto Attendant locate a user IntraMail & IntraMail Pro Multilingual Voice Prompts English, French and Spanish Security Code Option Security code required for all mailbox logons or just remote logons FP3 User Features User Level Programming More intuitive and easier to use Hot Dial Pad Dial without picking up the handset Directory Dialing Search Quickly search the directory Call Timer - No pre-programmed key required Park Orbit Recall Pickup - Expanded options DSX Feature Package Three Feature Package Three Enhancements

23 Custom Solutions and Features Tailored Towards Business and Residential Applications! DSX Business & Residential Solutions

24 DSX Key Business Features Key Business Features System Features Lines (Square, Loop, DID) Ringing Distinctive by Station, Line, Group Can be programmed by user Hotline Keys (DSS / BLF) One touch transfer / intercom Call Coverage Keys Cover department, group, or extension Call Forward Internal or External Trunk to Trunk Conference 8 parties / 8 simultaneous (max 32 circuits) Voice Over Whisper page to an busy extension Reverse Voice Over Open 2 nd Talk path to another extension while on a call DND Options All Calls, External, Internal Flash Transfer to External Number Transfer important calls off premise Voicemail Features Message Center Keys Cover group mailboxes, virtual mailboxes Enhanced Conversation Record Record conversations to a selected mailbox Message on Hold Mailbox Record / Upload a unique message on hold Schedule Override Override auto attendant greeting for holidays, weather emergencies, etc Park & Page Allow callers to page, or leave a message Broadcast & Distribution Lists Send a message to multiple co workers Remote Notification Station, Cell, or Pager Email Integration (IntraMail Pro) Wav file, notify only, or SMS Text Caller ID Return Call Displays Caller ID Name & Number Mailbox Flash Transfer to Cell Phone AA Transfer to System Speed Dial Bin

25 DSX Key Residential Features System Features Distinctive Ringing Caller ID on all stations Name & Number Logging Call Waiting Caller ID New call updates Caller ID display Parental Caller ID Supervision Room Monitor Monitor the sounds at another station Intercom Station to Station Privacy Release Easy functionality for joining a call in progress with privacy release Easy functionality to make a call private Station Paging Groups Call Forward Internal or External Support for Standard Telephones Single line phones (cordless, etc) Fax Machines One Touch Transfer / Intercom Voicemail Features Auto Attendant Personal / Family Greeting Home Office / Business Greeting Call Screening Answering Machine Emulation Pull call out of voicemail if desired Message Center Message Indication for mailboxes on common phone (kitchen) Message Indication for people without extensions (Guests, Nanny, Housekeeper) Auto Attendant Fax Detection Remote Notification Cell phone or pager Return call Email Integration New messages from home / home office emailed to your personal or business email address Enhanced Conversation Record Message on Hold Great for home based business Key Residential Features

26 UBSD DSX Support

27 Dealer Support Website: DSX System Software Update / Download System & Office Administrator Windows GUI On Demand 24/7 Basic Online DSX Training Advanced In-Depth IntraMail & PRI Training Downloadable Literature & Product Images DSX Reseller Program & Support Dealer Sales Support: (800) 365-1928 Email: Pre-Sales Configuration Support DSX Sales Related Literature Dealer Technical Support: (203) 925-8801 Submit email directly from DSX Website Installation & Programming Support DSX Dealer Support Forum NECSUPPORTNECSUPPORT NEC DSX Support

28 An NEC Partner Program Offered to Select Dealers in Local Markets. Targeted towards DSX Dealers, who on a regular and continued basis promote the sale of NEC UDSD products, in order to develop and exploit fully, the sales potential of UBSD products for mutual benefit. NEC’s selection of a Channel Reseller is predicated upon the Channel Reseller’s commitment to provide sales, installation, maintenance and customer training in accordance with highest industry standards for and to our mutual customers. Committing to a Course of Action Today, Makes Tomorrows Path Easier to Travel! Channel Reseller Incentive Program Generous Rebate “$$$” Dollars Low Quarterly Purchase Targets $10,000-$14,999 = 3% Rebate $15,000-$19,999 = 5% Rebate Over $20,000 = 7% Rebate Reseller Marketing & Sales Support Toll-free Reseller Technical Support Complements DSX Promotions Precursor to use of the NEC “Logo” DSX Channel Reseller

29 DSX User Center The DSX User Center provides end-user operation, programming, and training tools. We made these tools specifically to help you get the most out of your DSX system. This interactive flash player tutorial guides you step-by-step through the Station and IntraMail features of your DSX telephone. Click on the Feature you want to review and follow the instructions for a enjoyable and informative tour through the DSX features. Interactive User Flash Tutorial - DSX User Center

30 DSX Office and System Administrator Windows Programming GUI Interface DSX System & Office Administrator DSX System Administrator Installer Level Programming Used to program & customize in-depth system features. Windows 32 Bit XP, XP Pro, or Vista USB Port System Software Upgrades Ethernet Port Local LAN or WAN Access Dial Up Modem Remote Access Back Up / Restore Utilities DSX Office Administrator End-User Administration Used to customize basic end-user and system features from your PC Windows 32 bit XP, XP Pro, or Vista Local LAN Access

31 Complementary DSX Products

32 Conference MAX Tabletop Conference Phones provide premium, full-duplex audio in small conference rooms as a single unit and in larger rooms by linking up to four units for unrivaled microphone and loudspeaker coverage. Conference MAX PLUS Wireless Conference Phones provide the flexibility to hold a conference call when and where it’s most convenient – with no cables in the way. Conference MAX Plus wireless delivers clear, full-duplex audio in small rooms. At a Glance : DSX system integration requires the use of one Single Line Analog Port. Distributed Echo Cancellation effectively eliminates echo. Noise cancellation removes background noises from fans or HVAC systems. Full-duplex sound enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without cutting in and out. Automatic level controls keep participants’ audio balanced and consistent. First-mic priority eliminates hollow “tunnel” sound by activating only the microphone closest to the person speaking. Three microphones provide 360° audio pickup. Recording output on base unit connects to a recording device to capture the entire conversation. DSX Conference Max Conference Max

33 NEC DSX End-to-End IP / VoIP Solution! Customized to Support NEC Configurations Edgewater Expertise and Experience Fully Functional Customer Premise Router Point & Click GUI Interface Flexible Configuration Templates Secure Embedded Firewall IPSEC VPN Tunnels VoIP Aware Site and Multi-Site VPNs VoIP Quality of Service Traffic Shaping within VPN Tunnels Priority Queues for Voice and Data Remote Site VoIP / SIP Phone Registration Trend Analysis on a Per Site or Per Call Basis On Demand Call Quality Monitoring Troubleshoot and Configure Remotely Hyperlinks for Troubleshooting and Diagnostics DSX IP / VoIP Routers EdgeMarc Converged Network Routers EdgeMarc SOHO Router NEC EdgeWater IP / VoIP Network Routers

34 The Easy Way to Monitor and Analyze Phone Activity for Single or Multiple Sites. Scalable, reliable, easy-to-use and powerful, CallAnalyst is a feature-rich call accounting and tele-management solution for Voice Switching Platforms. This award-winning solution monitors phone usage, performs customer billing and analyzes traffic patterns and trend studies. A telecom infrastructure management tool, CallAnalyst provides ROI calculations related to system and traffic usage patterns. No matter the size of your organization, Ultra CallAnalyst quickly generates detailed or summary reports that measure productivity, manage local and long distance usage and monitor for phone abuse. Ultra CallAnalyst / Ultra CallAnalyst Enterprise Server Export reports to graphs for easy interpretation DSX Ultra Call Analyst

35 Advanced and powerful appointment booking & confirmation software / tools Confirm-IT and Confirm-IT2, developed by NEC partner CTL, increase business efficiency by automatically confirming scheduled appointments, thus eliminating costly no-shows. Customers and clients can receive their reminders via telephone, email and / or a text message. Confirm-IT is a calendar-based system, that provides a working calendar showing customer appointments, employee hours, services, pricing and more. Confirm-IT2 is a non-calendar based system similar to Confirm-IT that provides a solution for customers who wish to confirm appointments utilizing an existing scheduling package. Confirm-IT2 is presently compatible with CSV, Access, Fox Pro, Paradox and Excel database formats. In addition to sending a text message and / or an email, both Confirm-IT and Confirm-IT2 remind patients or customers of their appointment with a telephone call to their work, home or cell; and can leave a message on an answering machine. DSX Users target many of these focused vertical markets! Medical Care: Chiropractic, Therapeutic, Dental, Optometry, General Practice Personal Care: Hair / Nail & Tanning Salons, Spas, Massage & Fitness Animal Care: Veterinarians, Dog Groomers & Pet Care, Pet Hotels Leisure: Resorts, Clubs, Cruise Lines Service: Delivery, Restaurants, Utilities, Repair & Service Organizations Business: Accounting, Legal, Etc. DSX Confirm-IT Confirm-IT & Confirm-IT2

36 Interactive Voice Response Does your business need an IVR Solution? DSX DFx & DFx Lite DFx & DFx Lite Voicemail / IVR / Instant Notify

37 NEC Leasing Preserve Working Capitol Avoid Budget Restrictions Afford New Technology Today Advantageous Tax Benefits Minimize Obsolescence Risks Capital Acquisition & Depreciation DON’T BE AFRAID OF “LEASING” DON’T BE AFRAID OF “LEASING” KNOW THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO ASK!

38 Conclusion

39 DSX – It All Adds Up! It All Adds Up - DSX Is The Best System Solution! NEC Market Leadership Superb Technology Innovations Affordable System Solutions Multiple Market Applications Flexible Scalable Platforms Innovative System Features Attractive Feature Rich Stations User Flash Tutorial Training DSX Product Reliability Use & Enjoy the Benefits of the NEC DSX Product Family Today!

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