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NLIT June 2009 1 Marcia Jacobs - Presenter Sandia National Laboratories- California Communication and Network Systems Telecom Operations BlackBerry Project.

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1 NLIT June 2009 1 Marcia Jacobs - Presenter Sandia National Laboratories- California Communication and Network Systems Telecom Operations BlackBerry Project Lead Scott Rogers – Co-author Sandia National Laboratories- New Mexico 9343 CSU Operations Computer Support Services Project Manager Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000. SAND -2005-6648P Sandia National Laboratories Mobility Project Updates

2 NLIT June 2009 2 BlackBerry Team Locations and Device Status Albuquerque, New MexicoLivermore, California It all began in 2004 with a BlackBerry Pilot of 40 users Today – we have over 1300 Active BlackBerries

3 NLIT June 2009 3 Sandia BlackBerry Infrastructure BlackBerry Servers on Restricted Network All BlackBerry Servers Virtualized  3 Production BES Servers  1 Development BES Server BES Database running on SQL Server  All BlackBerry Servers supported by Enterprise Server Group  BES Admin Function is performed by BlackBerry Operations Team BlackBerry Support  Tier 1 support performed by Sandia Corporate Computing Help Desk  Self Help Service Tools available on website  Tier 2 support performed by BlackBerry Operations Team  BlackBerry Operations team owns all operational processes and IT policies  Team currently reviewing management and monitoring solutions

4 NLIT June 2009 4 BlackBerry Infrastructure

5 NLIT June 2009 5 BlackBerry Website Admin Service Tools

6 NLIT June 2009 6 BlackBerry Website User Service Tools

7 NLIT June 2009 7 Sandia BlackBerry Business Model BlackBerrys are Considered Controlled Property BlackBerrys registered in Sandia NWIS Database  Used for property tracking, plus billing of monthly support costs  Support cost recovered from BlackBerry users  Covers BlackBerry Operations Team cost, plus all costs associated with BlackBerry infrastructure, licensing and RIM T-Support  Costs for service (voice/data) are billed separately  BlackBerry Operations Team working on improving billing for services New Ordering Approval Process  Sandia WEBCARS workflow application used to obtain manager approval to order device  Automated notification to BES Admin for user additions or deletions  Will eventually eliminate paperwork associated with device ordering/approval  Automated updates to NWIS Database with user billing data for monthly support costs

8 NLIT June 2009 8 Mobility Project Team Efforts BlackBerry Onsite Use Project Efforts Began in 2005 Business Case  Mission critical cellular users  Video conferencing support personnel  Support technicians – Remedy users  Computer support and others.  Building Managers  PDA users  All BlackBerry Users? Risk Analysis  Support and guidance from RIM Management  Reviewed and referred to DoD Wireless STIG (Security Checklist) Proposed Process and User Deployment  Ever changing requirements and team personnel  Proposal to not include device restrictions  Proposal to restrict voice, Bluetooth, camera, etc..

9 NLIT June 2009 9 Proof Of Concept Testing Disabling Device Functions Badge Swipe System Testing  Created IT Policy for ‘Data-Only’ Use  No voice, Bluetooth, cameras, voice recording  Badge system using Diamond 2 Software  Programming to change IT Policy to data-only mode upon badge swipe  Policy change would occur within a minute  Behavior change – we don’t require an outbound badge swipe  Installed outbound badge reader for testing purposes  Outbound badge swipe would change data-only policy back to Default Badge Access Cell Phone Reminder (BACR)  BACR System would call mobile number before policy change  A good resource if voice use is disallowed for onsite use  Mobile number must be supplied to BACR System Assistance for the Outbound Badge Swipe  Time of Day program created to change data-only policy to Default  Policy change initiated by end of work day at 6:00 pm  Team developed BlackBerry browser tool  User could request policy change from BlackBerry browser

10 NLIT June 2009 10 Mobility Project Team Efforts BlackBerry Onsite Use Ongoing analysis, testing, project review and documentation updates Team is seeking approval for use without device restrictions Some buildings or areas may impose local restrictions  Controls could involve badge swipe process, device power off, device lock box or RFID controls Laboratory BlackBerry Summit – March ‘09  Significant project advancements achieved from SNL Security and Management personnel connecting with the RIM Management Team Deployment to consist of 4 Phases  Initial phases with 2 month durations  Final phase all new BlackBerrys, Jan 2010  User training required  Credential delivery to BB after user training completion BlackBerry use and procurement expected to escalate next FY Current Project Status

11 NLIT June 2009 11 BlackBerry Onsite Use Objectives and Benefits Position Sandia for Telecom Future Convergence and the Future  Long term reliability and support for our 5ESS telephone switches  Availability and cost for ISDN desktop telephones  VoIP too costly an option for major site deployment  Need to leverage upon existing BlackBerry use and resources  Partnering with carriers to enhance building or site cellular coverage  May look to increase building Wi-Fi areas Pager or PDA Replacement  Almost 5000 active pagers, 900 PDAs  Many users have both a pager and a BlackBerry –some also a PDA  Emergency Operations could use a PIN to PIN notification application  Sandia to demo a PIN to PIN notification application  Certain areas may still require one-way pagers

12 NLIT June 2009 12 Related Project Updates Business Objectives Cellular Phone Replacement  Migrate critical use cell phones for onsite use  Reduce or eliminate cellular phone procurement  One device to meet users many needs  BlackBerry is preferred supported and procured cellular device BlackBerry Mobile Voice System - MVS  Provide desktop extension use and features to BlackBerry  Potential desktop telephone replacement  Pilot of 100 users at CA site in July-August (will include NM users)  MVS client is same interface that BlackBerry users are familiar with  Reduce cellular calling costs for the international traveler  Long term deployment might require cellular calling plan adjustments

13 NLIT June 2009 13 BlackBerry Summit and NLIT 2010 In March ’09, the third DOE Laboratory BlackBerry Summit was held in Livermore, CA. We are currently working with the NLIT team, the 2010 Hosting Laboratory and others (Research in Motion and Federal Business Council) to incorporate an agenda track for BlackBerry Only content into the NLIT 2010 agenda and venue. Sandia maintains a user distribution list for the BlackBerry Summit. This list is used to share Summit information, but also user questions and vendor discussions or webinars.  Please connect with Marcia if you would like to be added to the Laboratory BlackBerry Distribution List, or would like to provide any feedback for proposal to incorporate the BlackBerry Summit with NLIT.

14 NLIT June 2009 14 Questions or Feedback Thanks for your time !

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