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Illinois Department of Public Health Office of Information Technology.

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1 Illinois Department of Public Health Office of Information Technology

2  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandates that all states have a Health Alert Network (HAN).  SIREN is the official Public Health Emergency Alerting System for Illinois. It is administered by the Illinois Department of Health.  SIREN use and training is available to local public health jurisdictions, hospitals, and other public health partners for emergency planning and response to public health events.

3  Support emergency preparedness planning and communication in preparation, before, during, and after a public health emergency  Facilitate alerting, notification, and collaboration between: state, federal, and local public health emergency preparedness partners on a 24/7/365 basis

4  Alerting: ◦ Ability to view the directory ◦ Access to document center with reader rights ◦ Receive & confirm an alert  Collaborator: ◦ Same rights as alerting, plus… ◦ Access to document center to create folders & documents ◦ Ability to send an alert  Administrator: ◦ Same rights as alerting & collaboration, plus… ◦ Ability to create new users, roles, & organizational units ◦ Ability to run reports ◦ Responsible for keeping the role structure current by managing their organization

5  Alerting  Email  Fax  Phone (landline and cell)  Alphanumeric Pager  Directory  All SIREN Partners  Role Based  Document Center  Collaboration

6  Alerts can be received multiple ways  Email  Fax  Phone  Alphanumeric pager  Participants determine how they receive alerts based on priority levels (Self Administered Profiles)  High  Medium  Low  Current alerts are always posted on the SIREN homepage

7  Public Health Partners  Long Term Care Facilities  Medical Health Centers  Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council (MCHC)  Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium (NICHP)  Other States  Indiana  Iowa  Missouri  Wisconsin

8  ERC & Preparedness Coordinator  Chief Epidemiologist  Chief Veterinarian  Communicable Disease Coordinator  Disease Surveillance Supervisor  Environmental Health Director  Epidemiologist  HAN Coordinator  Immunization Director  Laboratory Director  LHD Administrator  LHD Staff  PH Emergency Training Coordinator  PH EOC Manager  PH Medical Director  PH PIO  PRA  Public Health Nursing Director  SNS Coordinator

9  Hospital Admin CEO  Hospital Chem Pak  Hospital Director of Nursing  Hospital ED Director – Manager  Hospital ED Nurse  Hospital ED Physician  Hospital CMS Medical Director  Hospital EMS Systems Coordinator  Hospital ERC and Preparedness Coordinator  Hospital ICP  Hospital Laboratory  Hospital PIO – Comm.  Hospital PRA  Hospital QA  Hospital Security  Hospital Staff

10  Restricted Access  Sensitive information can be restricted to appropriate users.  Version Control  Ability to store all past versions of a document.  Subscription Feature  Users can sign up to receive notification when changes are made to documents/folders

11  Confirmation of alerts within mandated times.  Log into the system every 45 days to view, update, and save your profile.  Password re-set every 90 days.

12 To request access, training, or assistance, contact the SIREN Team Email CMS Customer Service Center 1-800-366-8768 Option 1 then Option 4

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