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Becoming a “group” and issues of consensus False starts Problems Fun factor Educational aspects Feedback.

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3 Becoming a “group” and issues of consensus False starts Problems Fun factor Educational aspects Feedback


5 Game concept Goal of the Game

6 Tools for creating the game What the game will look like Narrative - Scenarios

7 Who will play (the audience) Characters Environment




11 1 st Person Perspective

12 START You Tube

13 Game begins… Left click once on the hospital doors to open. The left click button will be used to interact with the game environment, such as to open doors, to use items, to speak to other characters, etc. Use the W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard to move around in the map. W = forward, A = left, S = backward, D = right Now, move forward to speak to the receptionist…

14 Welcome, you must be the new Resident, we’ve been expecting you. Actually, your Mentor has called a few times wondering where you were. Before we get to that, you will need to obtain the following items located throughout the hospital.  ID card from HR  Pager from Stores  Policy and Procedure manual at the library  And find your Mentor at the unit Follow the Map Icon located on the top right corner to navigate throughout the hospital. At the Reception Desk

15 Screenshot of HUD with just the Map icon Left click on the Map Icon to zoom in.

16 Gameplay: Training Scenario

17 At the HR Confirm his/her identity Take a photo for the ID card –Player choose the attributes for their character (e.g. gender, hair colour, facial features, occupation, etc.)

18 Screenshot of Characters choosing screen Next head over to Stores to obtain your Pager.

19 S: (Store guy on the phone) “Just crush up the pills and put it in her ice-cream!” (hangs up) P: Hello, anyone there? S: What do you want? P: Hi, I’m the new resident… S: I don’t have time for tea and a chat, what is it that you need? P: I need a pager S: I’ll see what we’ve got. (rummaging through stuff). Here you go, lad. You’ll be on your way now. Bye-Bye. Player realized the pager has no batteries. Should you…  Ask for batteries?  Just get them elsewhere yourself  Page the Mentor for help At Stores Player decides to ask for more batteries. Still the pager doesn’t work, but good thing you didn’t go elsewhere to find batteries; that would be such a waste of time. Left click on the  to choose your answer. Store guy exchanges pager for you, put in the batteries, and immediately receives a page from the Mentor asking for where you are. Player calls mentor and responded:  I’m at Stores, store person gave me a faulty pager, I had to exchange it, be there ASAP.  I’m at Stores, I still have to get my P&P from the Library, be there ASAP.  Ignore the Mentor’s page

20 S: Hey, thanks for not mentioning about the faulty pager to the Doc; he’ll have the manager on my arise the whole week! I just got back from paternity leave, didn’t have time to test out every single pager. P: No problem & congrats on your new (  boy or  girl?); And about my pager… S: How did you know it was a girl? (Store guy rips open a brand new pager and pop in the batteries) Here you go, buddy! S: Remember, when the Doc (or Mentor) pages you, you must always answer his page to see what Doc wants… That is if you want to graduate! P: Thanks, for the heads up!

21 Screenshot of HUD with just the pager Next head over to the Library to obtain your Policy & Procedure manual Left click on the pager for the full message.

22 At the Library Librarian hands player a huge stack of binders on policy and procedures Player could decide to  leave the library or  complain about the huge stack of binders If player complains, he/she gets an electronic P & P manual Librarian explains what the P & P manual is for: –Update current game objective(s) –Instructions for completing various scenarios (such as Codes)

23 Screenshot of HUD with the pager and P&P Left click to activate the P&P.

24 Hello Student, I was expecting you 10 minutes ago… Get to the Neuro Unit ASAP. Your Mentor is paging you…

25 Mentor Once the player finds the Mentor at one of the units, the “Years to Graduation” display appears, which completes the HUD Mentor describes the purpose of “Years to Graduation” display Mentor talks about responding to Codes and your duty to “adequately” assist any patients that requires your help “Remember, if you help them now, they might be able to help you in the future”

26 Final screenshot of HUD with Pager, P&P, and “Years to Graduate” Indicator


28 P&P: End of Training Scenario For the rest of the game, player will get 1.Pages for various tasks from the Mentor (e.g. from clinical scenarios to getting a coffee for the mentor) 2.Codes from the PA system (i.e. like Quests) 3.Non-codes scenario; Patients and staff who walk by the player might ask the player for help (e.g. kid got lost, puddle of unidentified liquid; i.e. like side Quests)

29 Codes… Code Blue (Medical emergency; e.g. found a patient lying unconscious and not breathing, what to do? Player is under time constraints) Code White (Violent patient; e.g. methods to reduce patient agitation “meter”, applying chemical or physical restraints if necessary) Code Yellow (Missing patients; e.g. clues from chart to look for patients, asking other patients, following the P&P procedures to search for patient) Code Red (Evacuate the unit due to a fire; e.g. relocate as many patients as possible under a time constraint; figure out what to do with the patients left behind – P&P)

30 Debriefing with Mentor Mentor debrief player about their performance during the Code What should’ve been done, etc.

31 Non-Code Scenarios Cafeteria Chaplaincy Exercise area Swimming pool Labs, X-ray area Foundation Tim Horton's Recreation therapy Gift shop Inventory areas IT CEO's offices Photocopying area Parking lot Admitting area Waiting area

32 Exit Video


34 Being a producer Practical application in the real world The immersive experience

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