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Multitone WP pager Multitone April 2012

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1 Multitone WP pager Multitone April 2012

2 Multitone WP pager – an introduction
The Multitone WP Pager is an inexpensive, feature-rich POGSAG pager designed to work in the most testing of conditions Dustproof and waterproof Has a battery life of up to 4000* hours, so your employees are always contactable Simple to use – so your teams focus on the job in hand, not their communication device *under normal usage conditions Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

3 The Multitone WP pager working in harsh conditions
This feature-rich pager is ideal for groups working in wet, damp, dusty or dirty conditions making it ideal for managing differing teams in industry or the Emergency Services Shift supervisors Can communicate with those who are on specific shifts Can change shift pattern profile so you only communicate with those team members who are working Know workers have arrived via the built in RFID tag – gives immediate acknowledgement of arrival on the premises Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

4 The Multitone WP pager working in harsh conditions
Those working in emergency services Receive an audible tone so are instantly aware of the criticality of the call Only those teams who need to respond to an emergency receive the request to attend thereby avoiding confusion A record of the last 40 calls received is automatically kept, giving an audit trail Users can configure their profile to reflect a change in duties, ie holidays RFID tag can acknowledge arrival at a station and for the control centre Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

5 Multitone WP Pager – controlling communication
The Multitone WP pager can be programmed to communicate with numerous differing teams and groups Industries with differing work groups and shift patterns can programme pagers so that they only receive communication when they are expected to be working Standard messages can be pre-programmed, reducing the time it takes to send a message 14 audible ringtones so teams are immediately aware of the message intensity, ie emergency or just information Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

6 Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1
Key features POCSAG protocol in VHF and UHF frequency bands (85 – 472MHz) Crystal or synthesised options Long battery life up to 4000 hours Requires one AA alkaline or rechargeable battery Easy to programme making the pager more flexible to user post changes Optional USB programming cradle Optional charger cradle includes alarm contacts and message LED Fast charge cradle with short recharge time of 6 hours max Programmable alarm contacts for remote devices Super bright message LED when the pager is in the cradle Simple RJ45 connection with current protection 8 available receiver addresses (Identities or RIC’s) Each with 4 programmable sub addresses 4 user profiles for all 8 receiver addresses Each WP user may switch profiles according to activity With a simple range of tick boxes, short cut commands and drop down menus this pager is easy to programme Battery life is base on simple messaging tests. Where the pager is continuously in use battery life will be less dependent upon the features used The cradle LED is very bright and will easily draw attention to the pager and message Sub addresses A to D will be called up from Multitone alert codes 1 to 8 on each Identity (RIC number) 1 and 5 Calls Sub Add C 2 and 6 Calls Sub Add D 3 and 7 Calls Sub Add A 4 and 8 Call Sub Add B Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

7 Message service features
Receiver addresses : up to 8 numeric and/or alphanumeric addresses Each with 4 sub-addresses by address with pre-fixed message Choice from Alphanumeric, numeric, tone or disabled Beep codes 1 to 8 call up sub address and 80 character message Each sub address has option for ring selection Memory - up to 20 messages of 255 characters each Unread message alert 1 to 4 minutes and message buffer 10 to 250 - Note that the sub address Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

8 Message service features
Alert melodies : Select from 14 tones Alert duration up to 99 seconds Select alert style - Vibrate alert / Tone and vibrate / Vibrate then tone Silent mode – NO alert tone, message only Low battery warning of 1 to 4 minutes or during defined time period LCD display of 5 lines of 20 characters, back light, modifiable zoom Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

9 Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1
General features Alkaline or rechargeable battery with recharger cradle option Easy battery replacement Languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch Light in Weight for size: 94 g Size : 84.5 mm x 63.5 mm x 23.5 mm (MIT820: 82mm x 55mm x 20mm) Supplied with plastic holster and lanyard Built in RFID tag The RFID tag is a Mifare technology device that operates at 15.56Mhz and has 1 Kb storage With a built in relay and contacts the lager may be used to operate alarms, doors, audio or visual device Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

10 General features - chargers
USB programming charger, fast charger or standard charger Includes power supply Programmable contact relay for external output to; Alert siren remote control Doors Gates Visual alarms Option of a cradle with external antennae Extends the range of paging Used in marginal locations Sensitivity dependent upon terrain Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

11 Applications – alarm contacts
Programmable Closure number Closing time Opening time 1 amp current limit Drive external devices - If the relay is used to operate any high voltage devices a secondary relay should be used. Maximum current for the relay is 1 amp Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

12 Applications – Range extension
Cradle with external aerial extends the sensitivity of the pager Used where pager range is marginal The WP pager is left in the cradle and will alert and flash the LED for a paging call Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

13 Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1
Pager specifications POCSAG features Frequency (MHz): examples: MHz – 460MHz MHz Channel spacing: 25 KHz Transmission speed: 512bps or 1200bps or 2400bps Modulation: NRZ Frequency stability: +/- 4.5KHz Sensitivity: 512bps 3uV/m, 1200bps 5uV/m, 2400bps 7uV/m Selectivity: 65dB +/-25KHz Intermodulation protection: > 65 dB Frequency stability :±10 ppm Alert signal : > 30 cm, frequency 2731Hz Operating humidity and temperature from -10°C to 60°C, 95% at 40°C Storage humidity and temperature from -10°C to 70°C, 95% at 40°C Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

14 Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1
Pager programming Programming is an easy process using the USB charger cradle and power supply Programming software, driver and guides may be obtained from the Multitone web site Default receiver identities (RICS) are : RIC 1 is and enabled RICs 2 to 8 are disabled Pagers RIC’s may be incremented when programming more than one pager The history of a pager received messages may be retrieved from a pager Custom programming can be protected by a password and saved for future use Pager software may be updated using the programming cradle Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

15 Using the WP pager Red and green status LED’s Power On / Off escape read message Menu select Navigation keys Safety line connection point 4 line LCD display Icon Description Power on indicator light Battery level Programmed alarm clock Active ring tone Vibrator only Unread alert message (Flashing) Alert message in memory Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

16 Using the WP pager Red and green status LED’s Power On / Off escape read message Menu select Navigation keys Safety line connection point 4 line LCD display Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

17 Key programmable features
Benefit Ring inhibit User may programme periods when the pager will not ring, if they are on holiday or are off sick. This ensures that only those who should receive the messages do so User choice of zoom If working in poor lighting makes the message easier to see and therefore act upon Lock message to prevent deletion Ensuring a tamper free audit trail for those who need to record actions and activity Prevent user shutdown of the pager To avoid being turned off accidently if holder is on call Set an alarm Prompt to move to another area or just a reminder to do something Display the pager software version Companies can ensure all pagers and using the correct version of software, so all can function in the same manner Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

18 Key programmable features
Benefit Run a pager self test for display, keyboard and alert tones Can ensure that the pager in consistently in good working order, so messages are always received Any key message read Can access message without complicated sequence of key presses – focus on the job in hand Start text and user name Identifies the team group name or group Auto backlight when a message is received A visual guide to message receipt User profiles – select the receiver addresses for each profile Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

19 Applications - profiles
User profiles allows a user to be active in different teams Time of day – morning, evening, shits or weekends Change of duty – security, emergency, rest period Profile are linked to enabled receiver addresses and sub addresses Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

20 Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1
Why Multitone? Our expertise and product suite ranges from working with the emergency services delivering time critical messages, such as mobilising a cardiac team in a hospital, a fire crew or ensuring school teachers working in challenging environments can get immediate access to support and assistance or just informing warehouse operators or retail staff what items need to be collected. Whatever your communication needs, Multitone can provide the answer, be it equipment focussed, single point of contact for support, standard telephony, professional services or a bespoke infrastructure . We offer product and service options that combine together to create a communication suite which meets the needs of different industries and organisations, be they large or small. Waterproof pager overview - Issue 1

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