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Welcome Introductions Administration Dr. Kenneth L. Acker, Principal Mr. Adam Penning, Assistant Principal Ms. Dawn J. Papa, Assistant Principal Counselors Mrs. Christy Francart Mrs. Beth Kelly Ms. Wendy Xanthopoulos

3 Garnet Valley Middle School Mission
The mission of Garnet Valley Middle School is to foster a positive and supportive culture, which appreciates the uniqueness of each individual in the learning process. To develop life-long learners, we will prepare students to be self-motivated, independent, reflective, and compassionate adolescents able to successfully evolve in the ever-changing world.

4 The Middle School Structure
What is a team? A team is a small learning community of students and teachers. Developmentally appropriate for middle school age children. Each GVMS 6th Grade team represents approximately 90 of the 360 projected students. Each 6th grade team provides instruction in all academic areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Teams are not leveled.

5 The Truth about Teams Students are assigned randomly.
Each team is equal in student ability. All academic courses are offered on all teams. Teams make it easier for students to manage the middle school!

6 The Schedule Bell Schedule Homebase 7:30 – 7:38 Per. 1 7:40 – 8:24
Lunch 12:19 – 12:49 Per. 7 (UA/HPE) 12:51 – 1:35 Per. 8 (UA/HPE) 1:36 – 2:21 Student Schedules are not provided in the summer mailing. HB/Team assignments will be provided in summer mailing

7 The Academic Program PA Core Curriculum
Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Students experience a full complement of specials. Unified Arts Health and Physical Education World Language Rotation*

8 Grading A through F grading system. Online grade viewer.
Power School Parent Portal Final marking period grades will be available on Power School.

9 Mathematics 4 Academic Levels Accelerated Math* Enrichment Mathematics
Level 1 Mathematics Level 2 Mathematics *For qualifying students. The Math curriculum is aligned to PA Standards

10 Language Arts 3 Academic Levels: Enrichment Language Arts
Language Arts, Level 1 Language Arts, Level 2 Meets daily for two periods. Curriculum aligned to PA Standards.

11 Science & Social Studies
Heterogeneously grouped Curriculum focuses on Earth Science/Catastrophic Events Method of Instruction is Inquiry/Discovery Based Learning through laboratory investigations SOCIAL STUDIES Heterogeneously grouped Curriculum focus on Geography and Ancient Civilizations.

12 3rd Period 6-Day Cycle (A,B,C,D,E,F) World Language (1 day out of 6)
Trimester of French, Spanish, German Approximately 10 meetings ATP* for qualifying students Band/Chorus/Orchestra Study Hall Supported for Learning Support Supported for Reading Techniques Supported for Math Techniques Remediation Example: A day: Band B day: Chorus C day: Team Study Hall D day: World Language E day: Math Techniques F day: Team Study Hall

13 Unified Arts/Health & PE
One period of Unified Arts: 5 Rotations (≈36 class meetings in each rotation) Art Family Consumer Science Computers/Keyboarding General Music Technology Education One Period of: Health and Physical Education: Year Long

14 Band, Chorus and Orchestra
Band, Chorus and Orchestra are GRADED classes and are selected at course request time. Chorus meets at a regularly schedule time Band and Orchestra lessons are pull out lessons. Students are pulled from academic classes to meet with the teacher or group.

15 Annual author visits by well-known young adult authors.
Library Services Instruction: Flexible schedule, allowing for optimum collaboration with classes and individuals. Guiding students through the research process as critical seekers and evaluators of information. Instruction in the ethical use of information: learning about plagiarism, note-taking, writing in one’s own words, and source citation. Developing Life-Long Readers: Curriculum-based library collection of >14,000 titles age-appropriate topics. Online resources: POWER Library databases and GVMS subscription databases.  Annual author visits by well-known young adult authors.

16 Student Services Special Education (IEP Services)
Available for students who qualify and are in need of specially designed instruction. Itinerant Support in regular education classrooms for support. Resource Room for students in need of Math and Language Arts support. Resource Room for Emotional, Autistic, & Life Skills Support. All students are fully Included for Social Studies, Science & Unified Arts. School Psychologist: Mr. Casper

17 Student Services Reading Techniques(in lieu of study hall)
Reading Specialist: Mrs. Cunningham Teacher Referral Basic or Below Basic score in Reading on the PSSA Fully included in regular English classes. Direct instruction with Reading Specialist during 3rd period. Academically Talented Program (ATP) ATP Teachers: Miss Fledderman and Mr. Shultz For Qualified Students with GIEP. Pull out during study hall period. Seminars based on selected topics.

18 Student Services Math Techniques(in lieu of study hall)
Title One Math Teacher-Mrs. Terkanian Basic or Below Basic score in Math on the PSSA Fully included in regular Math classes. Direct instruction with Math Teacher during 3rd period.

19 A Club Fair will be held during the month of September
Clubs A Club Fair will be held during the month of September Clubs and Activities Art Club Communications Club (GVMS-TV) Robotics Drama Club Board Games/Chess Club Library Club Math Club Outdoors Club Stage Crew Peer Mediation Film Club Science Olympiad Early Act Service Club Student Council Yearbook Club

20 Activities School- Based Activities
Intramurals for 6th Grade (Team Sports) Parent/Student Thanksgiving Luncheon (November) Concerts (Winter and Spring) Spelling Bee (February) Assembly Programs Red Ribbon Anti-Bullying Visiting Author

21 Guidance Services The Role of the Counselor
Point person for concerns or questions regarding: programming scheduling social/peers family Counselors are case managers for students with 504 Service Agreements Counselors may serve as an LEA for an IEP meeting Coordinates Parent Conferences Occur on designated days during 8th period (1:36 to 2:21) Member of Student Assistance Program (SAP)

22 Guidance Services Groups Social Groups Making Friends
Stress Management Organization Classroom Lessons Other Important Names in Guidance Guidance Secretary: Mrs. Frattura Student Assistance Program Coordinator: Mrs. Falcone School District Social Worker: Mrs. Smeins

23 Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May, June
GVMS Home and School President: Tracey Gibley and Beth MacKinnon Vice President: Trish Young Secretary: Maria Sokalsky Treasurer: Elizabeth Stoddard HSA Meetings Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May, June HSA Involvement 6th Grade Activities 7th/8th Grade Dances & Activities Night Career Day Fundraising Activities: gift card program community cashback/fundraising nights Flower Sales Market Day Pre-packaged School Supplies Spiritwear Winter Craft Fair …and much more! 23

24 Important Dates for Transition: Elementary to Middle
March/April: Course Recommendations by 5th Grade teachers May: Correspondence from the MS to 5th Grade Parents Information regarding MS course recommendations Information regarding upcoming transition events 5th Grade Visitation: May 7th May Counselor Lessons “Yikes” I’m going to Garnet Valley Middle School Book. : May 22-Last day for changes to teacher recommendations.

25 Transition Camp August 25th and 26th (2 days: Must attend both days)
8:30 to 11:30 am Team Building Scavenger Hunt Learn the Building Locks and Lockers $25 Fee to cover the operating costs for the camp. Registration forms will be mailed in May with your course recommendations. Over 300 students participated in the camp last year with huge success!!

26 In Closing …..

27 What we believe makes for a successful transition!
Communication, Communication, Communication E-Alerts Broadcast messaging Be involved! Back to School Night Field Trip Chaperones Home and School participation For Students… Student Planners Supportive Parents

THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING!! Tonight’s presentation will be available on-line at on the MS homepage.


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