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After viewing this presentation, print the signature page, sign it and send it to your building principal.

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1 After viewing this presentation, print the signature page, sign it and send it to your building principal.

2 Each year, our pre-assessment meetings, classroom instruction, proctoring work and post-assessment actions improve our test results. Arrange to meet with students to discuss past scores, run recess “study sessions” and do some “focused reviewing” before assessment weeks. Make an effort to use appropriate accommodations with ALL students. PLEASE, continue to improve our assessment preparation to influence our scores!

3 Use multi-step and reasoning warm-ups in all subjects whenever possible. Stress BASIC MATH FACTS. Get the math “punch-out tools” and give students practice using them before testing day. Review the accommodations matrices Students with Disabilities ELL Students All Students

4 Use data available to you to plan instruction and review lessons that target specific limitations. Use these resources: Terra Nova Classroom Connections, WKCE binders with released items (or this link), sample items, curriculum materials, teacher created questions and other sources to enhance student performance as a year-long strategy.WKCE binders with released items Use this NAEP web site to find even more material.

5 Find ways to meet with individual students to discuss past performance on the WKCE to set goals for this year’s assessment. Discuss behavior expectations for testing days. Review test taking strategies that were taught previously.

6 Prepare an accurate list of students you will be assessing. Be sure that you have the proper number of assessment books for the students you are assessing BEFORE you begin the assessment. DO NOT fill in student name or demographic information in the booklet unless specifically instructed to do so. Just be sure student names are written on their booklets in pencil to avoid confusion.

7 Check that you have proper materials (accommodation materials, scrap paper, math tools, etc…) BEFORE you begin the assessment. Pre-read the Assessment Manual so that you are aware of timing and materials BEFORE you begin the assessment. Arrange you classroom so that students will not be distracted as you walk around the room during the assessment.

8 Remind students that the WKCE scores DO affect them – students need to achieve benchmarks or risk retention in grade (be appropriate for student age/grade level). Remind students to achieve goals they have set for this year’s WKCE. Move around the room as students take the assessment. DO NOT sit at your desk while students are working.

9 Follow DPI accommodations – do not make up your own. Follow IEP accommodations/modifications.

10 Review subject area specific test taking strategies to begin sessions. The Wisconsin DPI approves providing verbal encouragement to students during the assessment. The DPI also approves of encouraging students who may be frustrated to sustain their effort and stay on task. Remind students that proper behavior is required.

11 As students finish early, remind them to check booklets for missed questions, stuck pages, erasure marks, etc… Personally check each student booklet for missed questions, stuck pages, erasure marks, etc… and then make sure all questions are answered before time is up on testing sessions whenever possible.

12 If you notice a student who is not taking the assessment seriously, you may force a “re-start” of it. After the assessment session, collect all books and store them securely.

13 WKCE Assessment booklets must be kept in a secure location while students are not using them. They should be kept in an area that is not open and visible to people in your classroom. Sign the Confidentiality Agreement and return them to your principal as soon as possible.

14 Separate complete assessment booklets from incomplete ones. Alphabetize completed assessment booklets and return them to your school office. Make a list of students who have not completed testing with the assessments that need to be completed by each student. Turn those booklets in to your office.

15 Use these links to view important information before you proceed to the Signature Page on the next slide. WKCE Security Manual WKCE Security Powerpoint If you want to preview the test directions: 3 rd Grade Directions 4 th Grade Directions 5 th Grade Directions 6-8 th Grade Directions

16 Use this link to the WKCE web page to down load and print the Test Administrator/Proctor Confidentiality Agreement Page, fill in required information, sign it and return it to your building principal before Friday, September 27.Test Administrator/Proctor Confidentiality Agreement Page

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