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A2Z Group. Contents: Corporate History and Evolution Transmission and Distribution Waste Management Facility Management Services Water & Waste Water Management.

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1 A2Z Group

2 Contents: Corporate History and Evolution Transmission and Distribution Waste Management Facility Management Services Water & Waste Water Management Renewable Energy Powertech - Aggregate loss reduction Powertech - IAMR Solution-Smart Meter Awards & Accolades

3 FY 2006 Entered EPC of Power Distribution Lines Corporate History and Evolution FY 2008 Entered the MSW Business Jan 2002 Commenced the FMS Business Jul 2006 Investment by Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Aug 2007 Investment by Beacon India Investors May 2009 Demerger of FMS to a2z Infraservices Pvt. Ltd. w.e.f 15 th Apr ‘08 Oct 2009 Investment by India Equity partners (IEP) and additional investment by Beacon FY 2009 Commenced projects related with IT Application in Power Sector Investment into the company Merger / Acquisitions Entry into new business FY 2009 Entered the Renewable Energy business Aug & Oct 2009 Acquisition of CNCS through IMATEK Solutions ____________________ Note: Revenue includes only “Income from Operations” and does not include other income Dec 2010 Raised Rs. 6,750 Mn. through IPO Sep 2010 Acquisition of IL&FS Property Management Services Ltd. CAGR = 30.65%

4 Transmission and Distribution Construction of 33KV/11KV distribution line; Undertaken automatic meter reading projects (AMR) Specialized in T&D loss reduction for e.g.. 15.9% AT&C loss reduction in Jodhpur Designing to commissioning capabilities for substation up-to 400KV and transmission lines up to 765KV doing for power grid job. Installation of 25kv overhead traction system and supportive catenary system In FY10 was awarded the HVDS project by UHBVNL for conversion of existing LT lines to new 11KV lines and setting up distribution transformers with capacities ranging from 6.3KVA to 40KVA in Karnal, Haryana – substantial portion of the work has been completed For MSETCL the Company has installed 12 substations with capacities of 132KV and 220KV in Maharashtra Construction and installation of 6 substations and 215 kms of 66KV transmission lines in Leh Construction and installation of 5 sub stations and 135 kms 66KV lines in the Kargil district of Jammu & Kashmir We have enlightened more than 5.50 lakhs houses under RGGVY scheme by NHPC in 5 districts in Bihar namely Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sitamarhi, East Champaran and West Champaran. 220 KV double circuit line of 25 km length was commissioned by us on 31 st march, 2012 within a short span of 6 months to evacuate the power from Dhanau Solar Power Station awarded by Reliance. Under the T&D reduction Scheme, we have shifted 4 lakhs single phase and three phase meter from consumer premises to 20-IN-1 pillar boxes in Khanna, Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Nawanshahar circles of Punjab State Power Supply Corporation Ltd. Facts: 21,000 cKm of HT distribution line 15,000 cKm of LT distribution line 1,000 cKm of transmission line 5,000 km of aerial bunched cable Since fiscal 2006 have used following in EPC contracts 120,000 number of transformers 800,000 number of poles 735 number of substations of different capacities up to 220 KV 400 KV substations 400 & 765 KV Transmission Line

5 Waste Management Leading Indian Waste Management Company who has established the biggest waste management plant of 1500 TPD. [in Asia] with single location IRRF (Integrated Resource Recovery Facility) at Kanpur Almost zero landfill More than 5,000 MT per day of waste management in India. We handle MSW management in 23 Indian cities. Service is provided to over 1.5 million homes every morning, irrespective of local conditions. We serve a population of over 15 million and remain one of the most automated solid waste management companies in the world. We provide Door to Door (D2D) Collection, Secondary Collection, Transportation through mobile transfer stations, processing at the waste treatment plant to derive Compost, RDF and construction material.

6 Facility Management Services The Indian Facilities Management industry (‘FM’) was estimated at USD 3.4 Bn in 2009, growing to USD 7.2 Bn in 2014 at a CAGR of 16% The potential market size, however, is significantly larger as shown alongside over 60% of FM services are currently performed in-house, creating a large base of potential clients for third-party FM players FMS is a Multi-service company; one-stop solutions to clients and provides services in 27 States in India FMS leverage engineering skills to adopt preventive maintenance, energy saving and solutions for clients. Energy-saving initiatives certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Quality management systems (Mechanized cleaning and OBHS services provided to the Indian Railway coaches) certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant Key Clients Reliance ADAG, Cognizant, ONGC, GMR Terminal T3,STFC,BSLI,TCS,Axis etc.

7 Water & Waste Water Management Incorporated in Year 2011, A2Z Water Solutions ltd is one of the fast growing company in the field of Water & Waste Water. Already booked the order worth Rs.300 Cr and about Rs.75 Cr. Project under execution. We have global partners for providing best class services in the following sectors: o JV with a Canada Based group in the area of LEAK DETECTION ( patented technology )for underground Water lines ( first time in the country – we got the consent from Delhi Jal Board to conduct pilot run on Tahirpur Main to Sonia Vihar, 8.5 KM) o JV with a company from Sweden to purify highly contaminated water such as ARSENIC, IRON, NITRATE, FLUORIDE etc. This is a patented no sludge Technology which works on natural microbes again only of its kind in the country o JV with a German company to treat the Waste Water below BOD 5. This is a patented single basin technology which consumes very less land and cost of treatment is nearly half as compared to other technologies which are widely used in the country such as ASP, Extended ASP. MBBR, SBR etc. finally we would be using this technology for treating sewage for drinking. o JV with a German company for AMR meters. As we are moving for 24X7 water supply, smart meters would play very important role in enhancing the efficiency. o JV with a company (leader in Water & Waste Water Industry) for Instrumentation, Automation and SCADA. In coming years it would be mandatory to use SCADA for optimising the efficiency of water treatment/ distribution network. o Developed unique sustainable model for achieving 24/7 water supply, reducing losses and utilising maximum output of WTPs. The very first model on this concept would shortly be implemented at Gurgaon.

8 Renewable Energy One of the Key Drivers of the Renewable Energy in India are mainly demand- supply gap in power generation and large untapped potential of renewable energy Key Regulatory Incentives includes Tax Incentives, Preferential Tariffs, Renewable Purchase Obligations, Generation Incentives and Clean Development Mechanism Currently we have four renewable based power plants of 15 MW each (45 MW in Punjab & 15 MW in UP) running successfully on RDF, agriculture waste and biomass like paddy straw We are the only Company in the world to use CFBC Technology for power plants based on 100% Bio Mass & RDF

9 Powertech Aggregate loss reduction A2Z Powertech Ltd, a specialized technology solution provider in Smart Grid solutions also specializes in loss reduction and Revenue improvement services for the Power Distribution companies. Today we offer our services to India's best known DISCOMS like NDPL, MPPKVVCL- EZ, CSPDCL, PVVNL, PSPCL, MP PKVVCL, Indore etc. Jointly Worked with Jabalpur DISCOM in Concept to Commissioning of Effective Consumer Metering Project for reduction of T&D loss in LT network (Under D-12 Project). Project Funded by ADB having value of 55 Cr. Reduced losses in each LT network of DTR i.e. from DTR meter up to the Consumer meter to 6% and doing O&M for the next 3 years.

10 Powertech IAMR Solution-Smart Meter Energy Meters and GSM/GPRS Modems integrated into METRIX IAMR devices. Integrating Modem and Energy Meter reduces Cost & Complexity significantly Energy Meters in High Density Areas connect over LPR/Zigbee to DCU which then connects to the Server over the GSM/GPRS Network. In future Substations, Distribution Transformers, Substations, Feeders etc. will be connected to IAMR + RMCS (remote Monitoring & Control System) devices for providing RLMS functionality along with the current Basic AMR/IAMR. AMR and RMCS devices connect to the Server over TCP/IP via GPRS connection, failing which there is SMS back-up via SMS Gateway/short-code for connecting anyhow. Server in the Control Room is connected to the Internet via Hi-Speed Broadband connection and provides AMR Dashboard and other AMR and Power Management GUIs over intranet. The database of the data from the field devices is also connected to a web-server hosted in the control room along with an SMS gateway and/or GSM Modems to provide Web/Mobile-SMS interface to Management and staff with Access-Levels defined as per the seniority and functionality of the concerned staff. Customer enquiry, complaints, tracking of complaints/payments etc. on web & mobile. Prepaid metering and time of day metering could be done with cost effective solutions

11 Awards & Accolades Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Award 2009 (Start Up Category). The Honourable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh Bestowed The best city National Award for Improvement in Solid Waste Management to Kanpur Project in 2011 Conferred “Excellence in Solid Waste Management” Award by CII, for two years in a row Amity HR Excellence Award for Management’s Commitment towards Human Capital in 2009 Amity HR Excellence Award for Management’s Commitment for outstanding Marketing in 2009 South Asian Manthan Award: One of the foremost innovative IT solutions in E- Governance. Our Client MPPKVVCL has won this award on basis of our execution in 2009 Amity Leadership Award for Sectorial Excellance in Facility Management Services in 2010

12 13 Dec, 2011 The Honourable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh Bestowed THE BEST CITY NATIONAL AWARD FOR IMPROVEMENT IN SOLID WASTE TO KANPUR PROJECT Cont…


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