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WISM Program Review in ESD 113 Region October 2012 Where are the challenges?

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1 WISM Program Review in ESD 113 Region October 2012 Where are the challenges?

2 I Data Management – 7/10 Question C – LRE Reporting – Correct inconsistencies between LRE Calculator, minutes per week on IEPs, bell schedules – Correct LRE codes – Study historical identification patterns that reveal identification above 12.7%

3 II B Time & Effort Tracking 6/10 Submit T & E reports for particular staff members Confirm corrected coding and reporting Review staffing charged to special education

4 IV A Monitoring Priority Areas – Child Find, 4/10 Expand Child Find notice to include Birth-21 If using WSSDA document, customize it to the district

5 IV B Monitoring Priority Areas – LRE, 8/10 Include explanation of extent educated with nondisabled Review resources on LRE and strategies for increasing access to the general curriculum Review LRE strategies for preschool

6 IV D Monitoring Priority Areas – Transition from Part C to B, 5/10 Develop and implement proportional cost allocation model for preschool Ensure timely completion of transition from C to B Clarify roles and responsibilities

7 IV E Monitoring Priority Areas – Secondary Transition, 6/10 Complete age-appropriate transition assessments Make post-secondary goals measurable in education, training and employment Make sure post-secondary goals are to be completed after secondary Include course of study Include notification of transfer of rights at 18 Invite student to the meeting, keep documentation Invite agency providing services to the meeting

8 IV F, G Monitoring Priority Areas – Disproportionality 5/10 Review resources related to culturally responsive referral procedures

9 V IEP (A) Implementation – Sufficient Evaluations, 10/10 Include sufficient evidence to establish or reconfirm disability Include adverse impact of the disability Demonstrate need for specially designed instruction Refer to Evaluation Review Form

10 V IEP (A) Implementation – Consistency between Evaluation, IEP, Services Ensure students are receiving services in all areas identified

11 V IEP (B) Procedural – Measurable Annual Goals, Present Levels Academic and Functional Performance, 9/10 Include sufficient evidence of performance level for each area of service Include current data Include appropriate goals – problems with “study skills”, homework Write measurable goals – Include quantifiable baseline and target – Writing, behavior, social skills areas of problems Include explanations of appropriate state assessment, accommodations, appropriate grade level for state assessment

12 V IEP (B) C Procedural – Frequency, Location, Duration of Services 6/10 Include all areas of service, delete areas that are eliminated Be sure there is consistency between student schedule and areas, amount of service If ESY is TBD, complete it Include details of ESY service Be specific about location/context of service – “General/special ed classroom” not OK

13 Implications for Other 33 Districts Use this information in internal control activities – Establish a schedule to check IEPs and give feedback to teachers Use this information and information from IEP checks for targeted professional development for teachers and ESAs

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