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Curriculum Council September 24, 2014. Welcome & Introductions.

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1 Curriculum Council September 24, 2014

2 Welcome & Introductions

3 Betsy Baker, Director CP = Comprehensive Planning SIP = School Improvement Planning PBA = Project Based Assessment PCS = PA Core Standards SLO = Student Learning Objectives SPP = School Performance Profile SAS = Standards Aligned System PVAAS = PA Value Added Assessment System eMetric Teacher Effectiveness Principal Effectiveness RttT = Race to the Top (Grant) Serves as the primary curriculum liaison between PDE, CIU, & our school leaders Provides training and technical support regarding State & Federal Initiatives

4 Kristen Baughman-Gray, Educational Consultant STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math EbD = Engineering ByDesign Galaxy MSP = Math & Science Partnership (Grant) MDC = Math Design Collaborative Online Consortium PowerTeaching Math HEAT = Higher Order Thinking, Engaging Learning, Authentic Connections, Technology Serves as department expert on science, technology, engineering, arts, & math Provides training for teachers & educational leaders Coordinates the Galaxy program & Online Consortium

5 Bethann McCain, Educational Consultant KtO = Keystones to Opportunity (Grant) ESL = English as a Second Language LDC = Literacy Design Collaborative CDT = Classroom Diagnostic Tools PowerTeaching Math LETRS = Language Essentials for Teaching Reading and Spelling Serves as KtO Regional Coordinator/State Operational Team Member Provides training and support for teachers and educational leaders on literacy, data, CDTs… Coordinates the ESL Consortium

6 Diane Hubona, Educational Consultant PIIC = PA Institute for Instructional Coaching PLN = Penn Literacy Network Contracted through IU08 Serves a PIIC Coach Mentor and literacy coach

7 Jamie Russler, Administrative Assistant elrnr = Electronic Learning Registration and Reporting Schoolwires POs = Purchase Orders (for CSI & CDT) Invoices (for CSI & CDT) APSI = Advanced Placement Summer Institute Fingerprinting Marketing CIU Safety Serves as the Administrative Assistant for the Department of Continuous School Improvement Provides administrative support for Bobbie Pfingstler, PDE Consultant for CDTs

8 Patti Rice, Administrative Assistant CPE = Continuing Professional Education PIL = PA Inspired Leadership Act 48 POs = Purchase Orders (for Galaxy) Invoices (for Galaxy & CPE) Professional Development Needs Assessment PSU McAllister Scholarship Serves as coordinator for CIU’s Continuing Professional Education Program, issuing CPE credits for educators across PA Issues PIL and Act 48 hours for all CIU departments and other agencies Provides administrative support for the Galaxy Program

9 Educator Effectiveness *2013 PA Bulletin & 82-1 *2014 PA Bulletin & 82-2, 82-3 *Administration Manual *Student Measures FAQ *Copyright Issues *SAS Evaluation System *Classifications/Job Descriptions

10 *September 19 - LEAs Preview SPPs * September 24 – Public Release of SPPs *Data Files for 2012-13 & 2013-14 SPPs

11 Classroom Teacher Effectiveness *Observation & Practice Models *Teacher Specific Data *Elective Data Note: LEAs are encouraged to use an “N” Count of 11 across Teacher Specific & Elective Data; however, this is a local decision. Consistency is critical. Teacher Effectiveness Modules for Act 48

12 Teacher Specific Data Fifteen per centum (15%) teacher-specific data, including, but not limited to, student achievement attributable to a specific teacher as measured by all of the following: (I) Student performance on assessments.* (not more than 5%, Use Table H) (II) Value-added assessment system data made available by the department under section 221. (at least 10%) (III) Progress in meeting the goals of student individualized education plans required under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (not more than 5%, use SLO process) (IV) Locally developed school district rubrics (not more than 15%, use SLO process). *The term "assessment" shall mean the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment test, the Keystone Exam, an equivalent local assessment or another test established by the State Board of Education to meet the requirements of section Link to Act 82:

13 Teachers with Unique Roles & Functions Additional Examples and Guiding Questions can be found on the SAS portal

14 SLOs *Blue Box – Contents *Template 4 *Homeroom Site *I am a Teacher *I am a School Leader *Web-based Template 4 & 5 *My History

15 Principal Effectiveness *Framework for Leadership *Types of Evidence *Possible Guiding Questions *Correlation Data *Elective Data/SLOs *Principal Effectiveness Program Brochure

16 Non-Teaching Professionals All NTPEs (i.e., all three groups) will be evaluated using 82-3. The 4 domains for the Observation/Practice area follow: Planning and Preparation – 25% Educational Environment – 25% Delivery of Service – 25% Professional Development – 25%

17 NTPE Resources *Crosswalk for Teachers who do not provide direct instruction *Specialist Rubrics and Guiding Questions *Crosswalk for Supervisors *Types of Evidence & Guiding Question for Supervisors

18 Speech & Language *Specialist Certification for Speech approved (CSPG #86) *Two Certs now: Specialist & Instructional (Most current teachers have both.) *PDE will create a rubric for specialists *If teacher has both certifications, it is a local decision to evaluate through 82-1 or 82-3

19 Comprehensive Planning With the removal of the Technology Planning requirements for Priority 2 schools, the ENTIRE Materials and Resources section under Core Foundations is now OPTIONAL and can be left blank. It is still strongly recommended that schools infuse technology throughout their Action Planning components.

20 Title I School Improvement *Priority & Focus Schools *AMOs *Waiver

21 PVAAS *Public Site opens Oct. 8 *Teacher Specific Reporting -Oct. 23 District & School Admins -Oct. 30 Teachers -No Reporting for Gr. 5 & 8 Writing *District Launchpads *PVAAS Export Function *Grade 3 Roster Verification Option

22 14-15 Roster Verification *April 27- May 3 LEA Preview Window, by school *May 4-17 Teacher Verification Window *May 18-31 School Admin Verification Window *June 1-14 LEA Verification Window

23 Assessment August Assessment Update Online Testing Out of State Transfers

24 CDTs *Parent Letter *Metacognition Templates *Skill Pamphlets *Simulations

25 PSSA *PSSA Resource MaterialsPSSA Resource Materials *Science *Math *ELA *TDA Training

26 Keystones & Project Based Assessment *Part A/B Courses *Exam Required, but Course is not *IEP Students -IEP Team dictates graduation requirements -PBA may not be required (based on IEP) -Spec. Ed. excluded from superintendent waiver if IEP provides alternate graduation requirements *Updated FAQ Document

27 PA Core PA Core Curriculum Frameworks Coming: PA Core Networking Sessions Coming: iTunes U Project

28 Per teacher license through statewide IU Consortium: $50/teacher/year -OR- $100/teacher/3years Contact Kristen Baughman-Gray for information Nearpod

29 STEM *CIU STEM ConsortiumCIU STEM Consortium *Statewide STEM Competition *PA Engage – Hybrid Learning

30 Professional Development CIU Professional Development Page Elrnr Demonstration Continuing Professional Education Courses KSRA Conference Act 48

31 Vendors??? *24 Challenge/First in Math *Zulama *Compass Learning

32 2014-15 Meeting Schedule Oct. 29. 2014Feb. 25, 2015 Dec. 3, 2014Mar. 25, 2015 Jan. 28, 2015May 6, 2015

33 Other Needs, Questions, or/and Discussion Items

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