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LMSD/CSE IEP Survey Results October 2012 By CSE Co-Presidents Sheila Kineke & Vicki Peetros.

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1 LMSD/CSE IEP Survey Results October 2012 By CSE Co-Presidents Sheila Kineke & Vicki Peetros

2 Introduction Provide background of the survey Review results of the survey Outline next steps

3 Background of Survey Purpose: to gather family input in a systematic way to – Determine issues of interest for CSE programming – Identify areas of strength in SPED – Identify areas needing additional development

4 Process District approval (July 2011) Parent Survey Sub-Committee formed (Sept. 2011) Collaboration between district and CSE (Sept. 2011-Aug. 2012) Ideas for an action plan (Aug. 2012)

5 Survey Preview Received 305 completed surveys out of the 1,120 that were sent out (27.2%) Most responses were positive and most comments were positive or mixed Some notable differences between AS families and other families were observed Action items: Transition, communication, progress reporting, staff issues/training issues

6 Response Rates

7 Evaluation/IEP Process

8 Non-AS families more satisfied with accommodations in gen. ed. Autistic SupportNon-Autistic Support

9 Progress Reporting: Measurable? Understandable?

10 Sample Progress Report

11 Transition Confusion Getting info you need about community –based agencies? Getting info you need about transition svcs?

12 Is your child getting needed transition services? Transition svcs in IEP implemented by school staff? Transition svcs appropriate to child’s needs?

13 COMMENTS Broken down into 3 main categories to avoid counting the same comment multiple times. Will give first as a breakdown into Learning Support, Autistic Support and Speech Support Then common threads.

14 Learning Support Comments Staff/training issues Parents must push for appropriate services Evaluation Communication Parents happy with services overall Focus on individual staff who are making a positive difference Mixed

15 Autistic Support Comments Staff issues/training issues Communication/T eam issues Individualizing needed Need to push for appropriate services Generally positive Identifies individuals who make a difference Mixed

16 Speech and Language Support Comments Generally positive Specific to staff Mixed

17 Common themes Staff training issues Issues around getting enough information to evaluate child’s program Issues around parent input being respected and incorporated into the education plan Many of these issues dovetail: families need input into the child’s education program so that it can be individualized enough so the child can make progress; need communication (including measurable progress) so they can tell whether child is making meaningful progress.

18 CSE’s suggestions for Next Steps for LMSD/CSE partnership Develop an action plan for improving ongoing communication, including clearer progress reporting Convene a Transition Focus Group Create surveys for 504s, GIEPs

19 Suggestions for Meeting Topics/Trainings In order of frequency of suggestion: -transition topics -LD/Reading topics -stress/emotional needs/coping -IEP/individualizing Other suggestions: technology for sped; inclusion; ESY (summer services); home instruction, behavior support.

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