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Contact AT AT IEP AAC updates.  Lisa Kelly-Admin Office Hilltop Learning Center  Robin Lyon-SLP

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1 Contact AT AT IEP AAC updates

2  Lisa Kelly-Admin Office Hilltop Learning Center  Robin Lyon-SLP Office BVWHS and Hilltop Learning Center  Justin Norris-AT analyst Office SSC and Hilltop Learning Center  Nicole Peters-OTR OTES/OTMS and Hilltop Learning Center

3 Meet as a building team to review /SETT for this student Completed SETT framework or similar paperwork to demonstrate detailed understanding of need The Case-Manager or Related Service Staff can-Email the AT team- with student-needs, concerns and list of technology team would like to trial.

4  It’s a framework in which the team creates a shared vision of the technology to be trialed and how implementation-will be structured, based upon the student, environment(s), and task demands.  The framework is an organized-guided discussion that leads the team to make an informed, reasonable decision based upon data.

5  Guiding question- Is it expected that the student will not be able to make reasonable progress toward educational goals without assistive technology devices and services?

6  Let’s clear up any confusing information about AT & IEP:

7 What about AT and the IEP?: PLAAFP (tab (for simplicity sake let’s call this present levels of student’s performance section) When describing technology it’s best not to name software or devices by name or vendor, but describe what it does for the student. This gives the team and student flexibility to change tools.

8 IEP Team Considerations (Tab Does the student require AT? Does the team have data that proves AT is required for the student to be successful? If so, you may check yes. When listing information, do not be specific by title but more descriptive in nature.

9  If the IEP team feels AT needs to be written on the service plan. Please list the service provider as someone from the building team. (Nicole Peters or Robin Lyon are generally not service providers on the IEP’s)  ***However as AT consultants we are available to provide support for training and programming as long it is determined there is a need for services.

10  Options: The IEP team may conduct trials, review data then determine the direction and tool that is most successful for the student. This may not indicate an AT evaluation.  A formal AT evaluation may be given at the building level, with support provided from district AT team. Note- all paperwork necessary for any evaluation is to be completed.  Consent for a comprehensive evaluation has been given and the building team has also included Assistive Technology.  The team may contact AT to check out equipment for a trial period. This may be completed without checking the AT Evaluation box, if that is the “procedure” your building team determines is best.


12 T Drive: T:\SpecialEducation\AssistiveTechnology\Distri bution\ AT Wiki: (the link on our email signature) BV Tech General Resources BV Ed Tech Resource site

13  AAC update!  More students have access to an App, called Proloquo2go. Either provided by our district or purchased by the family.  Very important information we just received! So we are taking this time to share as a whole group.


15  Notebooks/Resources-sign up sheets- a few notebooks available for classrooms.  Lock it down  Back it up  New cool feature/ brings up interesting point of view-



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