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April 24, 2013.  In 2003 representatives from MASS, MOEC, maaps, MAPT and ASE organized to discuss rising costs in out-of-district special education.

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1 April 24, 2013

2  In 2003 representatives from MASS, MOEC, maaps, MAPT and ASE organized to discuss rising costs in out-of-district special education transportation  Preliminary study showed significant cost savings by consolidating routes  Funding provided from the Legislature to fund a three-year pilot program effective July 1, 2006

3  Proposed model- collaborative would serve as a hub for coordinating transportation to private schools located in their geographic area  Year two of the study showed potential cost savings could be realized through inter- collaborative networks  The legislature continued funding in FY2009 to further support the development of networks

4  In FY2010 the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education provided funding to support, enhance and create additional networks  The following networks demonstrated significant savings: Metro-BostonNortheast Metro-WestBlackstone Valley Southeast

5  Continued DESE support of the State Special Education Taskforce  DESE funded project to provide districts with the October 1 DESE SIMS data  Provide ridership data for programs receiving students from 15+ school districts

6 Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials Massachusetts Association of School Committees Massachusetts Association of Special Education Administrators Massachusetts Association of Approved Private Schools Massachusetts Association for Pupil Transportation

7 Fiscal YearNumber of StudentsNumber of Private/Collaborative Programs 201010,557389 201110,516401 201210,339414 201310,414395

8  A website was developed in FY2012 to show the October 1 DESE Data and ridership data for identified programs  Districts can see if sharing with another district or if potential to share exists

9 IEP Placement Website Identify Neighboring Districts Contact District Establish Route PROCESS

10  Facilitate IEP meeting  Arrange for transportation services  Ensure transitions to outside placement are smooth and effective  Work closely with parents  Ensure compliance with all State and Federal mandates

11  Quality of service provided by vendor or school district  Parent satisfaction  Dependable and reliable service  Expediency in establishing transportation services  Cost savings

12  Parents may not want child riding with students from other districts  Length of ride  Frequent changes to routes  Special conditions for monitors and/or wheelchairs  Cost

13  Recognize parents concerns  Their child riding with children from other districts  Length of time on the vehicle  Share benefits of ride sharing  Inclusive setting allows for greater socialization  Least restrictive environment

14  One hour ride limit can be waived by the team  IEP Transportation Services ◦ Check “NO” if student does not require any modifications (a smaller vehicle does not constitute special transportation) ◦ Check “YES” if student requires any modifications, wheelchair, adaptive bus, lift or ramp, monitor


16 Narrative Description of School District Proposal Transportation is being provided the student attending the out of district placement. In the meeting the parents understood and agreed that the commute may be longer than one hour due to distance, traffic, weather and other circumstances beyond the control of the transportation company.

17  Significant savings can be realized when several districts share vehicle costs  Vehicle cost divided by the number of districts on the vehicle  Average route cost=$215 per day ◦ District would pay that as solo run or share with other districts

18  Significant cost savings can result if districts share routes Cost Savings Example District Current per Day Cost* Cost Avoidance** Annual Savings180 Days Boxford PS$71.60 $215.00 $25,812.00 Newburyport PS $71.60 $215.00 $25,812.00 Topsfield PS$71.60 $215.00 $25,812.00 Combined Cost Avoidance (Savings): $77,436.00 *Hypothetical figure based on Northeast Network rate. **Based on average cost per day statewide.

19  District must provide transportation provider with clear written information  In-service Training Program  Periodic Inspection of Equipment

20  Provides another resource when setting up transportation services  Can expedite placement  Cost savings to your district  Helpful documents and presentations

21  Work with collaborative or transportation network  Work closely with transportation person  Timing is important for smooth start  Provide pertinent information to transportation providers

22  Formal Collaboratives providing this service ◦ Operate their own vehicles ◦ Contract with vendor(s)  Regional networks  Informal arrangements made between towns/districts  District owned and operated transportation


24 October 1 Data

25 Ridership Data

26 Colleen Cavanaugh Office 508.829.2786 Cell 774.345.0131 Email Jay Sullivan Office617.338.6594

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