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Self-Determination Student-Involvement in the IEP Secondary Template.

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1 Self-Determination Student-Involvement in the IEP Secondary Template

2 Welcome to My IEP Meeting Student’s Name: Bucky Badger

3 Invited Guests Mrs. Turner Mrs. Schmoll Mrs. Reinke Mr. Henshaw Mom and Dad

4 I’m Here Because… Because I need to work on my education plan for the next year. To talk about my strengths and weaknesses and how I am doing I’m my classes. My IEP

5 My Disability is Called… Autism and Speech and Language Impaired This means… Sometimes it may take me a while to understand what the teacher is saying. I need more time and sometimes I need to hear things more than once. Block out noise when working

6 My School Behavior is… Focused and it depends on what the class is and if it is close to lunch. Participate in group activities. I like it better when we get to pick our groups. Participating better in class discussion

7 These are the Positive Ways that You can Help Me… Watch a video on the subject Looking at pictures of what I’m reading Working 1 on 1 and being able to talk things out I like quiet places to work. Getting vocab words ahead of time so I can practice and review.

8 These are the Assistive Technology tools that can Help Me… Laptops iPads and iPods Listening to music Journals on computer Calculators Headphones

9 The Results of My Most Recent NWEA Testing… NWEA-MAPS Testing Reading = 210 (Norm = 224) Math = 194 (Norm = 236) General Science = 190 (Norm = 214) Science Concepts = 201 (Norm = 213) and Processes

10 The Results of My Most Recent WKCE-State Testing… WKCE-State Testing Reading = 462 Math = 350 Science = 325 Social Studies = 307 Language Arts= 339 * These are the 2010 scores from 8 th grade * My scores fell in the Basic to Minimal range at that time

11 Results of My Most Recent AimsWeb Testing… CBM- Reading Fluency= 141 (Norm/goal = 165) Maze Reading Comprehension: 15 (norm/ goal= 31) M-CAP- Mathematics Concepts and Applications= 11(Norm/Goal= 24)

12 This is what I Need to Help me with Taking Tests… When it is read to me When I am in a quiet area Having extra time When it isn’t so bright in the room When a teacher states the question well with like two or three possible answers

13 These are My Strengths!  Using a computer  Anything sports related  Golfing and playing basketball  Getting work done on time because I don’t like having late assignments.  My math skills have improved over the last year.

14 My Learning Preferences are… (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) I am a visual learner. I am a concrete learner and am especially good with technology.

15 These are the Concerns that My Parents Have about my Education… My parents are concerned with reading comprehension and understanding language. Problem Solving Skills Movement like running that prevents me from doing some of the things I want to do and also things like writing

16 This is how My Disability (Challenges) affect Me in the Classroom and in life (functioning)… If things are presented differently I get mixed up. It takes me longer to complete tasks. Sometimes I can get distracted easily When sometimes there is a lot of noise. When there is a lot of homework assigned all on the same day

17 My Education Goals Are… Reading: To improve on reading comprehension Math: Improve on problems that contain one or more variable and also word problems. Writing: Improve on grammar.

18 My Educational Goals are… Communication-Improve my vocabulary, understand what I am learning/reading Social- To be more involved in extra curriculars Attention/Concentration- Having a mid-day snack to help me stay focused

19 My Educational Goals Are… Other… Study a little more for tests Passing all of my classes

20 These are the Special Education Services that can Help Me… Guided study hall Having two study halls Technology helps a lot so I can type most things up Having the notes available online Quiet places for test and having it read to me. Extra time

21 This is How You Can Help Me… (Accommodations and/or Modifications) Study Hall with help Extra time to complete work and tests Being able to type rather than handwrite things Helping me understand what words mean especially when doing tests and quizzes Providing me with a study guide with words that are going to be used for the test so I know what to do to prepare for tests

22 This is How You Can Help Me… (Accommodations and/or Modifications) A quiet place to work and take tests Need more time to process the question

23 My Plans for the Future (Transition) Include… Fixing computer software

24 I’m glad you came!

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