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IEPs for Dads A Non Emotional Outcome Based Approach To Collaborative Business.

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1 IEPs for Dads A Non Emotional Outcome Based Approach To Collaborative Business

2 Agenda Individualized Education Plan/Program Establishing Eligibility Setting Goals Determining Services Placement Measuring and Reporting Progress Reviewing the Plan Transition to Life Resources

3 Individualized Education Plan Meeting Written Plan Procedural process Specifies expected outcomes and services Legal binding commitment of services Always changing based on need. For one child only Developed by the team. Cost is never a factor

4 Establishing Eligibility and Baselines

5 Initial evaluation Early Intervening services Referral for evaluation Consent for evaluation Time frames Staffing eligibility meeting One of fourteen categories Consent to initiate service Provision of FAPE Writing the plan. Present levels of academic and functional performance How disability impacts learning and access Sufficiently comprehensive not just category based

6 Setting Goals

7 IEP goals Measurable and obtainable Teach Skills Standards based Four domains Start with baselines and build Period of one year but can be shorter Mastery levels reflect progress Benchmarks if taking alternate assessment Once mastered new goals developed Starting from a baseline of X out of ten times, my child will learn this skill,X out of ten times as demonstrated by and reported to me how.

8 Determining Services

9 Special Education Goals drive service Specially designed instruction Related services Supplementary aids and supports Accommodations Modifications What service, how much, when, where, how delivered and who will provide To progress in the general curriculum Provide equal acces

10 Placement

11 In what setting? Decided only after the IEP is written IEP drives placement Least Restrictive environment Right not a privilege Cannot confer reasonable educational benefit Line of continuum Always striving to return to Least Restrictive

12 Reporting and Measuring progress

13 Reporting on the goals Specified on IEP Can be report card or as stated Evaluation criteria is what data is collected Mastery Levels Based on progress More or Different Continuous monitoring

14 Reviewing the Plan

15 Annual review At least once a year Can be requested at any time. No limit to the length or frequency of meetings to complete the IEP Have goals been mastered Do goals need to be added Is there a need for evaluation Reevaluation every three years

16 Transition to Life

17 Focus on life Gainfully employed Living independently Quality of life choice Starting at fourteen but can be sooner Must be in place at sixteen functional vocational evaluation Based on post school outcome statement Measurable transition goals Determine course of instruction Age of majority Summary of Performance

18 Resources

19 Central Florida Parent Center Florida Technical Assistance Paper All about the IEP NICHCY National Parent Technical Assistance Center

20 Wilbur Hawke 239.417.3636wilbur@flafathers.com

21 239 417-3636

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