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A, B, Cs of Special Education A primer on the abbreviations often used in K-12 settings.

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1 A, B, Cs of Special Education A primer on the abbreviations often used in K-12 settings.

2 A ABAapplied behavior analysis ABDantisocial behavior disorders ADattachment disorder ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act; ADDattention deficit disorder ADHDattention deficit with hyperactivity disorder AIauditorily impaired AIDSacquired immune deficiency syndrome APDantisocial personality disorder; auditory processing disorder ASLAmerican Sign Language ATassistive technology AUautistic AUTautism

3 B & C BD behaviorally disordered; behavior disorders; brain damaged BI brain injury BIL bilingual BMP behavior management plan CAI computer-assisted instruction CAPD central auditory processing disorders; see also APD (auditory processing disorder) CC cross categorical CD communication development; conduct disorder CHI closed head injury CLD culturally and linguistically diverse CP cerebral palsy

4 D & E DAP developmentally appropriate practices DB; DBLdeaf-blind DCD developmental coordination disorder D deaf DDdevelopmental disabilities; developmentally delayed EBDemotional and behavioral disorders EDemotionally disturbed; emotional disorders; US Department of Education EEN exceptional education needs ELLEnglish language learner EMH educable mentally handicapped EMR educably mentally retarded ESLEnglish as a second language ESOLEnglish for speakers of other languages

5 F  L FAPEfree appropriate public education FBAfunctional behavior assessment GTgifted and talented HIhealth impaired; hearing impaired HOHhard of hearing IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act IEDintermittent explosive disorder IEEindependent education evaluation IEPindividualized education program IEPCindividualized educational planning committee LD learning disabilities; learning disabled

6 M  O MBDminimal brain dysfunction M/EDmental or emotional disturbance MHmultiply handicapped MMRmild mental retardation MRmentally retarded or mental retardation MR/DD mentally retarded/developmentally disabled MR/MED mentally retarded and mentally or emotionally disturbed (sometimes referred to as dual diagnosis) MSDDmultisystem developmental disorder OCDobsessive compulsive disorder ODD oppositional defiant disorder OHorthopedically handicapped

7 P  R PCDperceptual communicative disability PDD pervasive development disorder PLIpragmatic language impairment PTSDpost-traumatic stress disorder RAD reactive attachment disorder RDD reading disorder-dyslexia

8 S SECTION 504 a part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 making it illegal for any organization receiving federal funds to discriminate against a person solely on the basis of disability SEDseriously emotionally disturbed SIspeech impaired SIBself-injurious behavior SLD specific learning disability SPDsemantic pragmatic disorder

9 T  Z TAGtalented and gifted TBI traumatic brain injury TESOL teachers of English for speakers of other languages TMH trainable mentally handicapped TMRtrainably mentally retarded VCD volitional conduct disorder VI visually impaired WODwritten output disorder

10 Resources This presentation modified/abbreviated from: Acronyms Frequently Used in Special/Gifted Education Dictionary: For Parents of Children with Disabilities

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