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3 Presenter Vivian De Windt Chairperson, Special Education Dept. Weng Ventura designs

4 3 INCLUSION The practice of providing a child with disabilities with his or her education within the general education classroom, with the supports and accommodations needed by that student. Weng Ventura designs

5 MODIFICATIONS Changes in tests or course presentation, location, student response, time requirements or other attributes that are necessary to ensure success for a student with disabilities to participate but do not fundamentally alter or lower the standard or expectations or invalidate the test. Weng Ventura designs

6 IDEA’S IEP TEAM Parents of the child One regular education teacher of the child (if the child is, or may be, participating in a regular education environment) one special education teacher of the child a representative of the school system (or at least one special education provider of the child) weng Ventura designs

7 An individual who can interpret the instructional implications of evaluation results, who may be a member of the evaluation team. A representative of the school system: -is qualified to provide, or supervise the provision of, especially designed instructions to meet the unique needs of children with disabilities; - is knowledgeable about the curriculum - knowledgeable about the availability of resources of theschool system Weng Ventura designs

8 If appropriate, the child. At the discretion of the parent or the school system, other individuals who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the child, including related services personnel as appropriate, and; Weng Ventura designs

9 WHAT ARE THE DUTIES OF THE REGULAR TEACHER IN AN IEP MEETING? Weng Ventura designs To participate in the development of the IEP of the child; Assist in the determination of appropriate positive behavior interventions and strategies for the child; and Assist in the determination of supplementary aids and services, program modifications, or supports for school personnel that will be provided for the child.


11 Is a regular teacher required to ‘pass’ all special education students? Weng Ventura designs

12 Which one of the child’s regular education teachers must attend the IEP meeting? Weng Ventura designs

13 Do I have to participate in every decision made by the IEP Team No. Depends on the child’s needs and purpose of the IEP Meeting. ? Weng Ventura designs

14 Do all the child’s regular education teachers have to attend the IEP meeting? Weng Ventura designs

15 Does the IEP team have to get input from the regular education teachers who do not physically attend the IEP meeting? Weng Ventura designs

16 Questions every Regular Education Teacher must Which students in my class have an IEP ? Have I personally reviewed each IEP? Do I remember what these documents say? Am I making a ‘good faith effort’ to implement each IEP ? Do I have any proof that I am implementing the IEP? 5 ANSWER Weng Ventura designs

17 Legal Consequences for Failure to Comply with the Law Regular education teachers who willfully fail to implement a child’s IEP plan may be at risk of personal liability, including money damages. Weng Ventura designs

18 by Regular Educators for failing to Implement a Child’s IEP “It’s not fair to my other students.” “I don’t have time.” “He doesn’t want my help anyway.” “I didn’t sign on for this.” I don’t get paid enough for this.” “The parents are the real problems.” The10 TOP EXCUSES Weng Ventura designs

19 “The parents are the REAL problem.” “He’s just lazy.” “No one told me I was supposed to do anything.” “I am ready to retire anyway.” “I think this law is STUPID.” Weng Ventura designs

20 Specific Disability Categories The IDEA applies only to students with one of the 13 recognized handicapping conditions Mental Retardation Hearing Impairments Speech & Language Impairments Visual Impairments Emotional Disturbance Orthopedic Impairments Other Health Impairments Specific Learning Disabilities Deaf-Blindless Multiple Disabilities Autism Traumatic Brain Injury Weng Ventura designs

21 ! Don’t use the ‘F’ word! Weng Ventura designs

22 Never utter the word ‘Fair’ with regard to a special education student! Remember, it ‘s not a “fair appropriate public education”- we’re required to provide a “free appropriate public education” to students with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services. Weng Ventura designs

23 ! Maintain the Confidentiality of the Students Records. The IDEA and the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) require all school personnel to obtain parent consent prior to releasing information concerning a student’s “educational records.” Weng Ventura designs Weng Ventura designs

24 for Surviving the IEP Process Don’t be sloppy with the procedural requirements ! The RULES ! Weng Ventura designs

25 ! Make sure your IEP Team includes the right personnel! Weng Ventura designs

26 Make the IEP Overly Specific It is not uncommon for parents to request that a specific teacher, methodology, or school building / classroom be written into an IEP. It is not appropriate to write a particular methodology into an IEP. The IDEA does not mandate a particular teacher, materials to be used, or instructional methods to be incorporated in a student’s IEP. The IEP must contain a description of the type of educational environment in which the student will be placed. There is no requirement that the IEP specify a particular school building or classroom. Don’t x Weng Ventura designs

27 NEVER BASE AN IEP ON COST CONSIDERATIONS: A COMMON MISTAKE MADE BY IEP Team members is to tell parents that a particular service is appropriate for their child but that the school or special education does not have enough money to pay for the services. Weng Ventura designs

28 NEVER GIVE IN TO A PARENT’S DEMANDS WHEN IT IS NOT ‘FAPE ’. When a parent refuses to permit an evaluation, or to consent to a placement or program that the school district believes is appropriate, LEA’s should consider initiating Due Process procedures, if necessary, to provide services. Weng Ventura designs

29 The ‘ Help Me’ Principle for IEP Meetings: Hear what the parents have to say Express your professional opinion Learn to accept differences of opinion as a natural part of the IEP process Participate in the development of IEP Weng Ventura designs

30 MANIFESTATION DETERMINATION HEARING “Standards” IEP Team may determine that the behavior was not a manifestation of the disability only if: The IEP and placement are appropriate; The IEP services and behavior intervention strategies were implemented; if needed The disability did not impair the ability of the child to understand the impact and consequences of the behavior; The disability did not impair the student’s ability to control the behavior Weng Ventura designs

31 IEP INVITATION Annual Review Be sure that all purposes of the invitation are indicated. Transition Re-evaluation Manifestation Determination Hearing Possible change of Placement Weng Ventura designs

32 END Weng Ventura designs

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