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IEPs Sherry Galindo, LSSP Leadership Conference 2009 1.

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1 IEPs Sherry Galindo, LSSP Leadership Conference 2009 1

2 Getting Started… (Manual: Section IV – IEP/BIP) 2 IEP

3 If parent’s primary language is SPANISH a message will appear. Box MUST be checked BEFORE goals/objectives are added for translation to occur. Spanish 3 IEP

4 3 Areas: Goal…Objective…Progress Report Defaults 4 IEP

5 1. User specific, NOT student specific 2. Progress Report Dates entered by SEM Program Administrator in School Information 3. Will SAVE you time 4. Can be modified 5. Optional Defaults 5 IEP

6 Defaults 6 IEP

7 Red =one you are viewing/working on Blue = draft goal/objective/progress report Black = locked goal/objective/progress report Color Codes 7 IEP

8 Adding Goals 1.Select Goals Tab 2.Select Display All (recommended) 8 Goals IEP

9 3. Select either SEM Goals or District Developed Goals (default is SEM) 4. Check box(es) to Select Goal(s) 5. Select “Add Selected Goals” button 6. Close 9 Goals IEP

10 Added Goal will appear in either the IEP or BIP filing cabinet NEW: Duplicate GOALS with unique dates can now be added; Function must be activated by program administrator in File Maintenance-Options/Directories - IEP/BIP Tab 10 Goals IEP

11 BEST PRACTICE CONSIDERATIONS *PLAAFP’s *Measurable/Observable 11 Goals IEP

12 Things to Remember… 1. Can use SEM Goals or add District Developed Goals (contact your SEM Program Administrator) 2. Add goals using DISPLAY ALL feature 3. GOALS can NOT be modified 4. PLAAFP/Mastery Criteria/Comments Field can be used to individualize the GOAL for the student Goals 12 IEP

13 Adding Objectives 1.Select Goal From IEP/BIP Filing Cabinet 2.Select Objectives Tab 3.Select Display All (Objective Selector screen will open) 13 Objectives IEP

14 4. Select Objective(s) by checking corresponding box 5. Click “Add/Update Selected Objectives” 6. Close 14 Objectives IEP

15 Things to Remember… 1. Objectives CAN be modified 2. User key strokes do not translate into Spanish (pertains to Spanish subscribers) 3. Can select either SEM or District Developed Objectives 4. Choose Objectives using DISPLAY ALL feature 5. Do NOT enter END DATES 15 Objectives IEP

16 Adding Progress Reports 1.Select Goal (Objective) from IEP/BIP Filing Cabinet 2.Select “Add Goal Review” 3.Report Progress in Comments Text Box 16 Progress Reports IEP

17 REPORT PROGRESS *Evaluation Criteria/Person Reporting Progress/ Evaluation Schedule – automatically populates if DEFAULTS filled in *Pull down – Districts can add popups (comments/eval. criteria) *SM2 Tickets Button – if district subscribes to SM2, progress reports written in program will filter into text field *IEP Power Tools – new module used to report progress 17 Progress Reports IEP

18 Things to Remember… 1.Select Goal/Objective to report progress, then go to Progress Report Tab and Add Review 2. If you Master or Discontinue Goal/Objective on Progress Report, also Master/Discontinue it on the Goal/Objective 3. If Progress Report has been Mastered/Discontinued and you can not see it in IEP Tree, go to Print/Preview Criteria tab, check “Mast” or “Disc”, then hit REFRESH button and Progress Report will be in tree (date range may have to be expanded) 4. SM2 – can IMPORT progress reports from program 5. IEP Power Tools – NEW module that makes progress reporting easier and faster Progress Reports 18 IEP

19 Print/Preview Criteria 19 IEP

20 Print/Preview Criteria 20 IEP

21 21 IEP

22 Tracker 22 IEP

23 Print/Preview Criteria Things to Remember: 1. Tracker – set up form only, manually maintain data 2. Date Range = Annual IEP Year 3. If you can not see your goal/objectives/PR - expand date range and/or check Mastered/Discontinued 4. You can print specific goals by checking the box 5. Change order of goals by clicking and dragging 23 IEP

24 District Setup Options: 1.File Maintenance 2.Options/Directories 3.IEP/BIP Settings 4.Select items to be activated/deactivated by checking box and/or filling in statements File Maintenance 24 IEP

25 *IEP Goal Descriptions and IEP Types – can ONLY be viewed, activated, and deactivated (Administrative/Unlimited Access Required) IEP Popups 25 IEP

26 District Developed Goals and Objectives 26 IEP

27 Adding DD Goals/Objectives To Popups 1.File Maintenance (if fragmented database, attach to MERGED FOLDER) 2.Select Update/Print Popups 3.Select District Developed Goals and Objectives from pull down list 4.Select Add Button 5.Type in Goal in appropriate Field and either clear out fields underneath or input text (use CLR buttons next to each field) 6.Add Objectives that correspond to Goal (1 objective per text field) 7.Close out when finished 8.Update Master 9.Distribute Popups (Only if Fragmented; File Maintenance Screen) 10.NEW: Can now be printed from Update/Print Popup Menu 27 IEP District Developed Goals and Objectives

28 IEP Popups 28 IEP DISTRICT DEVELOPED GOALS USE A CODING SYSTEM Ex: Adding 3 AI Goals; each goal has 10 objectives Goals: AI01, AI02, and AI03 Objectives: AI01a, AI01b....AI01j AI02a, AI02b....AI01j AI03a, AI03b....AI01j NOTE: To be able to trim the goals/objectives, you have to make sure the code includes a colon (e.g., AI01:)

29 1.Defaults (Optional) – will save time 2.Prep – create a draft copy 3.Finalize the IEP at the ARD 4.Be sure to lock the IEP with the ARD 5.Use Tracker to monitor student progress of objectives 6.Note Progress (Add Form: IEP/BIP) 7.Use available resources: manual/how-to- video/colleague TIPS and SUGGESTIONS 29 IEP

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