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1 Presented by: Mrs. Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary Schools
Student-led IEPs Presented by: Mrs. Ellis Wilder Waite Elementary Schools

2 Think about these questions:
Did you know you have an exceptionality? What are your strengths? What are your weak areas? What do you need school to do for you?

3 Individualized Education Program.
What is an IEP? IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. Your IEP talks about: your special needs, what skills you need to improve, what you’ll do in school this year, what services your school will provide, and where your learning will take place.

4 What is the purpose of the IEP?
The IEP is a blueprint for your educational program. The IEP is to make sure that you, your family, and school staff knows what your educational program will be this year.

5 Why do you need an IEP? Because it is the law.
Because your IEP helps your school to meet your needs. Because everyone needs to know what your education plan is.

6 Where is the IEP developed?
The IEP is developed during an IEP meeting, where the people who are concerned with your education meet, discuss, and develop your IEP goals and objectives for the next year.

7 Who comes to the meeting?
You Your parents Your teachers Your counselor Your principal Your friend Anyone you want to invite!

8 Other things about IEPs
IEP meetings must be held at least once a year. You, or anyone who cares about your education, can ask for a meeting whenever they want. Meetings usually last an hour but can take longer.

9 What is different about a Student-led IEP?
Students learn more about themselves and become more responsible for their learning. Students are able to express what they want in their own words. Students help to write their IEP. Students lead their own meeting. Students help teachers to challenge them in class.

10 What should I do if I want to participate in my IEP?
Tell your teachers and parents. Review last year’s IEP Think about your strengths and weaknesses in school Help write new goals. Practice what you want to say at your meeting.

11 What does my IEP look like?
Review each section Ask clarification questions Highlight statements that you disagree with Add your own ideas for things you think need to be added

12 Cover Page (IEP Page 1) Demographics-Name, address, phone number, parents name, grade, school Exceptionality – Gifted, Disability or Twice Exceptional – Gifted with a Disability

13 Student Profile (IEP Page 2)
Your Strengths Your Educational Needs What your parents think about your strengths and needs Your vision for your future

14 Present Levels of Performance (3 and 4)
Intellect/Aptitude/Cognitive Achievement/Academics Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Creativity/Divergent Thinking Learning Preferences/Styles/Overexcitabilities Classroom Performance Interests/Passion Areas

15 Annual Goals and Objectives
What do I want to be able to do by this time next year? As you review your goals and objectives += completed goal/objective - = incomplete goal/objective ?=disagreement with goal/objective

16 Special Factors (IEP page 9)
Assistive Technology? Communication Needs? Need for Braille? Limited English Proficiency? Behavior? ESY/State Tests Extended School Year – not for gifted State Tests – Gifted students do not get accommodations

17 Schedule of Services (IEP Page 11)
What services do I need to achieve my goals and objectives? Related Services Least Restrictive Environment (IEP Page 12) LRE means that gifted students are not removed from their general education peers unless their needs cannot be met in that environment. Signatures (IEP Page 12)

18 Before the IEP Complete an IEP Scavenger hunt to become familiar with your IEP. Read a Hank Zipzer book and fill out a sample IEP with Mrs. Ellis Create a vision statement for middle school Create a summary of strengths to include in your IEP Take a learning inventory to find out how you learn best. Prepare a meeting invitation with Mrs. Ellis; your case manager for individuals that will be asked to be at the iep. Prepare an agenda with your case manager Create a powerpoint presentation to follow during the meeting Create name tents for the people that come to the meeting Know what to do if you have a question during the meeting Know what to do if you become uncomfortable during the meeting

19 IEP Scavenger Hunt You will be given your IEP from 4th Grade. Using the information in the IEP, location information to answer the questions.

20 Creating your Vision Statement
I will... be more determined to pass all my classes so that I will be able to play sports and so I can graduate. I will also practice harder to become a better runner "I dedicate myself to be the best basketball player that I can be. I will be the very best person that I can be. I will become confident in everything that I do in life. I will become a better student, friend, and son. My mission is to become more respectful and more responsible" -- Drew

21 Creating your Vision Statement
My vision is to achieve my potential academically. We want to see him become an independent learner. His attention issues will be addressed in order for him to produce what he is capable of doing. We hope to see an increase in self-confidence along with independence. [Our child] has many interests for his future career. He had expressed an interest in becoming a music teacher, principal, judge, engineer, or architect.

22 Creating your Vision Statement
The Team envisions [this child's] self flourishing in school and at home. They envisions [this child] as a well-adjusted student who is socially accepted by her peers and will reach her potential with academic success. They can see [this child] working more independently and with a strong sense of socially acceptable skills. She will become a strong writer who is able to organize her ideas and express in writing all the she can comprehend. In three years, Team expects that [this child] will transition successfully from middle school to high school on a college-bound track.

23 At the IEP Make Introductions State the Purpose of the Meeting
Review the Agenda Set the Ground Rules Begin the IEP You may follow a script or a power point presentation if it is more comfortable for you

24 Ground Rules The IEP will start and end on time.
Don't interrupt when another participant "has the floor." (This includes no “sidebar” conversations.) Don't criticize the ideas of others. (No put downs) Build on the ideas shared by others. Remain open-minded and non-judgmental. Everyone participates, no-one dominates. Complaints are okay when they come packaged with a solution. Make compromises when necessary. Stick to the Agenda and time frames. The Facilitator is empowered to enforce ground rules.

25 The IEP Script – Elementary Sample
Hi, my name is _________________________. I am here to lead my IEP today.   This is my mom/dad _____________________ and she/he is here to tell you how I’m doing at home. This is my teacher, _________________________ and he/she is here to tell you how I’m doing in class. This is Mrs. Lucht and she is here to tell you how I’m doing in my gifted services. My strengths are_________________ I need to work on___________ Here’s a little more information about me. My learning style/preferences are_______________________________________ My thinking style is __________________. My passions and interests are ____________________________________.

26 The IEP Script – Elementary Sample
Mom/Dad, what do you think my strengths are? What do you think I need to work on? Mr./Mrs. _____________________ what do you think my strengths are? What do I need to work on? These are my goals for this year ( See goals sheet) Here are the things I need to be successful in school this year (p. 9, 11, or 13) Now Mrs. Ellis will explain the legal papers. Thank you for coming to my IEP.

27 Welcome to my IEP_Madison.ppt

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