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I.E.P.sI.E.P.s Individual Education Plans Helping Students Achieve Success.

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1 I.E.P.sI.E.P.s Individual Education Plans Helping Students Achieve Success

2 Agenda Individual Education Plan -definition -key features -timeline Flexible Pedagogy -definition -learning styles activity -classroom examples Adaptations -definition -adaptations represented on the IEP and on the report card Modifications -definition -modifications represented on the IEP and on the report card

3 IEP - The Road Map To Student Success

4 KeyFeatures Strengths & Preferred Learning Styles Objectives Strategies Behaviour Objectives S.M.A.R.T. objectives Competencies Types of Support

5 Timeline Fall Board-wide IEP Professional Day Term I Report Term II Report Term III Report

6 Resource Teacher Psychologist Classroom Teacher The Resource Team SLP Special Needs Consultant Administrator

7 Planned options to ALL students Designed to match students’ pace and style of learning Level of difficulty of the task remains the same Tasks may be represented in a variety of ways (written texts, video, spoken word, etc ) Flexible Pedagogy



10 Examples of Flexible Pedagogy in the Classroom (for all students) Instructional Tactile: Manipulative, building models Kinesthetic: Brain breaks, work stations Visuals: pictures, videos, graphic organizers, charts Working in pairs, groups or independently Assessment Allow for options to demonstrate learning Use of memory-aid Use of technology Journals, observation, discussion

11 Adaptation IEP required Cycle level objectives remain the same Adaptations are strategies Evaluate as per regular program Percentage marks included in the class average

12 How is “Adaptation” represented on the report card?

13 adaptations If a student has adaptations for a specific subject area, the IEP will look like this: How is “Adaptation” represented on the IEP?

14 Examples of Adaptations in the Classroom Instructional/Environment Note-taking assistance Assistive technology Reduced amount of work Alternative work space Use of FM system Assessment Extended time Uncluttered formats Alternative Settings Colour Cues

15 IEP is required Cycle level objectives are not followed Modifications are individualized objectives Evaluated as per IEP objectives Percentage marks are NOT included in the class average Modification

16 How is “Modification” represented on the report card?

17 How is “Modification” represented on the IEP?

18 English Language Arts (Term I) Reads and Listens to Spoken, Written And Media Texts Outcome#1: Read an information text on plants. Use the information to create a diagram of the lifecycle of a plant IEP Modified Objective: Will recognize 10 words frequently found in the environment Example of classroom modification: Teacher or peer will read an information text on plants to student. Student will draw a picture of a plant and use a cut and paste word list to label the main parts of the plant: flower, leaf, stem and root

19 Math (Term I) Uses Mathematical Reasoning Outcome#1: Will be able to create a graph showing the number of boys and girls in grade 5 and 6. IEP Modified Objectives: Will be able to count up to 15 with one to one correspondence. Examples of classroom strategies: Using manipulatives the student collects one manipulative per boy in the class, the student counts with manipulatives to show how many boys there are in class.

20 Adaptation 1+132+646+4892+108 2+242+792+6493+109 4+223+010+1446+206 4+840+848+6392+225 or Modification?

21 Modification? 1+132+646+4892+108 2+242+792+6493+109 4+223+010+1446+206 4+840+848+6392+225 Adaptation or

22 Silent Sort

23 STEPS BEFORE MODIFICATION Flexible Pedagogy strategies offered; Adaptations indicated on IEP; Report card indicates difficulties; “In Difficulty” or “Handicapped” identification; Team supports modifications; Parents have been informed.

24 Pathways for Students on Modified Programs Modified Program in regular classes Life Skills Program Pre-work training Training for Semi-Skilled Trade


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