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Individualized Education Plan Domain, Eligibility, and IEP Paperwork.

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1 Individualized Education Plan Domain, Eligibility, and IEP Paperwork

2 Alphabet Soup

3 Domain Meeting/Paperwork Domain meeting takes place after the child has gone through the RtI/interventions process 8 Domains –Health –Hearing/Vision –Motor Abilities –Functional Performance –Social/Emotional Status –Cognitive Functioning –Academic Achievement –Communication Status Teacher Input Form, Learning Environment Assessment

4 Domain (con’t) Team collects existing information about the child Determines additional information required Identifies who will collect the data Initial evaluation-2 signatures (one consent, one to waive 10 days) Reevaluation-1 signature (consent)

5 Eligibility Purpose of meeting is to determine Eligibility for special education services Review of data collected as listed on the Domain review

6 Eligibility Criteria Exclusionary and Inclusionary criteria Descriptive analysis Adverse effects on educational performance Educational needs (basic, IEP gets more detailed)

7 Individualized Education Plan Demographics and sign-in Presentation of Procedural Safeguards Strengths Parental concerns Present levels of academic performance Present levels of functional performance Effect of disability on education environment

8 Goals How goals will be reported Current levels of performance (academic and functional) State Goal Statement Illinois Learning Standard Objectives/Benchmarks

9 Goal Statements Example Middle School Mathematics (Goals 6,7,8,9, 10) Goal 7- –Estimate, make and use measurements of objects, quantities and relationships and determine acceptable levels of accuracy. Standard (7.A, 7.B, 7.C) –Estimate measurements and determine acceptable levels of accuracy. (7.B) Benchmark/Objective –Select and apply instruments including rulers and protractors and units of measure to the degree of accuracy required.

10 Evaluation Criteria % accuracy, trials, other Observations, charts, tests, other (worksheets, daily work, etc) Quarterly Dates Review of Progress (see bottom of page)

11 Transition Transition plan developed for children who will turn 14 ½ during the IEP year Home-based support for mentally disabled adults over the age of 18 SEDOM interviews, job coaching, job shadowing, MCC pathways/prep, STEP program, PUNS

12 Consideration of Special Factors Assistive Technology Functional Behavior Analysis/Behavior Intervention Plan Linguistic/Cultural Accommodations Supplementary Aids/Accommodations Supports for School Personnel

13 Assessment Classroom Assessments District Assessments –MAP, EXPLORE, PLAN State Assessments –ISAT, PSAE, IMAGE ELL? List of accommodations (test read aloud, scribe, small group, extended time)

14 Minutes…without getting too technical General ed with NO supplementary aides General ed WITH supplementary aides Special Education INSIDE general education (some IEP kids/co- taught/resource) Special Education classes (all IEP kids/DI, Instructional) Related Services (speech, OT, SW, etc.)

15 Education Environment To the maximum extent possible, all students shall be educated and participate with students who are non-disabled Placement considerations –80% or more –40%-79% –Less then 40% Transportation Extended School Year

16 Questions??

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