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Student Led IEPS A Guide For Life Skills Students Amber Watts Ashlyn Hudson.

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1 Student Led IEPS A Guide For Life Skills Students Amber Watts Ashlyn Hudson

2 It’s not easy to be… ME Copyright@2003 by Jamie Van DyckeCopyright@2003 by

3 How do we ensure that our students never feel like this?

4 What is a Student Led IEP Meeting? An ARD meeting in which the student is making significant contributions Levels of involvement may vary Student’s may contribute by sharing information about themselves, drafting IEP’s, stating future goals Student self-advocates Steven video

5 Different for LIFE Students Visuals needed Step by step teaching of the ARD process Rehearsal of participation, prompting, and cues More instruction needed for understanding of disability, goals, and steps to take to reach goals

6 Importance of Student Led IEP meetings Increase student understanding of their disabilities, their strengths, their weaknesses Meeting stays positive and focused Teach self-advocacy Student-centered planning for the future Helps fulfill Indicator 13 requirements

7 Why We Don’t Include Students? It’s easier not to Not enough time Difficult to include students Participants unsure of their roles

8 We Can Help!!! Student Friendly ARD Agenda Activities with visuals to prepare for the ARD Classroom lessons Activity explaining ARD’s Tools for prompting participation during the meeting

9 Initial Preparation Teach students: What is an ARD, ARD roles and responsibilities, etc Student completes KWL, Transition Quadrant, ARD PowerPoint, and Visual IEP progress report Practice and Rehearse

10 Activities KWL - –Know - a review of progress on previous goals and objectives; Present Levels of Performance –Want to Know - Aids in the development of Draft Goals and Objectives –Learned -Mastered IEP objectives, grows year to year

11 Activities Transition Quadrant –Each quadrant depicts what the student aims to achieve in Education, Vocation, Recreation/Living, & Living –Posted in the classroom year round to serve as a reminder of future goals

12 Activities Visual IEP Progress Report - Activity to update IEP objectives each 6 weeks

13 Student Led IEP Agenda IEP Meeting Agenda I.Welcome & Introductions II.Purpose & Vision III.Student Knowledge & Skills IV. Make a Plan V.Assurances, Minutes, Consensus, Signatures

14 Activities ARD PowerPoint - –Strengths/Weaknesses –What I have learned –What I want to learn –Help I need…/Accommodations –Course of Study –Post Secondary Goals

15 Power Point/Movie Maker Pictures of students doing things they like Pictures of Activities/objectives they have mastered Pictures of students working toward future goals Helps students by providing a framework as they present Tony Video

16 Activity Match Up ActivityUse in ARD Meeting KWL ChartStudent Knowledge and Skills; Make a plan Post Secondary Quadrant Purpose and Vision; Make a Plan Visual IEP Progress Reports Make a Plan; Student Knowledge and Skills Power Point/Movie Maker Should incorporate all parts of ARD agenda Paul video-ARD

17 A Meaningful Meeting Student’s have understanding of IEP Goals Student’s have understanding of Future Goals Student’s are able to identify their Strengths/Weaknesses The Meeting is Student Centered Supports Self-Advocacy Positive Experience for All Paul video- feeling

18 Additional Benefits… Indicator 13 Compliance –Post Secondary goals –Coordinated Set of Activities –Course of Study –Annual IEP Goals –Transition Assessments –Strengths/Weaknesses –Student participation

19 Questions or Comments Amber Watts is a Transition Specialist for Irving ISD. She loves ice cream, her dog, and tulips. Feel free to contact her at Ashlyn Hudson is a Diagnostician for Tyler ISD. She loves Kermit the dog, all things polka dot, and tomatoes. Contact her at

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