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Special Education Compliance

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1 Special Education Compliance
Megan Marie Van Fossan M.A., M.Ed. McGuffey School District Trish

2 Overview What is Special Education? What is compliance? Trish

3 Who is eligible for Special Education?

4 Who is eligible for Special Education?
The student needs to have a disability that is recognized under IDEA 04 AND Be in need of Specially Designed Instruction

5 What are the federal laws that drive special education in the United States?

6 The Laws of the Land Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) passed in 1975 as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act establishes framework for special education in this country reauthorization signed December 3, 2004 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) reauthorization of Elementary and Secondary Education Act (e.g. Title I) signed into law January 2002

7 What are the State Regulation for special education in PA?

8 PA Code Chapter 14- Special Education

9 What are the timelines for special education paperwork?

10 Chapter 14 Timelines 14.123 Evaluations and 14.124 Reevals
Does change timeline to 60 calendar days for initial evaluation and reevaluation After receiving written parental consent BUT . . Summer does not count! Copies of eval or reeval report: Given to parents at least 10 school days prior to IEP meeting Unless waived by parents

11 Chapter 14 Timelines There are 30 calendar days between the issuance of a report and the IEP meeting. IEPs have to be reviewed within 1 year.

12 Who is responsible for enrollment?

13 Who is responsible for enrollment? Public School

14 Sample Enrollment Procedures
 Special Services Enrollment Process The Special Services Office has developed the following procedures to expeditiously and appropriately provide educational services for students:  Completion of the McGuffey Enrollment Packet, which includes Student Registration Affidavit (notarized) Foster Children Information Form McGuffey School District Student Enrollment Form New Student Information Form Home Language Survey (included on Student Enrollment Form) McGuffey School District Student Media Release Form The above documents are required and should be fully completed. The enrollment packet should then be delivered to the attention of Megan Van Fossan at the McGuffey Special Services Office by mail or fax. McGuffey School District Phone: Special Services Office Fax: P.O. Box 421 119 Main Street Claysville, PA 15323

15 Once the Special Services Office receives the enrollment packet every effort is made to make a placement decision within three to five days. Brenda Steele, Lead Support Teacher begins the process of gathering the information for each student. This process usually begins with phone calls and faxing an Authorization to Release/Request Information Form to the student’s previous schools.. At this juncture, the following information is requested: Academic Report (report cards, current grades (if mid-grading period,) transcript, and PSSA or PASA test results Attendance/Behavior Report (discipline referrals) Discharge Summary (if in previous RTF program) Psychological Testing Immunization/Health Records Special Education Documents (including, but not limited to, initial Evaluation Report, current IEP, and current RR) While gathering the above mentioned documents, the Special Services Office will then contact relevant persons who can provide information regarding the student’s academic and behavioral abilities and concerns.

16 The following people are contacted: Parent/Guardian
The following people are contacted: Parent/Guardian School personnel, ie. principal, special education director, guidance counselor, special education teacher/regular education teacher Staff from RTF program, if applicable Staff personnel from previous placements, if applicable Juvenile Probation Officer, if applicable Social Worker/Case Manager, if applicable Upon completion of all of the above processes, the IEP is re-opened by the IEP team which includes the following: Megan Van Fossan, LEA; a special education teacher; a regular education teacher; and the parent/guardian. The team decides what revisions need to be made and adopts the IEP with a duration date of 30 days. A new NOREP is issued to the student’s parent/guardian reflecting the new educational placement. The Special Services Office distributes all of the appropriate documentations to the receiving school. The two entities then work together and schedule a new IEP conference for the student within the 30 day time limit. The 30 days allow the new teacher to gather new classroom information, complete testing, and prepare a Re-evaluation Report and IEP.

17 Who is required to attend an IEP Meeting?

18 IEP Team How is a child’s program determined?
All decisions regarding FAPE are made by the IEP Team Who is on the team? Parents Special ed teacher Regular ed teacher (If the student participates in regular education) Related Service Providers LEA representative (HOST) LEA representative (HOME) Required members can only be excused with parental consent!

19 IEP Team The IEP Team is the decision maker under IDEA
Responsible for developing, reviewing and revising an IEP There are no individual decisions

20 IEP What does IEP Team decide?
What special education and related services the child needs to receive FAPE Once decision is made, all services are written in IEP Once services are in IEP, school district must ensure child receives those services contract

21 What is a related service?

22 What is a related service?
Transportation and Such developmental, corrective and other supportive services as may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from education

23 PA Chapter 14 and the Ramifications of Gaskins Settelment Agreement
Placement Team must first consider regular classroom with supplementary aids and services before considering services in another setting What does this mean for you? Megan

24 Who requires a behavior intervention plan?

25 Behavior Management Who requires a behavior intervention plan?
A child who has behavior difficulties that interfere with learning Must be POSITIVE interventions and supports Developed by the IEP Team Set forth in a written plan

26 Living and Learning Together In One World
The Beginning of a Wonderful Educational Journey for all Children

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