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PUTTING THE ‘I’ IN IEP RCDSB Collaborative Teacher Mini Inquiry.

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1 PUTTING THE ‘I’ IN IEP RCDSB Collaborative Teacher Mini Inquiry

2 INQUIRY QUESTION How can we create better Individual Education Plans to increase student success?

3 BRIEF BACKGROUND The IEP Standards document was released in 2000 and the IEP Guide was released in 2004

4 In 2006 the Ministry conducted a provincial review of IEPs for every Board

5 In 2012 RCDSB participated in another provincial IEP review



8 The Putting the ‘I’ in IEP Collaborative Teacher Mini Inquiry is a next step to help support schools with IEP development and implementation

9 The mini inquiry provides educators with an opportunity to refine their own knowledge base and deepen their understanding of quality Individual Education Plans and their impact on student learning

10 MODERATING THE IEPS - Divide into groups of about 3 - Each group needs a Putting the ‘I’ in IEP duotang and IEP (provided in the package) - Each group also needs chart paper and a marker Putting the I in IEP

11 MODERATING THE IEPS The duotang includes: - What is an IEP - Tricky Bits of the IEP - Moderation Look Fors sheet - RCDSB IEP Exemplars Putting the I in IEP

12 MODERATING THE IEPS Whole Group: - Review/moderate the Assessment section on pg 1 of the IEP using the ‘Moderation Look Fors’ sheet, the ‘Tricky Bits’ and the ‘Exemplars’ sections of the duotang - Is it a level 1, 2, 3 or 4? - Why? - Surprises or questions?

13 MODERATING THE IEPS Have each group moderate the following sections of the program pages in the IEP: -Current Level of Achievement -Annual Goal -Learning Expectations -Teaching Strategies -Assessment Methods -Each group reviews the sections listed and records on chart paper: -whether it is level 1, 2, 3, 4 -their reasons -any surprises or questions that arose from their discussion

14 MODERATING THE IEPS - Each group shares their results with the whole group - Any burning questions that are left can be emailed to the special education department for clarification

15 CONSOLIDATION - Each participant should take a few minutes to fill in the Putting the ‘I’ in IEP Reflection Sheet included in the Mini Inquiry package

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