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Welcome to 4 th Grade. 4 th Grade 2014 - 2015 Mrs. Polk Room 13 Mrs. Fulton Room 10.

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1 Welcome to 4 th Grade

2 4 th Grade Mrs. Polk Room 13 Mrs. Fulton Room 10

3 Monthly Learning Targets (MLT) Monthly Learning Targets (MLT) 4 th Grade Curriculum Framework will be posted monthly on the 4 th Grade website. Please visit the MLT & Look For: Instructional Plan for the Month Standards of Learning (SOL) Correlation Report Card Statement Correlation with SOL

4 School Wide Thursday Folder Thursday Folder Student Graded Assignments PTA/Office Informational Flyers Parents need to: Review the folder with their child Date and sign the folder Send the empty folder back to school by Friday.

5 Homework Nightly Reading – 20 minutes minimum Applying Learned Study Skills Social Studies & Science Study Guides Study Cards Virginia Studies Interactive Notebook SOL Preparation Materials as needed

6 Grading & Assessments Formative Assessments are daily Observations Exit Ticket Quick Paper Assessments Summative Assessments Given at the Completion of Each Unit Online Interactive Achievement Teacher Generated Rubrics for Writing & Special Projects

7 A Word About Reading In 4 th Grade the Focus is on comprehension of various Genera using Fiction & Nonfiction text Reading Components Taught Reading Components TaughtCharacterizationNarrativeExpositoryInformational Guided Reading

8 Technology in Use Technology grounded lessons Outstanding video resources to bring learning alive. Khan Academy, YouTube, WatchKnow Platforms & Software Promethean iPad App interface & learning apps Computers – PCs, school laptops, home computers Microsoft Office, DreamBox (math)

9 The Importance of Math Facts Fluency Mastery of Multiplication Facts (1 -12) is key to understanding & applying number sense to mathematical Problem-Solving Adding/Subtracting Long Division Time Fractions & Decimals Comparing/Problem Solving Measurement Conversions

10 Thank you! We are a team, all working together for the success of all students!

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