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Open House 2014 Grade 5 Welcome Parents! Mrs. Zerkowski Mrs. Kreutzer.

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1 Open House 2014 Grade 5 Welcome Parents! Mrs. Zerkowski Mrs. Kreutzer

2 Math Program Common Core State Standards  Fluency-Mastery of facts and computation skills  Math Expressions – district wide new math program  Common Formative Unit Assessments(CFAs)  Modeled after the NYS test  Every student at WSS will take the same unit assessments  Part 1: Multiple Choice  Part 2: Short Answer and Written Response  NYS Math Test

3 5th Grade Math Concepts  Operations & Algebraic Thinking  Write and interpret numerical expressions  Analyze patterns and relationships  Number & Operations in Base 10  Understand the place value system  Perform operations with multi- digit whole numbers and with decimals  Numbers & Operations- Fractions  Equivalent fractions  Add/subtract fractions  Multiply/divide fractions  Measurement & Data  Unit conversions  Represent/interpret data  Volume  Geometry  Coordinate graphing  Classification of shapes based on properties

4 IXL Math and Supplemental math skills practice Students expected to practice specific skills 45 minutes each week in IXL, daily 5 minute practice in Review for Unit Tests Web-based Accessed from our Lancaster District Web-Page Students log in with their 900 numbers

5 Common Core Learning Standards- Literacy Literature NYS ELA Modules/Novel Units-themes, compare/contrast, genres, character development Informational Texts Textbooks/articles-main idea, details, author’s purpose, compare/contrast texts, vocabulary, summarizing Foundational Skills Vocabulary, accuracy, fluency to support comprehension,

6 Components of Literacy  Guided /Close Reading:  Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills  Strategy instruction to implement skills  Differentiated Instructional Levels  Small Group Application  Shared Reading:  NYS Modules/Core novels  Coach Books:  Skills  Test Prep  Independent Reading:  DEAR  Home-20 minutes nightly  Spelling/Word Study  Cursive Corrections  NYS ELA Test

7 Writing Instruction  Evidence from literary texts, informational texts, or personal experience to support analysis, reflection, research  Planning, revising,editing, rewriting  Use of technology to publish writing, keyboarding  Rubrics  Spelling, grammar, use of conventions  Writing Tasks  Opinion  Informative/Explanatory  Narrative  Short Research Projects

8 5th Grade Science & Health  Science  Earth, Moon, Sun  Living Environment  Rocks & Minerals  Weather  Health  Dealing With Feelings  Body Systems  Foods for Good Nutrition  Learning About Diseases  Human Growth & Development

9 5th Grade Science & Health  Common Formative Unit Assessments (CFAs) modeled after the NYS test (Every student at WS will take the same unit assessments)  Parallel the 8 th Grade New York Science Exam  Part 1 – 25 Multiple Choice Questions  Part 2 – Short Answer/Written Response  Final Exam

10 5th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Western Hemisphere  United States, Canada, Latin America  Geography  Early History  Government  Economics ELA Modules-Human Rights Common Formative Assessments Organization and Study Skills

11 Grading Policy… Most assignments are graded using a point system, instead of percentages or letter grades At the end of the quarter, an average is calculated based on: Total points earned Total possible points Points will be deducted for late or missing assignments Parent Portal-Report Cards, Progress Reports, Gradebook

12 Homework/ Projects Purpose Monday through Thursday Time during school hours Long term projects Participation grade Student responsibility Homework Slips “Chipping In”

13 Specials  Physical Education  Weather appropriate clothing, sneakers  Will receive notification of swimming dates  Deodorant, no aerosol sprays  Art/Tech  Half-year courses  Music  Folder and recorder

14 “It’s Cool to Care” / Discipline Policy WSS Student/ Parent Handbook Bullying Prevention Program/DASA Chip System Class Rules Fun Friday Various rewards Parent Communication email, phone call, Friday Folder, agenda planner conferences, detention Discipline Form at office level

15 Housekeeping Items Breakfast Snacks-healthy,water bottles only Birthdays-Items easily distributed, supplies such as cups/spoons/napkins if necessary Party treat sign-up Agenda Planners Friday Folders signed and returned on Monday Test notification slips, what to study Sign and return Unit Tests/others below 80% NYS Test Results AIS, Speech, Resource Room Email/notes

16 Parent-Teacher Conferences Thursday, December 4th, 2014 Friday, December 5th, 2014 Please sign-up with your child’s homeroom teacher

17 Thank you for coming! Please be sure to stop at the class tables in the Commons to sign up for Conferences and Parties. Don’t forget to visit the Special Area Teachers!

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