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Welcome to 7 th Grade English Language Arts. Mrs. Fourcand.

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1 Welcome to 7 th Grade English Language Arts

2 Mrs. Fourcand

3 Resource ELA – 7 th Grade O Follows the 7 th grade on-level curriculum with appropriate modifications. O SpringBoard is the primary textbook. O READ 180 software is used to address fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling goals. O Step Up to Writing is the writing program we use.

4 Curriculum In our 100 minute Language Arts block, we will use SpringBoard, an interactive consumable textbook, to become better readers, writers, listeners, speakers, and thinkers.

5 SpringBoard Unit 1 Unit 1: The Choices We Make Essential Questions O How do authors use narrative elements to create a story? O Why is storytelling an important aspect of a culture or society? Goals O To make connections among texts and to oneself O To explore the role of personal voice in writing O To analyze genres and their organizational structures O To use the writing process to prepare drafts for publication

6 SpringBoard Unit 2 Unit 2: What Influences My Choices? Essential Questions O How do advertisers attempt to influence consumers? O How do purpose and audience shape the content in a persuasive text? Goals O To understand how our lives are affected by persuasion O To identify and analyze persuasive techniques, appeals, language, and images in print and non print texts O To create persuasive advertisements and to write persuasive letters to the editor

7 SpringBoard Unit 3 Unit 3: Our Choices and Life’s Lessons Essential Questions O What is the relationship between choices and consequences? O How does research contribute to the discovery of solutions? Goals O To make connections between and among texts and in your own lives O To analyze, interpret, and evaluate a novel on a variety of levels and for a variety of purposes O To read with fluency and apply appropriate language conventions (sentence structure, usage, punctuation) in oral reading, discussion, and writing O To conduct research and present a convincing argument

8 SpringBoard Unit 4 Unit 4: Reflecting on My Choices Essential Questions O Why is it important to revisit, reflect on, and revise previously written texts? O What influences a writer’s choices during the revision process? Goals O To revisit and evaluate previously written texts O To recognize how audience and format influence voice O To understand the difference between revising and editing

9 SpringBoard Unit 5 Unit 5: How We Choose to Act Essential Questions O How does a speaker create and present an effective oral text? O How do literary devices enhance a text? Goals O To learn to communicate in a variety of forms (verbal, nonverbal) O To improve skills in oral reading and presentation O To increase textual analysis skills and apply them to a variety of genres

10 Required Reading Each student needs his/her own copy of Tangerine by Edward Bloor to read for Unit 3 of SpringBoard. (after winter break) Check your teacher’s website for ordering details and more information. I do have a copies of the novel that students may check out.

11 Materials Needed O SpringBoard Book O Notebook, Paper, Tab Dividers, Pencil Bag, Composition Book and writing tools are provided for your student. O Book for daily choice reading time (electronic devices are allowed)

12 Late Work O Assignments will be accepted up to 3 days late, but the grade earned will not be higher than 70% O On the 2nd day without the assignment, students will be assigned Homework Club, and a parent notification/permission note will be sent home. **If the signed note is returned the following day along with the completed assignment, you will not have to stay for Homework Club. O O For late work due to absence, please refer to the Student Handbook.

13 Re-do/Re-take O Any student, who did not pass an assignment, quiz, or test, may ask for tutoring and the opportunity to re-take to try to earn a 70%. O Within 3 days of the posted grade, the student must schedule a tutoring session before he or she will be allowed to make-up the assignment or test.

14 Tutoring 7 th Grade ELA Team Tutoring Schedule Monday 8:00-8:20 Mrs. Crawford (A131) Mrs. Neumann (A133) Tuesday 8:00-8:20 Ms. Coppedge (A124) Mrs. Cooper (A125) Wednesday 8:00-8:20 Mrs. Herman (A127) Mrs. Barnes (A108) Thursday 8:00-8:20 Mrs. Fourcand (A129) Mrs. Beeks (A135) Friday 8:00-8:20 Mrs. Gadd (A121) Mrs. Grant (A123) If a student needs assistance with an English assignment, but he/she didn’t make an appointment with his/her teacher, or his/her teacher is not in her room, the student should refer to the above schedule for assistance.

15 Thank you!

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