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Unit Two Friendship Warm-ups weather friend Halloween Warm-up questions.

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2 Unit Two Friendship

3 Warm-ups weather friend Halloween Warm-up questions

4 Listen to the song and answer the questions  What is a fair weather friend?  According to the song, what are friends for? PLAY

5 Halloween Halloween is celebrated annually. It is on the night of 31 October, when people once believed that ghosts could be seen. Now, in Britain and America, it is a time when children have parties, dress up as witches, make lanterns out of pumpkins from which the inside has been removed, and play “trick or treat”.

6 Halloween “Trick or treat ” is a traditional activity at Halloween. Children dress in costumes and visit houses. At each house they say “Trick or treat”. This means that they will play a “trick”, or joke, on the people in the house unless they are given a “treat”, e.g. sweets or money. Most people prefer to give treats rather than having tricks played on them.

7 Related Questions 1. Do you often write letters to your friends? 2. Did you ever write a letter which was not sent? Why did you keep it?

8 Presentation of the text Global reading Detailed reading Focus of the text

9 Global reading of the text

10 Scan Text A and decide which of the following statements is the theme. 1. One should keep in touch with his friends. 2. Never delay expressing your true feelings to a friend. 3. A true friend will stand by you forever. 4. Late is better than never. Correct Answer: 2

11 The following questions are what the narrator asked the cab driver. Put them in the right order. 1)Did you go to school together? 2)The letter must have made you feel good, didn’t it? 3)Is your cab available? 4)Is he someone you’ve known quite a while? 5)Is he dead? 6)I thought your friend was Ed. Why did he sign it Tom? 7)Is the letter from a child or a grandchild? 8) Did you two work at the same place? 3--7--4--1--5--8--2--6

12 Part Division of the Text PartsLinesMain Ideas 1 1-42 From a conversation with the cab driver the author learned how much he regretted failing to keep up correspondence with his old friend Ed. 2 43-87 Reading the letter by himself, the author learned more about the lifelong friendship between the driver and Old Ed. 3 88-89 The driver ’ s experience urged the author to reach for his pen.

13 Global reading of the text

14 be lost in/lose oneself in: be absorbed in  He was lost in playing computer games so he was unaware of my entering the room.

15 available: adj. 1) able to be got, obtained, used, etc.  I’m sorry, those overcoats are not available in your color and size. 对不起, 这种外套没有你要的颜色和尺码。 2) able to be visited or seen; not too busy  The lawyer is not available now. 律师现在没空。

16 or something: used when you are not very sure about what you have just said  The air fare was a hundred and ninety- nine pounds or something.  Here’s some money. Get yourself a sandwich or something. N.B. 同义的短语: or something like that

17 go ahead: continue; begin (sometimes followed by with + n. )  The board of directors will vote today on whether to go ahead with the plan.  Henry will be late but we will go ahead with the meeting anyway.

18 estimate 1. vt. form a judgement about (a quantity or value)  I estimate that the total cost for the treatment of the disease will go from $5,000 to $8,000. 2. n. approximate calculation or judgement made about a quantity or value  According to some estimates the number of farms has increased by 50 percent.

19 estimate, evaluate & value estimate 指先于实际的测量、计算或测试而作的某种估计或估价,可 以是经过仔细考虑,也可以是随意的。  He estimated he would do the hundred miles by noon. 他估计自已到中午时能走完这一百英里路。 evaluate 很少表示用金钱来估计某物的市场价值,而是对其相对或内 在价值的评定。  The research project has only been under way for three months, so it’s too early to evaluate its success. 这个研究项目进行了不过三个月,所以要对它的效果作出评价为时尚早。

20 estimate, evaluate & value value 指估计某物的价值、价格。  He valued the house for me at £ 3,500. 他为我估价了这幢房子,价值 3,500 英镑。

21 not much of a: not a good  It is not much of a day. 天气不是很好。  Some people may think that doing housework for others is not much of a career.

22 keep up: continue without stopping  They risk losing their homes because they can no longer keep up the repayments.  I was so hungry all the time that I could not keep the diet up for longer than a month. Collocation: keep to 坚持;信守 keep up with 跟上;赶上 keep on 继续进行;反复地做 keep out of 躲开;(使)置身于 … 之外 keep off 避开;不让 … 接近

23 practically: adv. almost, but not completely or exactly  She’s practically always late for work. 她几乎每天上班迟到。  I know people who find it practically impossible to give up smoking.

24 kind of/sort of: (“kind of” is esp. AmE, “sort of ” esp. BrE) a little bit; in some way or degree (used before v. or after a link verb)  The boy’s description kind of gives us an idea of what’s happening.  她有点希望能受到邀请。 She kind of hoped to be invited.

25 a couple of: a few; more than one but not many  Do you have a moment? There are a couple of things I’d like to talk to you about.  They promised the students that they would find a substitute teacher in a couple of days.

26 come up: 1) happen or occur, esp. unexpectedly  Other projects came up and the emphasis of my work changed. 2) be mentioned or discussed  The term “Project Hope” has come up a lot recently in the newspapers.

27 urge: vt. try very hard to persuade  They urged the local government to approve plans for their reform program.  当老朋友布赖恩怂恿我接受一支香烟时,我实在忍不 住了。 When my old friend Brian urged me to accept a cigarette, it was more than I could bear. Pattern: urge sb. to do sth. urge + that-clause. (In the that-clause, “should” or the base form of a verb is used.)

28 postpone: vt. delay (usu. followed by n./gerund)  The couple had postponed having children to establish their careers.  我们把比赛从 3 月 5 日推迟到 3 月 19 日举行。 We postponed the match from March 5th to March 19th.

29 postpone & delay postpone 指将某事推迟或耽搁延后进行,也可以用来 比喻将某人或某物置于次要地位。例如:  The ball game was postponed because of the rain. 球赛因雨延期。 delay 指由于干扰或意外事故而延误,特别是延误了某事 的预期完成或某人某物的按时到达。有时也可能是由于主 观原因故意造成的拖延或耽搁。例如:  The flood seriously delayed the train service. 洪水严重延误了铁路运输。

30 hang out: 1) (infml; used mainly in AmE) stay in or near a place, for no particular reason, not doing very much  I often hung out in coffee bars while I was unemployed. 2) hang clothes on a piece of string outside in order to dry them  I was worried that I had no time to hang out my washing. Collocation: hang about/around (在 … )闲逛 hang on (打电话时用语)不挂断; 坚持下去 hang over 挂在 … 上;笼罩,威胁 hang up 挂断电话;搁置,拖延

31 awful: adj. (used to add force) very great; very bad or unpleasant  I have got an awful lot of work to do.  I can’t bear the awful smell of cigarette smoke.

32 choke up: become too upset to speak  Losing my job left me completely choked up.  When he learned the news of his friend’s sudden death, he was so choked up that he couldn’t say a thing.

33 right away: at once  Tom has got a high fever; he should go and see a doctor right away.  I wrote him a letter and posted it right away.

34 Highlight of the Text Reading Strategy: Skimming Read through the passage quickly in order to get a general idea of its content. To skim efficiently, you should:  Read the title of the text  Read the first paragraph  Read the first sentence of each of the other paragraph  Read the final paragraph  Look for key words

35 Skill to Be Developed Appreciate that spoken English is much more informal than written English

36 In-class activities

37 talking about friendship friendship durable everlasting warm lifelong perpetual trust close intimate long-standing enduring genuine help generous

38 Discussion The texts in this unit are about friendship. Decide which of the following statements you agree or disagree with. -- Real friends are always of the same sex. -- Childhood friendship rarely lasts into adulthood. -- Time and distance can never alter real friendship.

39 Reinforcement

40 Proverbs and Quotations 1. A friend in court is better than a penny in purse. 与其囊中有钱, 不如朝中有人。 2. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之交, 才是真朋友。 3. A friend to all is a friend to none. 滥交者无友。

41 4. Between friends all is common. 朋友之间不分彼此。 5. False friends are worse than open enemies. 虚伪的朋友比公开的敌人更坏。

42 Test of the Unit 完全沉浸于 引起 … 的注意 坐进后座 不着急 不大会 老街坊 老同学聚会 时间不饶人 在一起闲逛 点头称是 be completely lost in get sb.’s attention settle into the back seat in no hurry not much of a hand at… an old neighborhood a class reunion Time goes by. hang out on the same corner nod in agreement

43 Homework Review what has been learned and finish all the excises for Text A Write a personal letter to one of your friends.

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