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Misconceptions Columbian exchange Silver/feudalism Spanish/Portugal.

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1 misconceptions Columbian exchange Silver/feudalism Spanish/Portugal

2 The Spread of Spanish America Colonial empire 160,000 Spaniards subjugate millions of Indians Universities in Mexico City and Lima

3 Global Competition John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) 1497-98 Jacques Cartier & Giovannia da Verrazano (1524 and 34) Spanish- St. Augustine (1565) – Oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in future U.S.


5 1598- Exploration into the Rio Grande Valley Don Juan de Oñate Cruelly abused Pueblos

6 Battle of Acoma 1599 1609: proclaim province New Mexico and founded capital at Santa Fé No gold but souls

7 Mission societies

8 Popé’s Rebellion- 1680 Indian (Pueblo) uprising in colonial NM Destroyed all churches, killed Built a kiva on the ruins of Spanish plaza Nearly 50 yrs to reclaim NM

9 French expedition in 1680s LaSalle down MS river Spanish started establishing missions/settlements in Texas Alamo

10 California No outside threats 1769: Father Junipero Serra founded San Diego 21 missions Franciscans

11 Franciscan way of conversion Gathered seminomadic Indians into fortified missions Taught them horticulture and basic crafts

12 “Mission Indians” Adopted Christianity Lost contact with their native culture diseases

13 Black Legend Conquerers tortured and butchered Indians, stole gold, infected them with smallpox, and left nothing but misery In reality, created an empire & laid the foundations for many future Spanish speaking nations

14 Something to think about “The Spanish paid the Native Americans the high compliment of fusing with them through marriage and incorporating indigenous culture into their own, rather than shunning and eventually isolating the Indians as their English adversaries would do.”

15 English colonization Not interested early 1500s Allies with Spain Protestant Reformation 1558: Elizabeth→ rivalry w/ Spain

16 Privateers/Pirates/Sea Dogs “Twin goals” of profit and Protestantism Sir Francis Drake (4,600 percent return)

17 Roanoke 1585 Sir Walter Raleigh Virginia (Elizabeth) vanished

18 Spanish Armada “Protestant wind” Beginning of the end of Spain’s imperial dreams Beginning of English naval power

19 Characteristics of England Strong, unified national state under a popular monarch Measure of religious unity A vibrant sense of nationalism 1604: signed peace treaty with Spain

20 Other factors Population growing (+1 million in 50 yrs) Woolen districts Drifters/beggars/paupers “surplus population” Primogeniture Joint-stock companies

21 Peace with a chastened Spain provided the opportunity for English colonization. Population growth provided the workers. Unemployment, as well as a thirst for adventure, for markets, and religious freedom, provided the motives. Joint-stock companies provided the financial means. The stage was not set for a historic effort to establish an English...

22 1606 Virginia Company (joint-stock) Charter colony Intended to make money quickly, not stay

23 Jamestown charter Guaranteed colonists would have the same rights as English citizens Ironic

24 May 24, 1607 Jamestown= bad life Captain John Smith “dogges, Catts, Ratts, and Myce” 400 settlers 1609→60 after 1610

25 Spring 1610 Colonists leaving Met by Lord De La Warr 1625: 1200 Virginians

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