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Serials Solutions – your Knowledge Gateway Partner Ekaterinbourg, 20 th of November 2012.

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1 Serials Solutions – your Knowledge Gateway Partner Ekaterinbourg, 20 th of November 2012


3 Serving more than 3000 libraries… Libraries of all types and sizes Academic: 1883 Public: 276 Corporate: 386 Research: 241 Consortia:47 School: 50 Providing support to libraries in 77 countries, in 9 languages

4 Some of our clients in Russia and in other CIS countries.

5 Our Librarians are the Knowledge behind the Knowledgebase 1.5 million+ journal holdings 3.8 million+ eBook holdings 13,000+ databases 36,000+ rules 5500+ Full-text databases 454 million+ Library Managed Holdings 470 million+ Library Managed Holdings

6 Standardized Data Proprietary ‘Normalization’ process

7 Library Knowedgebase Discovery Management, Assessment, Proxy Control Metadata + Library collection information is entered ONCE for all Services via the Client Center, and continually updated by KnowledgeWorks +++ Global knowledge base tier maintained by Serials Solutions staff DAILY ++ Libraries add important resource information for tracking and management purposes via advanced management modules in the Client Center Customize Correct Track

8 Manage Intota Open URL 360 LINK Discovery SUMMON AquaBrowser 360 Search

9 SaaS

10 Introduction to three of our Services

11 Ulrich’s™ Global Serials Intelligence Authoritative serials knowledge for relevant collections

12 Accurate and Current Serials Knowledge Fuels library workflows Supports patron research Helps keep your collection relevant Helps you manage and assess collections

13 Gathering Serials Knowledge Publisher websites Aggregator websites A&I provider websites Subscription Agent A’s database Subscription Agent B’s database Cooperative catalogs Search engines Where do you look for it all?

14 Global Serials Intelligence Comprehensive data collection and verification about serials and their providers Ulrich’s is comprehensive Worldwide coverage of titles and publishers Serials in all languages and subjects Inclusive coverage of all media formats Ulrich’s is verified Managed by a professional staff 325,000 Title Authority records 103,000 Provider Authority records

15 Ulrich’s Collects and Verifies for You CaptureCorrectCompileConnect Where do we get the data? How do we clean the data? What do we add to the data? Where does the data go? Publisher outreach EDI feeds Web-based research New data forms ‘Checklists’ Catalogs Verify details Verify status Validate ISSN Standardize titles Apply authority rules Link titles to provider & supplier records Bibliographic data Subjects Content descriptions Links to related serials Reviews TOCs Ulrich’s services Access tools Management tools Data tools Libraries Consortia Patrons Researchers

16 How USAS can help your library in challenging times

17 How do you make informed Collection Decisions? Serials assessment is really about many serials projects: Collection development Serials audits/weeding Print to electronic migration Cost comparisons Price analysis eJournal database evaluation Keeping pace with publishers and providers Understanding what’s available, and from whom Accreditation and curriculum support Too many projects – not enough time or manual resources

18 Making Collection Decisions in Challenging Times Assess your current serials collection Evaluate resource quality Identify potential cost savings Analyze print-to-electronic options Make reasoned decisions about what to cut Share information to support your decisions ULRICHS Serials Analysis System Solves the Problem

19 Merge Internal & External Data

20 Modular Design to Support Multiple Projects

21 Reporting Option: Your Library - View subject-based statistics about your collection

22 Reporting Option: Your Library – Drill down to item-level details

23 Reporting Option: Your Library - Display A&I coverage data for individual titles in your collection

24 Reporting Option: Your Library - Identify online availability for aggregated and publisher-direct titles

25 Reporting Option: Your Library –title-level reviews and recommendations

26 Modular Design to Support Multiple Projects

27 Reporting Option: Comparison & Overlap Reports - Build your own baseline of measurement

28 Reporting Option: Comparison & Overlap Reports - Create your own comparison group profile

29 Reporting Option: Comparison & Overlap Reports - Get statistics on gaps and duplication between collections

30 Modular Design to Support Multiple Projects

31 Reporting Option: Aggregator Comparison Reports - Evaluate E-journal databases and packages

32 Reporting Option: Aggregator Comparison Reports - View head-to-head statistics for E-journal databases

33 Making Collection Decisions in Challenging Times Analytical reporting tools for library staff Ulrichsweb™ access for staff and patrons (included) Continuously updated serials information Free product training and support

34 Get to your Full Text via one Click

35 OpenURL Link Process Via Open URL Citation Data Results Page Full Text

36 The User Experience 1. Referring Source2. 360 Link Results Page 3. Full-Text/Article

37 360 Link Connects to Full-Text Abstract & Indexing Databases Abstract & Indexing Databases Google Scholar Bibliographic Reference Sources PubMed Link Out Blogs and Websites 360 Core A-to-Z List Summon Aggregated Databases Publisher Sites, CrossRef DOI Links Subscription Agents Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Document Delivery OPAC Customized Web Resources Web Search Engines

38 Optimize the User Experience: Showcase Your Library Library links and branding Easy-to-use interface Wide variety of custom links

39 Optimize the User Experience: Localization of 360 Link Results Page in 23 languages

40 Integration: Google Scholar Bridge the gap between Google Scholar and your collection Gets researchers to the “appropriate copy” of the resource they need From Google Scholar or to Google Scholar using Custom Links Feature used at 500+ libraries

41 Integration: Google Scholar

42 Integration: PubMed


44 Integration: Courseware (e.g., Blackboard) Provides you with a static, persistent link to resources Can be used in any Course Management Software Completely customizable (appearance, text, and icon)

45 Integration: 360 Core E-Journal Portal

46 Integration: Custom Links on the Results Page

47 Print Collection Integration

48 Quick and Easy Implementation 1. Set up holdings information in the Client Center 2. Customize your results page, choose preferences (Can be done via admin consoles, in conjunction with Serials Solutions staff, and updated easily at any time) 3. Notify your vendors of your referring URL (We provide a referring source set-up guide)


50 Primary Research Observational research of researchers and students 70+ sessions across 8 universities and research institutions Online focus groups with end-user researchers 9 groups, 80 participants (multiple demographics) Focus group sessions with librarians 7 groups, 47 librarians Surveys of end-user researchers 10,463 respondents across diverse demographics 50

51 The Millennials – User behavior has altered Want to be self-sufficient They do NOT ask questions They want to be anonymous They expect all search systems to behave like Google, Bing, and other Open Web search engines Today’s student = Tomorrow’s faculty 51

52 Compensatory behavior… Existing Options for Accessing Library Content Library catalogue 52 eResources page

53 Familiar Alternative Simple Fast Easy 53

54 Google-like searching in the library Simple Fast Easy 54

55 Google-like searching in the library Library catalogue Electronic resources Repositories 55

56 Growing list of Summon libraries Over 500 libraries in 40 countries Proven SaaS: Most libraries fully implemented in just 10-12 weeks

57 The World’s First Web-scale Discovery Service Market announcement in January 2009

58 Everything Has Been Leading To This… A single search box enables quick discovery of the most credible resources anywhere the library has them Single, unified index Pre-harvested Expert treatment of combined data sources Content-type and vendor neutral Superior relevancy ranking

59 CUSTOMIZABLE – The Library’s front door

60 What does “Discovery” mean for users? Simple Easy Fast

61 No clear and compelling starting placeDifficulty identifying appropriate resourcesConfusing to navigate across resources Why Not the Library First?

62 A digital front door for your library’s resources… Provides an opportunity for your library to reclaim its place as the starting place for research – and saves valuable time for researchers with busy schedules

63 Only one way to meet users’ expectations Built from scratch and built to purpose Speed Available with or without authentication Single relevance ranked results set Powerful and intuitive faceting and sorting features Easy to navigate and save results Customized to your library’s collection

64 Covers the Critical Core of Library Collections ContentNumber of records Newspaper Articles364,000,000+ Journal Articles137,000,000+ Books86,500,000+ eBooks18,500,000+ Theses and Dissertations5,700,000+ Conference Proceedings2,200,000+ Patents3,800,000+ Library Catalog records140,000,000+ Open Access records14,700,000+ Institutional Repository records6,700,000+ Government Documents14,900,000+ over 1 Billion records; 96+ content types

65 Unprecedented Content Provider Support 65

66 Summon Content Growth May 2012 = Over 1 Billion Deduplicated

67 Superior metadata treatment Work directly with content providers to receive the best metadata Merge metadata elements to create superior records Provide full text indexing for better discovery Index and preserve subject terms from all taxonomies Add Journal Authority, Ulrich’s peer review data, WoS Citation Counts Serials Solutions expertise results in rich metadata optimized for discovery = Enriched Summon Records

68 Merging Example Summon Record Sage: Full Text Gale/ProQuest: abstracts and subject terms CrossRef: DOI Ulrich’s: Peer-reviewed status Web of Science: additional author plus citation counts The most complete representation of all metadata from all sources merged into a single record

69 Summon increases Print Book Usage 69

70 How does Summon increase your book usage? We index your OPAC records and add highly sophisticated search capabilities to your data We enrich your OPAC date with Cover Images, Syndetics, etc We enrich your OPAC data with full text search capabilities via highly advanced match&merge

71 Ground Breaking - Full Text Book Search …and others

72 Beyond full-text search to full-text matching Users are led to local print copies

73 The Fulltext merged Over 13.5 Million English Volumes available for Full Text Searching today Brings Fulltext searching to your catalog records 73

74 Syndetics Display View Syndetics Data Table of Contents, Book Reviews, Chapter Excerpts, etc 74

75 SUMMON Mobile Version Try it out: Summon Mobile and Tablet PC Version has all the functions of the standard Summon

76 University of Huddersfield usage increase Built from scratch and built to purpose Architected like Google and other Open Web solution Built to handle large data and deliver results fast Pre-Harvested content in a single unified index Moves libraries beyond federated search

77 University of Huddersfield - total unique students using e-resources (FTE 20-22k) Summon goes live

78 Lets take a look …

79 Easy Implementation Most libraries fully implemented in just 8 - 12 weeks, SaaS model (secure, robust, cost-effective) Integrated with most ILS, and 6 different next-gen catalog products Minimal IT staff and no programming skills needed

80 Early adopter program Why? To provide the best discovery tools to Russian market When? Immediately How? Contact METEC Aaron Maierhofer ( Richard Burkitt (

81 Early adopter program What is the cost? On average 50% Discount of List Price Implementation Fee included 360 LINK, 360 CORE, A-Z List and Overlap Analysis Tool included What is included? Discovery Service Summon 360 LINK 360 CORE A-Z List Overlap Analysis Tool

82 Early adopter program Benefits for your library Take advantage of reduced price Local Russian Support via METEC Input in helping Serials Solutions adopt Summon further for Russian Libraries No price increase for the duration of the contract (i.e. one, two, three years etc.) How to qualify? Orders received before 30 th of December 2012 OPAC needs to be supported by Serials Solutions Libraries need to be willing to give us feedback

83 Спасибо!

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