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Diversity in the Co-Curriculum Representatives from the Division for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs: Anna Barone, Student Conduct Matt Barone,

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1 Diversity in the Co-Curriculum Representatives from the Division for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs: Anna Barone, Student Conduct Matt Barone, Student Union and Activities Sara Kelly, Residential Life/Learning Communities Kim Piatt, Leadership Development Program Rich Harris, Community Development Jeri Coleman, Women’s Center

2 Outcomes Participants will be able to: Identify ways to develop partnerships among academic and student affairs Explore existing initiatives related to diversity education Brainstorm new ideas and approaches to diversity education at The College at Brockport

3 Guiding Literature for Diversity in the Co-Curriculum “Linking Diversity and Civic Minded Practices with Student Outcomes” by Sylvia Hurtado and Linda Deangelo Salsa, Spirit and Soul: Leadership for a Multicultural Age by Juana Bordes Readings for Diversity and Social Justice by Adams, Blumenfeld, Castaneda, Hackman, Peters & Zuniga Privilege, Power and Difference by Johnson

4 Campus Climate Index Lacking resources and information on website Lacking gender options LGBTQA Resource Center Campus wide SAFE Zone training Explore additional gender neutral restrooms Ally housing application option Campus Pride College Fair

5 Critical Conversations Students who attend Critical Conversations programming will be able to: Explore social justice, diversity and inclusiveness issues. Examine various sides of current controversial issues Compare and contrast their opinions and values with others respectfully and civilly through communication Description: Residential Life/Learning Communities sponsors the Critical Conversations programming series to: Promote student involvement and interest in current national and global issues Provide intentional, educational experiences for students to explore controversial issues Educate students about various sides of an issue Promote conversations among students that foster controversy with civility

6 Presidents Interfaith & Community Service Challenge (Fall 2012 events) Make-A-Difference Day: (October 27 nd ): The College at Brockport has been participating in Make a Difference Day since 1999. Projects have ranged from painting fences, planting flowers and raking leaves to sanitizing the child care facilities. This year The Community Development Department coordinated a campus-wide canned goods drive for the local Brockport Ecumenical Food Shelf. Celebration of Gratitude: (November 15 th ) : Celebration of Gratitude is part of Brockport's involvement in President Obama's Interfaith & Community Service Challenge. This year the one-hour interfaith service focused on our local community’s gratitude for food – from the farms it is grown on to the workers who harvest the food to the food we have on our tables. Seasons of Gratitude: (December 1 st – 21 st ): During Seasons of Gratitude, The College at Brockport community supports local families in need. Seasons of Gratitude is an adaptation of the former Holiday Helping Hand campaign with a primary focus of food collection. Our participation allows us to create opportunities to engage a broad cross-section of faculty, staff, students and community partners in building relationships as we coordinate food collection and distribution as determined by need. Walking the Labyrinth: The event aims to help visitors open their minds to the variety of religions found within their own community. “The event is a self-guided tour and exploration of different beliefs,” says Karen Podsiadly, director of Brockport’s Office of Community Development. “Because it’s a self-guided tour, the beliefs of others will not be forced on anyone. Instead, the individual is given the opportunity to form their own beliefs and opinions while reflecting on their religious journey.”

7 Presidents Interfaith & Community Service Challenge (Spring 2013 events) Team Memphis (Service Learning Trip): January 7 th – January 15 th ) :Team Memphis is a service learning opportunity and a collaboration between the Division of Academic Affairs and the Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at The College at Brockport. Students who participate go to Memphis for a week-long community service experience. This past trip, students performed service work on the Zion Cemetery Project, helping to reclaim an abandoned 16-acre Black cemetery that contains 23,000 graves, some of them former slaves. Student’s caped off their academic experience by visiting the National Civil Rights museum at the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated and by observing Martin Luther King Day in Memphis. MLK, Jr. Day of Service: (January 21 st ) Saturday of Service : Saturday of Service is a campus wide community service event where members of the College community, students, and faculty/staff come together for 2hrs of community service in the Brockport/Rochester communities. Community Development collaborates with campus organizations and departments, national nonprofit organizations, and other groups whose missions intersect to provide community service opportunities. These collaborations further advance the College's goal of fostering an environment of engaged citizens in service to their communities. Tunnel of Oppression: During The Tunnel, participants are guided through a series of scenes that aim to educate and challenge them to think more deeply about issues of oppression. At the end of the tour, participants are provided with the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other. Facilitators help participants reflect on their experiences and put their newfound knowledge to use in their everyday lives.

8 Presidents Interfaith & Community Service Challenge (Spring 2013 events) Continued International Festival : The College at Brockport's annual International Festival showcases the diverse backgrounds of the school's foreign students and shares their cultures with the rest of campus. This year’s theme was world religions. Additional Programs/events: Scholars Day of Service Gospel Fest Teen Empowerment Luncheon Serve-The-Port Seasons of Gratitude: Trash-is-Treasure Collection Presidents Interfaith & Community Service Challenge Gathering: (June 13 th ) Interfaith Train-The-Trainers: (June 18 th – June 22 nd ) OSAD Reunion

9 Four certificates based on the Social Change Model Emphasis on examining individual, group and societal values as they relate to positive change in the community A variety of methods are used: –Workshops –Mentor Relationships –Group Projects –Coursework –Campus Events –Annual Conference

10 Tunnel of Oppression

11 The Women's Center strives to advocate for change in order to create and maintain a climate that enhances the quality of life for all members of the college community. This is achieved by bringing institutional attention to policies and practices that impact women. The Women's Center works in partnership with other college offices and departments to address the needs of all women at the College. The Women's Center facilitates connections between students, college resources, alumni, staff, faculty, and members of the broader community through collaboration. The Women's Center also encourages leadership by supporting student-initiated programs and provides training in leadership skills. The overall mission of this office is to empower women and men by creating opportunities to learn more about feminist theory and gender issues that impact our lives.

12 Take Back the Night is an international event aimed at raising awareness of and ending sexual violence toward women. Held annually during the Spring semester, the Clothesline Project is an event aimed at raising awareness about violence against women. Pamela Graham, from Alternatives for Battered Women (ABW), will present a workshop on October 17, 2012, entitled “Healthy, Unhealthy and Dangerous Relationships.”

13 Discussion

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