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New South. Bourbon Triumvirate 1872 – 1890 Goal: to reclaim the state from scalawags & carpetbaggers Bourbon: powerful ruling class.

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1 New South

2 Bourbon Triumvirate 1872 – 1890 Goal: to reclaim the state from scalawags & carpetbaggers Bourbon: powerful ruling class

3 During this time period business and industry was encouraged by three leaders Joseph Brown John Gordon Alfred Colquitt Bourbon Triumvirate

4 All three men served as governor or U.S. senator during this time period encouraged business and industry in Georgia wanted to build a new South that was an economic power house Railroads, cities, and factories increased Controlled state power Bourbon Triumvirate

5 Henry Grady Editor of Atlanta Constitution from 1880 to 1889 Urged people to forget the past and create a “New South” Create industry from within the state His paper helped to bring investments to the North

6 Henry Grady Supported and sought northern investment in southern industry Helped bring jobs, recognition, and investments to Georgia A principal planner for the International Cotton Exposition in 1881 to show off the South’s new industries

7 International Cotton Expositions Industrial fairs that focused on cotton textile 1881, 1887, 1895 Attracted hundreds of thousands of people Symbolized a new era in Georgia Farmers Alliance is created

8 Saving Farmers Even though business and banking was thriving, farmers were not Cotton prices dropped and it was hard to find help in the cotton fields Tom Watson was elected to congress in 1890 and argued for farmers issues in Washington 1891 People’s Party is organized by the Farmers Alliance

9 Saving Farmers Tom Watson becomes Populist leader in GA Rural Free Delivery Bill: promised free mail delivery to country farmers Challenged Democratic Party by threatening to split the white vote and bring back black Republicans

10 Tom Watson Controversial leader of the Populist Party Was concerned about Georgia’s poor and struggling farmers Wanted unity among black and white farmers to push for reform Saw that if farmers worked together they would be able to get change

11 Tom Watson Was elected as a Democrat to Congress in 1890 with support from the Farmers’ Alliance Changed his position on racial unity Change ended his career as an opponent of minority rights, including Catholics and Jews

12 Rebecca Latimer Felton Married to a congressman and senator that opposed the Bourbon Democrats Was her husbands campaign manager Became famous as a writer and fighting for women's rights First Female U.S. Senator (Only for a 24 hour period, she was filling in after the person in office passed away)

13 Rebecca Latimer Felton Independent Democrat Advocated for the rights of the poor and lower middle class Worked for reform in prison system Challenged Bourbon Triumvirate

14 1906 Atlanta Riot

15 Tension was caused by election and newspaper articles printed about attacks Hoke Smith was running for governor with the promise of taking away the right to vote from black citizens. Caused huge disagreements among people. Newspaper prints an article about four alleged incidents of black men assaulting white women.

16 1906 Atlanta Riot A group of white men attack a black messenger, a mob appears and it turns into chasing and attacking blacks all over the city. Claim that they did this in order to protect themselves and their wives / children. Lasts 4 days 10 blacks and 2 whites died

17 Hoke Smith Progressive Party Stressed white supremacy and put in place the poll tax, white primary, literacy test, and the grandfather clause Wanted to improve moral and social conditions in the South, especially in the areas of child labor, prison reform, prohibition, and voting for women

18 Leo Frank Case Religious prejudice is also a huge issue in the earl 1900’s Leo Frank was a Jewish factory superintendent in Atlanta Convicted of murdering Mary Phagan a 13 year old worker in 1913 Convicted even though there were conflicting testimonies and unanswered questions

19 Two years after his conviction he as kidnapped from his cell and hanged 1986 guilty verdict is reversed after a worker comes forward with new information This case showed everyone that the South resents Northern factory owners and is still anti-Jewish Leo Frank Case

20 Knights of Mary Phagan KKK rose again calling themselves the Knights of Mary Phagan Hung Leo Frank, took pictures and sold pieces of his clothing as souvenirs Gathered at Stone Mountain south of Atlanta

21 County Unit System Power struggle in the government for industry and agriculture 1917 County Unit System is passed helping agriculture Each county was assigned two unit votes in the Democratic Primary election. The winner of the popular vote was awarded the unit vote for the county

22 County Unit System Does not represent population fairly but benefits rural agricultural areas No county has more than three representatives in the assembly All counties had the same number of votes no matter what their population 1962 U.S. Supreme Court rules against the County Unit System

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