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VAT on Property Transactions

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1 VAT on Property Transactions

2 VAT – back to basics Everything is standard rated unless there is an exception A lot of land supplies are exceptions Land exempt unless: option to tax applies; or an exception to the exception (e.g. Garages/ parking, holiday homes etc.) But new commercial buildings – standard rated new dwellings – zero-rated property conversion work – reduced rate Depending on your point of view exemption not necessarily a good thing

3 VAT Rate’s Applicable on Property Transactions
5% 20% or Exempt VAT Exempt Exempt or 20% 0% 20% 0% & 20%

4 VAT on Property Transactions
Complex Subject to special rules / regimes High value transactions Subject to a number of anti-avoidance measures Getting it wrong can be costly!

5 What am I going to Cover? VAT liability
New and old Commercial, Residential, Relevant Residential and Relevant Charitable Purpose. Option to Tax Capital goods scheme / change of intention Transfers of going concerns Building materials and fixtures Building contracts, payments and tax points Anti-avoidance measures

6 VAT Liability – New Commercial
Grant of a major interest in a new commercial / civil engineering work = Standard Rated What is a major interest? Freehold sale or a lease of more than 21 years What constitutes commercial? Not designed as a dwelling/s nor to be used for Relevant Residential Purpose (RRP) or Relevant Charitable Purpose (RCP) What constitutes new? Three years from practical completion

7 VAT Liability – Old Commercial
Grant of any interest in land or buildings eg sale of bare land / lease of an office block etc = exempt from VAT Subject to the ‘Option To Tax’ – which converts exempt supplies into taxable supplies Supplies of ‘existing / old’ commercial property can be either exempt or standard rated

8 Residential – New Build
New Residential = Zero Rated supply in the course of construction of a building designed as a dwelling (NB: excludes specific professional services / F&F) first grant of a major interest in a building being designed as a dwelling (or conversion of a non-residential building into residential use)

9 Residential – Conversions of Existing Dwellings / Non Dwellings into Dwellings
Reduced Rating 5% applies to construction services which result in a changed number of dwellings e.g. a maisonette with two dwellings converted into a single house a house converted into two or more flats a building with five flats converted into three Applies to construction services of renovating ‘empty’ dwellings Empty means unoccupied for over two years Special Residential Conversions Creating a dwelling from commercial / non-residential property

10 VAT Liability Relevant Residential Purpose = Zero Rating
a home / institution providing residential accommodation for children and people requiring personal care and support hospice boarding school accommodation Monastery / nursery or an institution which is the sole or main residence of at least 90% of its residents (NB: exclusions are hospitals, prisons, hotels, inns) Relevant Charitable Purpose = Zero Rating used otherwise in the course of furtherance of a business places of worship offices used by charities for administering non-business activity e.g. collections of donations school building

11 Summary of VAT Liabilities Applying to Property Transactions
New Commercial = Standard Rated Old Commercial = Exempt or Standard Rated Residential New Build = Zero Rated Residential Conversions changed number of dwellings renovating empty dwelling Reduced Rated special residential conversion Live work units / New Build part commercial and part residential = subject to apportionment 20% / 0%

12 Option to Tax (OTT) How specific will an OTT be?
Demolitions / new buildings Extensions Linked buildings Exclusions for new buildings Revoking an OTT

13 Disapplication of Option to Tax (OTT)
Sale of land to Housing Association Costs Land £2m + VAT £400k Prof fees £200k plus VAT £40k Land £2.4m Prof fees £240k “Golden Brick” Solution Housing Association £4m + VAT Profit £1.8m Housing Association £4m no VAT Certificate disapplies OTT Profit £1.36m

14 Option to Tax (OTT) Converts certain supplies of land and property from being an exempt supply into a taxable supply OTT must be notified to HMRC identifying land / buildings covered (letter / form VAT 1614A) Used to support the recovery of input tax that would otherwise be lost / restricted Post option all supplies made in relation to that land / building will be subject to VAT unless: dwelling / conversion into a dwelling residential caravan parks / houseboat moorings if the option has been revoked supplies made to charities who will use the building for RCP Housing Associations anti-avoidance measures apply

15 Option to Tax (OTT) OTT is disapplicated if anti-avoidance measures invoked: Applies to an interest in land / building of more than £250k (a CGS asset) Use made of the land / buildings is for VAT exempt purposes (ie at least 80% exempt) The land / buildings are occupied by: The grantor Person connected with the grantor A development financier A person connected with the development financier

16 Option to Tax (OTT) Disapplication of OTT Dev Co Bank Co
1 3 50 year lease Bank Co £10m 2 Landowner sells land to Dev Co subject to OTT for £3m plus VAT of £600k. Bank Co provides funding of £10m to Dev Co (£3m for land and £7m for build costs Dev Co OTT and leases new building to bank for £300k pa plus VAT of £60k pa on 50 year lease. As Bank Co and Dev Co are connected OTT is disapplied and Dev costs increase by £2m.

17 Option to tax Land is exempt from VAT
Option to tax changes supply to standard rated Not applicable to residential/ charitable property New buildings do not need an option if freehold sale Option to tax must be exercised If previous supplies made permission might be needed

18 VAT – Capital Goods Scheme (CGS)
Applies to interest in land or business with a value of more than £250k plus VAT Requires businesses to monitor ‘use’ made of land / buildings over a ten year period Where ‘use’ made changes this can result in a clawback / further reclaim of VAT

19 VAT Capital Goods Scheme (CGS)
2010 ABC Plc buys commercial new office for £1m Plus VAT £175k which it recovers in full 2014 ABC Plc sublets 1/3 of property which is surplus to requirements to insurance company (no OTT) CGS Adjustment = Exempt usage is 33% in 2014 Initial VAT reclaim £175k ÷ 10 = £17.5K x 33% = £5775 clawback

20 Change of Intention Developer constructs block of ten residential flats with intention to grant a major interest of all flats – incurs VAT of £1m on land / Professional fees / F&F etc Sells 100 year lease interest in 7 flats Leases other 3 flats on 12 month short term tenancies HMRC calculate any clawback based on use over a 10 year period ... £1m ÷ 10 = £100k x 30% = £30k clawback pa Solution – crystallise a grant of a major interest in entire build prior to exempt supplies being made

21 CGS example Solicitor buys new office (new build) for £1M plus VAT of £200K Fully taxable use of office - VAT claimed back in full After 5 years Solicitor merges with another firm and moves into their premises, selling this office The building is not opted so the sale is exempt from VAT Capital Goods Scheme applies Adjustment = £200K ÷ 10 x 5 adjustments = £100K

22 VAT on Listed Buildings
Pre 1 October 2012 Repairs and Maintenance = Standard Rated Approved Alterations = Zero Rated Post 1 October 2012 Repairs & Maintenance = Standard Rated Approved Alterations = Standard Rated Transitional Regime for Approvel Alterations Zero rating can apply on works up until 30/09/15, if: A relevant consent applied for before 21/03/12, or A written contract entered into before 21/03/12

23 VAT on Listed Building – Substantial Construction
Pre 1 October 2012 First grant of a major interest in a substantially reconstructed listed building was zero rated if 3/5 of the work (by cost) were approved alterations. Post 1 October Zero rating will be restricted to the first grant of a major interest in a protected building substantially reconstructed from a shell. Transitional provisions – Zero Rating applies on a major grant of a substantially reconstructed building if: 3/5 of works are approved alterations (by cost) and Within scope of a relevant consent pre 21 March 2012 or written contract entered into before 21 March 2012 or 10% of the substantial reconstruction (by cost) has completed prior to 21 March 2012

24 VAT – Building Materials & Fixtures
Zero rating and reduced rating on construction services also applies to building materials / fixtures which are ordinarily incorporated into a building of that description. Incorporated means that to remove would require use of tools / remedial work to fabric of the building e.g. Kitchen furniture Boiler / storage heater wired and plumbed A/C and heating systems Bathroom fittings Fire alarm / smoke detectors / burglar alarms Flood lights Topsoil / shrubs / turf Swimming pools!

25 VAT – Building Materials & Fixtures
Definition of ordinarily incorporated will vary depending upon purpose of the building − RRP and RCP sales - external lighting systems / blinds and shutters − Schools – blackboards / whiteboards, gymnasium wall bars, notice and display boards − Churches - alter, font, lectern, pipe organs, church bells

26 VAT Building Materials and Fixtures
Specific exclusions: Finished or prefabricated furniture Electrical / gas appliances Carpets or carpeting material Luxury fittings

27 VAT – Building Contracts, Payments and Tax Points
Single payment contracts Normal tax point rules apply so tax point earlier of receipt of payment or issue of an invoice. Stage or interim payment contracts Receipt of payment / issue of invoice / authenticated receipt Subject to special anti-avoidance rules which creates tax point on completion of works. Liquidated damages Not payment for a supply ... No vat due Cannot offset liquidated damages against payments for a supply CITB levy Deducted from value of supply before calculating VAT

28 VAT Standard rated Compulsory Standard Rated
New Commercial & Civil Engineering (freehold sales) Parking (facilities for parking) Rights - Fishing, timber, camping etc. Hotels and similar Sporting or entertainment entrance fees Storage fees

29 Surrenders etc Premiums on assignment - exempt (with option to tax)
Reverse premium on assignment – taxable Surrender – exempt (with option to tax) Reverse surrender – exempt (with option to tax)

30 Transfer of Going Concern (TOGC)
TOGC – supply disregarded for VAT purposes If elected or new [non-residential] property involved Purchaser must elect and notify HMRC prior to grant – beware of auctions Advisors for vendors must get copies of election and acknowledgement Advisors for purchasers should get copies of vendor’s original election and HMRC’s acknowledgment Deposit payments on exchange – “Stakeholder” accounts? Anti avoidance rules apply between ‘connected parties’

31 TOGC TOGC Part tenanted (no matter how small)
Let with rent free period Lease granted, but not yet occupied Site sold as a package and some units not yet occupied Tenant is member of landlord’s or purchaser’s VAT group only if other tenants present Not a TOGC Actively marketed but not let (yet) Freehold owned and a lease granted Head lease owned and a sub-lease granted (but………….) Sold to existing tenant occupying whole premises No other tenants, and tenant is a member of vendor’s or purchaser’s VAT group 31

32 Property Development Purchase Freehold Leasehold TOGC
Option to tax & disapplication Barter

33 Barter Transactions A owns land with existing commercial properties
B wants to buy land and develop into flats A agrees to sell land for £1M plus a lease of new commercial unit VAT position Consideration includes commercial unit Valued at cost VAT depends on option to tax

34 Property & VAT Structured Approach VAT position What are you buying?
Will we incur VAT? Can we recover VAT? What are you buying? What are you building? What will you do with it? For example: Bare Land New Dwellings Short Lets Exempt or VAT if opted Zero rated Exempt Office Block Convert to Flats Long leases Exempt or VAT if opted Reduced rate Zero rate

35 Nice & straightforward Any questions?

36 Richard Urron Associate Director
Contacts John Forth Director Richard Urron Associate Director T: +44 (0) T: +44 (0) E: E: This communication is intended to provide general guidance on matters of interest and you should not act or refrain from acting upon any information contained in it without seeking appropriate professional advice

37 © 2014 Baker Tilly UK Group LLP, all rights reserved
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