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Study Guide for Midterm Exam World Geography. Define Famine Extreme scarcity of food As in the Great Irish Potato Famine.

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1 Study Guide for Midterm Exam World Geography

2 Define Famine Extreme scarcity of food As in the Great Irish Potato Famine

3 What is the Colombian Exchange? An exchange of food, plants, animals and disease from the Old World (Europe) to the New World (Americas).

4 Where did the California gold strike occur? At Sutter’s Mill Established the city of San Francisco Population established allowed California to become a state. Called 49ers.

5 Low standard of living occurs When you have a short life expectancy Infant mortality (death) rates are high per thousand. Average income is low

6 What is Arid? Dry Humans, plants and animals must adapt to life with little water.

7 How are arches created? When bedrock is more resistant to weathering and erosion than the surrounding area.

8 Latitude and Elevation Can have a similar effect. Can create an ice-capped mountain even when it is on the equator. Ex., Mt. Kilimanjaro

9 What is the Coriolis Effect? The Coriolis Effect contributes to the circular motion of the wind around pressure systems which move weather patterns. It is because the earth spins on its axis. Contributes to tornados and hurricanes.

10 Central America’s Rainforests Are decreasing. Costa Rica is trying to preserve their rainforests through eco-tourism.

11 Inca Indians of South America Lived in the Andes Mountains. Farmed using terraces Did not have a written language.

12 European Union An economic agreement between Western European Nations. The Euro is their currency. Passports are not needed between member nations.

13 Jet Stream Patterns of North America. Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents found in the atmosphere.

14 Green Revolution The use of scientific farming methods and improved varieties of seeds to increase agricultural output.

15 Facebook and Twitter Social media Allows people to connect through common interests. Can cause revolutions, new ideas, etc.

16 How can you grow plants in an arid land? By irrigation Water is either hauled in or Wells are dug

17 What are polders? Found in the Netherlands They are dikes that hold back the sea They reclaim land from the sea

18 Define: diffusion The movement of goods and ideas from one culture to another

19 How did the U.S. benefit from the immigration of German Jews before WW II Scientists who were Jewish escaped Nazi Germany They brought knowledge of atomic weapons

20 Define suffrage The right to vote Women have had to fight to get the right to vote in most all countries.

21 South American Has two main European languages Spanish and Portuguese

22 Democracy First practiced in ancient Greece In Athens Leader is Pericles Model for modern democracies.

23 Culture A set of common customs, institutions and beliefs of a people This can include religion, language, traditions…

24 Karl Marx A German Jew Created the idea of communism Class struggle and revolutionary change Workers should own the means of production. No private property!

25 Totalitarian Government control of everything No freedom A dictatorship

26 Overfishing Has depleted the oceans’ fish populations. Some people believe that governments should regulate fishing

27 Suez and Panama canals Trade paths that have cut land between two bodies of water. Shorten trade routes Save money, miles & time.

28 NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement Caused some American companies to move their factories to Mexico Caused Americans to lose jobs An agreement between Canada, U.S. and Mexico Bill signed by Pres. Clinton

29 Subsistence farming Producing just enough food for a family’s survival Do not produce enough to sell for profit (money)

30 Market Economy Free market Prices are determined by supply and demand Usually the economic system of democracies

31 Taiga biome Found in Canada, Russia and Europe It is a forest region biome Determined by climate The word is Russian

32 Russia Russia is on two continents and is mostly cold. Warm water ports are important for shipping goods and supplies to a country.

33 Disease In today’s globalization disease can spread rapidly due to increased travel between continents.

34 Inca, Maya, & Aztec Indians Are Latin American natives Used advanced technology to build complex structures.

35 Four Economic Sectors The primary sector of the economy extracts or harvests products from the earth. The secondary sector of the economy manufactures finished goods. The tertiary sector of the economy is the service industry. Advertizing, etc… The quaternary sector of the economy consists of intellectual activities: government, culture, libraries, scientific research, education, and information technology.

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