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Wake Technical Community College Stephen Hardin Gary Collins.

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1 Wake Technical Community College Stephen Hardin Gary Collins

2 General Assembly 130A-309.10 Passed in 2009 and took affect as of July 1, 2009. Aluminum Cans Plastic Bottles Computer Monitor Land fields Watch Video at WralTV5.

3 How To Get Started Identify What To Recycle Policy Procedure Create a Recycle Team Get Students Involved Get Faculty & Staff Involved Contract Responsibility

4 Identify What To Recycle Paper Plastic Bottles/Containers Card Board Computers Material Waste Food Waste Motor Oil Light Bulbs

5 Policy & Procedure Location for Bins High traffic areas Lobby Cafeteria Written Procedure Who, what, when, where, why of what to recycle and don’t forget why

6 Create A Recycle Team Visit other locations Invite others from each buildings or department Use your current custodial staff Contact your local Waste Management contractor.

7 Get Involved Create a Student Environmental Club During outside/inside invents make sure recycle containers are visible Have a recycle day/week

8 Sticker Labels Make sure containers are visible marked

9 Location That Make Sense Fax Machine Copier Locations Printers Vending Areas Common Areas Conference Rooms

10 Wake Tech Facts Contract with Waste Management Each location has different schedule due to the needs Our recycle material is sold by our contractor which in return gives us a lower cost

11 Wake Tech Facts 10,750 cubic yards of waste per year 24,000 tons of aluminum cans, scrap metal, etc 26,600 tons of computers, printers, copiers, TV’s (How Much We Sent To State Surplus) 2 tons of batteries, motor oil, tires Mailroom, empty HP cartridges are recycle $20,000 in grants to purchase more recycle bins. Check with your local county for grants

12 SMO Involvement Member of WTCC’s Energy Conservation Committee Sub Committee for Recycling Reclaim Natural Resources and Help Minimize Waste Recognized Other Improvements that could be made: Set Printers and Fax Machines’ Default to Print Double Sided Change Toilet Paper and Paper Towels to Coreless

13 SMO Involvement Campus Wide Education Official Campus Recycling Guide New Employee Training Posters Kick-off Party Containers Specific Recycling Container Tops Rubbermaid “Untouchable” series Bottle and Can Top Paper recycling Top

14 SMO Involvement Employees Deposit Recycling Materials Into Centrally Located Recycling Containers Collect Recycling Materials from Centrally Located Bins Take Collected Materials to Designated Totes Outside the Buildings Cardboard is Collected and Taken to the Cardboard Dumpsters (4 at Main Campus) Staff/Faculty Notifies Us Bulk Cardboard

15 SMO Involvement Plastic Bottles and Cans are Emptied 1/wk or As Needed Vending Company Also Has Bottle Collection Bins Outside Recycling Containers Close to the Building – SMO Away From the Building – Landscaper

16 Recycling Program at Wake Technical Community College Stephen Hardin Gary Collins

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