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The Crusades and the Wider World

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1 The Crusades and the Wider World
Section 8-3 pp

2 Preview Questions What advanced civilizations flourished around the world in 1050? What were the causes and effects of the Crusades? How did Christians in Spain carry out the Reconquista?

3 The World in 1050 The world outside of Europe is thriving
The Seljuk Turks begin their invasion of the Byzantine Empire, capturing it in 1071 Holy Land under Muslim control Muslims attack Christian pilgrims

4 The Crusades Pope Urban II issues a call for Christians to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim control Motives: Religious zeal Wealth and land Adventure

5 The Crusades Victories and Defeats: First Crusade (1099)
Christians capture Jerusalem and massacre Muslims and Jews Crusaders divide land into 4 small states Second Crusade (1187) Muslims recapture Jerusalem

6 The Crusades Victory and Defeat Third Crusade Fourth Crusade
Muslims, led by Saladin, retain control of Jerusalem Jerusalem was open to Christians Fourth Crusade Christians fight Byzantine merchants Traders capture and loot Constantinople in 1204

7 Effects of Crusades on Europe
Economic Expansion New goods introduced to Europe Increased trade with Middle East Strengthening of the money economy Increased Power for Monarchs Rulers have increased power to collect taxes for Crusades Some rulers fight in Crusades, increasing their prestige King Richard I of England, who led the Third Crusade

8 Effects of the Crusades on Europe
The Church Papacy reaches all-time height of power No reconciliation between Eastern and Western Churches A Wider Worldview Europeans curious about new lands Marco Polo travels to China New desire for exploration Map of Marco Polo’s Journey

9 The Reconquista in Spain
Reconquista: Spanish attempt to drive Muslims from Spain. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Leading Reconquistadors

10 The Reconquista in Spain
Ferdinand and Isabella Determined to bring political and religious unity to Spain End religious toleration Use Inquisition to launch crusade against Muslims and Jews Christian Reconquistadors Fight Muslims in Spain.

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