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The Crusades and the Wider World Section 8-3 pp. 255-260.

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1 The Crusades and the Wider World Section 8-3 pp

2 Preview Questions What advanced civilizations flourished around the world in 1050? What were the causes and effects of the Crusades? How did Christians in Spain carry out the Reconquista?

3 The World in 1050 The world outside of Europe is thriving The Seljuk Turks begin their invasion of the Byzantine Empire, capturing it in 1071 – Holy Land under Muslim control – Muslims attack Christian pilgrims

4 The Crusades Pope Urban II issues a call for Christians to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslim control Motives: – Religious zeal – Wealth and land – Adventure

5 The Crusades Victories and Defeats: – First Crusade (1099) Christians capture Jerusalem and massacre Muslims and Jews Crusaders divide land into 4 small states – Second Crusade (1187) Muslims recapture Jerusalem

6 The Crusades Victory and Defeat – Third Crusade Muslims, led by Saladin, retain control of Jerusalem Jerusalem was open to Christians – Fourth Crusade Christians fight Byzantine merchants Traders capture and loot Constantinople in 1204

7 Effects of Crusades on Europe Economic Expansion – New goods introduced to Europe – Increased trade with Middle East – Strengthening of the money economy Increased Power for Monarchs – Rulers have increased power to collect taxes for Crusades – Some rulers fight in Crusades, increasing their prestige King Richard I of England, who led the Third Crusade

8 Effects of the Crusades on Europe The Church – Papacy reaches all-time height of power – No reconciliation between Eastern and Western Churches A Wider Worldview – Europeans curious about new lands – Marco Polo travels to China – New desire for exploration Map of Marco Polo’s Journey

9 The Reconquista in Spain Reconquista: Spanish attempt to drive Muslims from Spain. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella Leading Reconquistadors

10 The Reconquista in Spain Ferdinand and Isabella – Determined to bring political and religious unity to Spain – End religious toleration – Use Inquisition to launch crusade against Muslims and Jews Christian Reconquistadors Fight Muslims in Spain.

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