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Hi-Vac Corporation Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Hi-Vac in 2006 Hi-VacVacuum systems for industrial applications. UltraVacMobile industrial vacuum loaders.

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2 Hi-Vac Corporation Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

3 Hi-Vac in 2006 Hi-VacVacuum systems for industrial applications. UltraVacMobile industrial vacuum loaders. Trailer and truck mounted. RenVacUK’s #1 manufacturer of positive displacement vacuum systems. AquatechSewer cleaning machinery and equipment. Beijing Hi-VacChina’s leader in industrial vacuum systems. Echo SweepersWide cleaning and tight maneuvering sweepers. X-VacVacuum systems for utilities and municipals.

4 Hi-Vac A world’s leading producer of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners. Available in 50 countries. Since 1969, more than 5,000 machines sold around the world. Researched and designed its products to suit virtually all industrial vacuum cleaning projects. Hi-Vac equipment is used in a wide variety of industries, e.g. cement works, power stations, glass and fiberglass plants, brick and refractory plants, foundries, aluminum plants, steel mills, petrochemical plants, machine shops, water treatment plants, construction sites, grain handling plants, for environmental protection and municipal applications.

5 Applications Cement Plant: Throughout the plant, Hi-Vac are used to clean up and reclaim raw materials and finished product. In the packing plant and load out areas finished cement can be cleaned up quickly and recycled back into the system reducing equipment down time and increasing profits. Along conveyors, at transfer points and bucket elevators and around screens and mills the Hi-Vac industrial vacuum cleaner cleans up spills and un-plugs jammed equipment to get the production system back up and running quickly, significantly reducing down time and maintenance costs. Power Plant: Hi-Vac are used for cleaning material spills in conveyor galleries and transfer points and for general cleanup of accumulated fly-ash, clinker and spilled coal during routine boiler room cleaning and boiler maintenance shutdowns. Hi-Vac industrial vacuum cleaners can quickly clean accumulated fly ash on all floors, including the top of the boiler room without generating the dust usually associated with manual sweeping.

6 Applications Steel Mill: Cleanup of bulk materials and accumulated dust in the iron, steel smelters, coke, sintering areas and the cleanup of fly ash, dust, oxidized chips, waste water and debris at the multiple floor platforms, rolling mills, traveling cranes and forging presses with a Hi-Vac will reduce equipment downtime and cleanup time and improve production efficiency. Foundry: More than 400 foundries around the world use Hi-Vac to clean up sand spills in pits and around conveyors. Like Sand and bentonite spills and accumulated dust in the sand plant; Shot, abrasives and metal dust in the cleaning room and metal chips and cutting fluid in the machine shop. Machine Shop: Steel, cast iron and aluminum chips and dust are easily and quickly cleaned up by the Hi-Vac. It is also used to reclaim steel shot and abrasives for re-use therefore reducing operating costs. At the same time equipment downtime is reduced and the work environment is improved resulting in an overall improvement in quality.

7 Applications Water Treatment Plant: Filtration media, such as sand and gravel, and debris are quickly removed from filtrating tanks and precipitating tanks with the Hi-Vac. Rail Terminal and Port: Hi-Vac can be used to cleanup bulk material spills and remove material from overloaded rail cars and trucks. Shipyard: Cleanup of welding slag, debris, and reclamation and recycling of steel shot and abrasives is quick and economical using a Hi-Vac. Paper, Pulp and Wood Plant: Hi-Vac are used for the cleanup of sawdust, wood chips and slurries throughout the plant. Grain Terminal: Cleanup of bulk grain spills in pits and bucket elevators and dust accumulations on machines, wire runs and structural steel is quick and easy with a Hi-Vac. Coal Mining and Processing Plant: Hi-Vac has designed special machines for the cleanup of coal in mines, processing plants and electric power plants.

8 Applications Glass and Fiberglass Plant: Hi-Vac are used in glass plants around the world for cleaning up batch materials such as sand and soda ash as well as for cutlet and fiberglass cleanup. Asbestos Plant: Safely cleanup and contain hazardous asbestos using specially designed Hi-Vac. Construction Site: Cleaning up construction debris such as sand, cement, welding slag and even concrete blocks is easy with the power of a Hi-Vac. Chemical Plant: Hi-Vac are used to clean up hazardous materials with 100% containment.

9 Hi-Vac Series Hi-Vac Handle The Toughest Cleanup Jobs - cleanup aggregate, powder, liquid, slurry, any material that flows through a hose; long-reach upto 2,000' (610m); powerful suction upto 18" (457mm) Hg; with motor from 10 to 300HP; clean deep pit, dust collector, catwalk, hole, conveyor, duct, elevator and hard-to-reach area. Reduce Your Labor Costs and Downtime - most pay for themselves in less than 6 months; cleanup jobs in hours instead of days; no stir up dust, stalled equipment can be cleaned quickly during regular working hours to allow for immediate repairs. Save Money With Reclaimed Materials - spills cost money, reclaiming your valuable materials saves you money; e.g. with an intercept hopper mounted over a conveyor belt, materials can be put back into the process as you vacuum. Fines and other debris are collected in the hopper beneath the powerhead.

10 Hi-Vac Series Component Design Features

11 Hi-Vac Series Powerhead Design Features Powerhead, Hopper, and Stand are easily transported around your plant. Or conveniently lift just the Powerhead for transport to different Hopper throughout the plant. Full Hopper is removed by forklift and carried to the dump site. 2 Hoppers can be used for almost continuous operation.

12 Hi-Vac Series Powerhead Design Features (exclusive) Rubber Tire Trailer Service Platform & Stand Intercept Hopper Pallet Cart

13 Hi-Vac Series Patented 3-stage Filtration System Centrifugal Separator draws material into circular chamber where it spins out of air stream. Partially cleaned air rises up stack to Linear Separator. Linear Separator for removal of moisture and abrasive dust. It is drawn at high velocity through the narrow slot on top. Entering the larger chamber, it slows down, dropping dust particles to the bottom. Any remaining material is trapped in the Final Cloth Dust Collector. Final Cloth Dust Collector, which filters out virtually all sub-micron particles. Cleaned air passes to vacuum pump and is exhausted through silencer.

14 Hi-Vac Series Manifold Systems (1)On a production line, a Hi-Vac manifold system can clean material from molds, pick up chips or spills, etc. Inlets can be adapted to production machinery such as cutting heads. (2)An intercept hopper can be used to reclaim picked-up material. Most material drops out of the air-stream into the hopper. Dust and fines continue on and are collected at the Powerhead. (3)Pneumatic Conveying Systems allow for unloading hopper cars and other bulk transporters without the need for a pit. Conveying capacities up to 200TPH are available, depending on the material. (4)A manifold system is ideal for cleaning out several rail cars, trucks or barges at one time.

15 UltraVac Series Stationary Vacuum Loader An Stationary Vacuum Loader can work as part of a plant-wide central vacuum system, cleaning up at multiple locations and rapidly moving materials over long distances. Or it can be used as a pneumatic conveyor to collect and continuously transfer materials into processing systems or storage. There's an Stationary Vacuum Loader with the air flow and capacity to meet your exact needs: hopper capacity from 1-10 cubic yards, (0.76-7.6m 3 ) power from 20-300HP; hose diameter from 2"-10"; air volume at maximum load from 400-6500CFM (11.3-178m 3 /min.).

16 UltraVac Series Efficient Mobile Industrial Vacuum Loader Model 105 50HP diesel, gas or LP engines. Self-propelled with narrow design that goes almost anywhere, turns within in a small radius and picks up everything that pass through its suction hose. Model 115 50HP diesel, gas or LP engines. Towable Model 125 Requires even less maintenance with a virtually trouble-free 50HP electric motor. Towable. All 3 models load at rates up to 500lbs/min at distances up to 300feet with a large 1 cubic yard capacity. Each features efficient, self-cleaning snap- lock filters. All models feature a stable three-wheel carrier, hard rubber tires, silenced blower, pulse jet filter cleaning, sturdy steel construction and are finished with super-durable acrylic enamel.

17 UltraVac Series The Go-anywhere Vacuum Loader Goes Anywhere To Do The Job - T-475 is a highly maneuverable, industrial vacuum loader with a mid-range power supply and load capacity. Boosts Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness - One worker drives to the job site, loads, drives to the dump site, and empties... again and again. Features Expanded Capability - T-475 features an expanded load-carrying capability that readily discharges through a hydraulic tailgate. The unit features 9, 16, and 18 cubic yard (6.9, 12.2, and 13.7m 3 ), chassis-mounted vacuum loaders. Maneuvers In Confined Areas - T-475 is ideally suited to all those confined areas where larger vacuum units just won't fit. Utilizes State-of-the-art Components - Consists of a power module, vacuum pump, filtration system and collector body mounted on a compact, heavy-duty single-axle truck chassis. Power Module - Your choice of separate-engine drive, 75HP (57KW) diesel or PTO drive. Vacuum Pump - Roots-type positive displacement rotary blower. Maximum Air Volume: 2150CFM (61m 3 /min.) Maximum Vacuum: 15" Hg (5167mm H2O) at sea level. Drive Method: Matched V-belts for separate engine model. Drive shaft for PTO model.

18 UltraVac Series Mean Machine Model T-5000 Powerful - T-5000 is a powerful, efficient, dust-free, vacuum module mounted on a 3-axle truck chassis for the removal of dry materials, sludges, slurries, and liquids from remote, difficult-to-access locations. Efficient - Vibration and premature wear of the positive-displacement pump is eliminated due to the unique design of the direct-driven blower system. Heavy Duty - Constructed of 3/16" steel, (1/4" Corten steel available) the T- 5000 is built rugged to withstand the abuses associated with vacuum loading of bulk material. Unique Features ● Parallel filtration system utilizing separate baghouses and air flow paths for wet and dry applications. ● Automatic wet/dry changeover accessible at ground level. ● Dual hydraulic lift cylinders ensure stability at a 50 degree dump angle. ● Easily-accessed ducting permits easy cleaning. ● Transfer case or separate engine drive. ● Easy-view control panel.

19 UltraVac Series ECV 5015 Single mode filtration, multi-stage. Stages consist of primary centrifugal inlet with replaceable wear ring, twin high efficiency cyclone separators mounted in parallel, filtration media, and final strainer. ● Transfer case drive with air shift engage/disengage. Transfer case rated for 550HP and 25,000 foot-pounds torque. ● Standard vacuum pump, 1024, rated at 5700CFM free air and 5000CFM at maximum vacuum of 16” Hg. Requires 210BHP at the blower shaft. ● Main collector tank, cylindrical ­ net 15 cubic yard capacity ● Full opening rear tailgate, with positive multiple hydraulic latches. ● Open area under filter bags of 1.5 cubic yards ● Cyclone hopper capacity of 3 cubic yards ● Total capacity of 19.5 cubic yards ● Filtration - 68 snap band tubular filter bags, 60” long. ● Continuous filter cleaning utilizing an air cannon ● Hydraulic power package utilizing hydraulic pump take off from transfer case. ● Vacuum breaker

20 UltraVac Series HVV 4915 Wet / Dry It’s 27” Hg vacuum power means less work for the operator and less maintenance. The convex sides of the filtration system components provide structural integrity while helping to prevent material build-up. And, it delivers the ultimate in material separation. HVV 4915 was specifically designed with less restriction, which greatly increases airflow throughout and reduces differential pressure loss. Innovative New Design Features Enhance Material Separation The Cyclonic Ring Pre-filter and 10" diameter inlet hose work together to slow the inlet velocity of the material being vacuumed. The 16-foot long main payload compartment further enhances material separation. Large diameter round air ducts between the main payload compartment, dual cyclones and baghouse provide for more airflow with less restriction which reduces the differential pressure loss in the filtration system. Dual Secondary Cyclones are utilized to provide fine particle separation prior to the baghouse final filter. Our Bag-House Final Filter System utilizes 68 snap-ring filter bags providing 445 square feet of filter media.

21 UltraVac Series The Go-anywhere Vacuum Loader


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