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ANNA FRITH Brigitte Cox Cassandra Atzis Joshua Kopczynski.

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2 ANNA FRITH Brigitte Cox Cassandra Atzis Joshua Kopczynski

3 FIRST SLIDE OF STUFF Anna is introduced at the beginning of the novel as a caring but shy person whom also has a relationship with Elinor. Anna holds two occupations as a maid and servant of the Bradford’s and a maid for the rector. She has a thirst for knowledge and genuine love of high language. She is married to a simple uneducated man named Sam, whom was extremely protective of Anna. Sam dies from a mining incident.

4 Second slide of stuphh The rector’s wife becomes an emotional lynch-pin in Anna’s life, helping her to overcome despair and reclaim her sense of purpose after the loss of her children. She sleeps with Michael Mompellion to emotionally connected with Elinor. The next day she regretted sleeping with Michael Mompellion because of her discovery of how he treated her best friend and she realised that she would never get any closer to Elinor. “I had tried to become her, in every way I could. Instead, in taking pleasure from his hot body, I had stolen from her- stolen what should’ve been hers, her wedding night.” –P283

5 Third slide of st0000f We believe that she made the correct choice in leaving England due to the threat of death to the child she had ‘adopted’ and the threat of her past catching her. She joins the harem of Ahmed Bey for education and safety and for the opportunity to live a peaceful life in Africa. “It has taken my eyes a long time to get used to the brightness of this place. For one who lived so ling in a misty world, the vividness here can sear the sight.” – P302.

6 Fourth slide of stuphffff “we smiled as we caught one another’s eyes, aware of the common grace of our decision had brought us.” (p109) – This quote displays Anna’s newfound knowledge in healing and her happiness in being able to help the people of Eyam.

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